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Acura is Honda’s luxury division and offers a full lineup of models ranging from a compact hatchback to a large crossover SUV with seven seats in three rows. Though Acura is intended to compete with luxury brands, its pricing and perception reflect a premium brand.

Acura has traditionally emphasized sportiness, bolstered by A-Spec and high-performance Type S variants of most models. However, Acura’s reliance on front-wheel-drive-based platforms has held it back in the minds of some enthusiasts even though most of its models offer all-wheel drive.

Car models in the U.S. include the compact Integra hatchback and the TLX mid-size sedan. SUVs include the compact RDX and three-row MDX. Acura’s first fully electric vehicle, the ZDX mid-size SUV, is the product of a partnership between Honda and GM.

Honda and Acura are headquartered in Japan.

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