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February 11, 1989

The small van has rapidly become the family vehicle of choice. And why not? Here’s a vehicle that can do all the things a large station wagon can do and almost as much as a full-sized van, a... Read More's view

By Jim Mateja on October 3, 1988

Will the MPV become Mazda`s MVP? The MPV is the Japane se automaker`s new multipurpose vehicle, which in laymen`s terms means it`s a mini-van that will compete with the likes of the Dodge Cara... Read More's view

August 19, 1988

OKAY, ALL RIGHT. Some of you thought it unfair to compare the 1988Ford Aerostar XLT minivan with the 1988 Chevrolet Caprice station wagon,as I did in a previous column. You called it a bum rap agai... Read More
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March 26, 1988

A conversion van – you know those big brightly colored and striped vehicles with large tinted windows (usually with shades on the inside) and a ladder leading to the roof – can offer a... Read More
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January 7, 1984

The Dodge Caravan is not only an innovative vehicle but also the most aptly named. One definition of caravan is a company of travelers. The Caravan fills that definition. In the name, itself, it i... Read More