1998 Hummer

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1998 Am General Hummer

$46,000 - $83,940  MSRP Range

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Our Take on the 1998 Am General Hummer

Some people think Dennis Rodman of the Chicago Bulls is a little weird because the color of his hair changes like a chameleon, he has tattoos all over his body (and those parts not tattooed are pierced) and, on occasion, he wears a wedding gown.

The hair, tattoos, piercings and attire don't bother us at all. But what makes us think that perhaps Rodman isn't playing with a full deck is that the man owns a Hummer.

Rodman is a terrific basketball player, but when it comes to vehicles, he is a loon.

We had the opportunity to test drive the Hummer or Humvee or whatever you want to call a vehicle that's as wide as it is tall that's made in Mishawaka, Ind., just down the road from South Bend.

In fairness... Read More