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1992 Acura Vigor

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Our Take on the 1992 Acura Vigor

My neighbor Peter had a penetrating question about the new Acura--all polished alloy, warm leather and rosewood brown lacquer twinkling in the driveway.

"How do you pronounce the name of that car?" he asked.

"V-I-G-O-R," I said. "Vig-Or."

"Not Vee-gor as in Igor?"

"No, Vigor as in vim and . . . "

"As in press on with . . . ?"


Peter obviously was disappointed. He'd expected a loftier meaning. Maybe vie-gaw in a reference to the seminal side of life as expressed by Onasander. But not plain old vigor, a label used less majestically in the past to imply the vitality of a detergent, lawn food and a discontinued scalp tonic.

The underlying message is clear.

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