2022 Acura MDX consumer reviews

$48,000–$50,200 MSRP range
side view of 2022 MDX Acura
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.5
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Brakes are the only issue.

Very nice vehicle with good size and features. I knew what I was getting into with the infotainment system and it is fine despite a few bugs. The brakes are an issue though. The overall feel of the brake pedal was unique when I purchased it. Now two years after purchase, the dealership is saying that my brakes are squeaking because they are glazed from heavy use. I'm not a fast drive and have no need for hard braking so there is a flaw in the design



I was so excited when I first got this car! I had one of the first 2022 on the road, as Acura rolled them out at the end of March 2021! Now that I've had it for over two years I'm definitely glad I leased it, and didn't finance it! First and foremost,the gas mileage is absolutely ABYSMAL!!! They claim 20mpg city and 26mpg highway, yet Im lucky if I average 17mpg! On top of that, the car has a major issue with lagging! When I'm yielding or lane changing and go to hit the gas, the car takes a second or two to engage and accelerate! Its not only annoying but can be super dangerous! If I pull out thinking a car is far enough away only to find my car not responding properly, that gap between my car and the other car closes in more quickly than I originally anticipated! Its almost like the car doesn't know what gear to go into? I've brought it in to Acura and they found nothing wrong with the car! Their suggestion? Drive it in sport mode and use the paddels! I shouldnt have to drive it in a certain mode for it to respond properly! Not only that, sport mode eats up even MORE gas! NO THANKS! The exterior styling of the car is beautiful which is what drew me to it. The interior is comfortable but the "mouse pad" control for all the fearures such as the sound system, interior lights, etc., is MADDENING!!! Why not just make it a touch screen like most cars are today?! It's such a bizarre interface and honestly super distraction when you're driving! I'm also not a fan of the shiney, black trim that lines the dashboard and center counsel! It is prone to not only fingerprints which leaves the interior looking sloppy, it also scratches easily! Prior to the MDX I had a 2018 Honda Pilot Touring and honestly, that car got better gas mileage and had better preformace! I thought Acura was supposed to be a step up from Honda?! My lease payment is close to $700 a month!!! For that kind of money, I could be driving a Mercedes or BMW! Perhaps I'll look into one of those in March when my lease is up! I definitely won't be getting another Acura!


Nothing but problems, I'd steer clear of any new h

Electrical issues, I haven't driven this vehicle in 3 months, I'm at my whits end with Acura customer service. It's been in the shop minimum 10 times


Still can't beat the 2nd Generation!

I drive a 2nd gen MDX and decided to see how much better this generation is, but its really not based on the tech pkg version I just drove. The interior is comfortable with great seats, but the hood obscures your field of view and the bulbus mass attached to the top of the instrument cluster makes zero sense. The car feels disconnected from the road with numb steering and overly soft suspension--this was obviously never tested at the Nurberg ring racetrack where the 2nd gen was tuned. What a disappointment. Maybe the advance or type-s is better? Still, the 2nd gen mdx feels like an extension of me, the 4th gen drives like a... Kia Minivan to me.


The best car yeat

The best car you could have i just bought 2022 type s Mdx oh man u got to see this beauty five star…i will recommend this car one hundred pct


Not perfect, but I do love it

I love my new MDX. It is really fun to drive, as it handles well and is extremely responsive. The interior is very plush. The tech takes some getting used to, for sure — for instance, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why it shuts off whatever audio I am listening to when my phone syncs to it (CarPlay). I have the Aspec, and am still shocked that when out-the-door costs are nearly 75k (accessories, extended warranty, taxes, financing), how are heated steering wheel and key fob remote start not standard!!? You can get a vehicle at half the price with those features!!


Love this car!

I am in love with this car. My entire family loves it too. The exterior and interior design is so slick and sexy. The car has SO MUCH leg space. My husband is 6’3” and he vouches for the space. The rear sitting areas are equally comfortable. Car drives so smoothly and causes minimal exertion while on a long distance trip. The car is so tech savvy! Has inbuilt navigation system as well as Alexa as a basic default as a art system. On top, you can access Siri too. The most awesome feature is the extended sunroof. Car has remote start from app. The Cabin control app also allows the passengers to control their temperature, fan, even sunroof length.


Very stylish ,comfortable ride

We were looking for a while ,we like the look and ride of this car technology is great! Very roomy like that we have a 3rd. Row if needed.


Most comfortable car to drive

I love the styling and the new design. It handles like a smaller vehicle but the ride is smooth and quite. I am enjoying using the Level 3 autonomous driving that only Honda and Tesla posses. The car ticks all my wants for technology and comfort.


The best car ever.

My MDX Aspec is by far the best car I have ever owned. It has exceeded all of my expectations and will recommend it to all my friends.