2012 Audi A7 consumer reviews

$59,250 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 A7 Audi
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.5
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Audi A7

This is a great car. A few of the controls are in odd places but that's minor. Runs great, handles great


Best Audi I've Had

This is Audi number 9 for me. I've had wagons, S versions, you name it. Ever since this car came out I thought it looked great, now having one I don't regret it one bit. The 3.0 engine is the best Audi has done, the interior and exterior are perfect, wish they were cheaper but that's what you get with quality like this!


Audi A7 real deal!!

Ground plane, perfect for long road trips, and head to head races. No body is going to pass you with that supercharged on you. that camaro ss with 6.2 engine is a trash..


2012 Audi A7

I bought this car used and glad I did. This is my second Audi, had a 2006 A6 and liked that too but this car is even better. I am very impressed witg the gas mileage aprx 27mpg. Styling is great and can get up and go when it wants too especially is sport mode. Some of the pros: comfortable, mmi system great, google maps, different driving modes, hatch is great, leather and trim done well. Cons: heated steering wheel not the best, can see the speedometer reflection at night in the windshield. Other then that it's awesome. I would recommend this car for those looking for a high quality german car


As advertised

The A7 is sleek, stylish, handles as a well as you'd like and as fast as you need it to be. Loving the car so far.


My dream car come true....almost

Hands down one of the best looking cars on the market, unless you're talking exotic cars. Purchased a used Prestige 2012 Model with all the bells and whistles including the night vision and 20 inch wheels...all I can say sweet baby! The only downs to the car is the brake dust and the color which is a two tone black attracts so much dust in almost an instant after wiping. Make sure you keep a micorfiber cloth on you at all times. I hear a sealant repels some of the dust too. This car would be a 11 out of 10 if it had a panoramic sun/moon roof!


Constant Headeach

I bought a used 2012 prestige A7 s-line from the dealership. It had 65,000Km on it and was previously owned by the manager of the dealership. I currently have 85000 Km on it. Sounds like a deal? Wrong. This is my first and last Audi! Pros: Great looking car, lots of room, luxurious both Inside n out, decent power for such a big car, Very fuel efficient, easy to drive, very comfy on long hauls. Cons: Spends most of its time getting repaired/fixed at the dealership!!! 20" wheels are weak (warped from a pot hole) plus bearings failure, constant electronic and power train failures, 2 times exhaust problems, Thankfully, this was all under warranty. But im tired of going back to the dealership. When i hit 100k I will only have powertrain warranty, so im driving it off the bridge before that.


Nice Ride

Great car, lots of room with the back seats down. Front seats could be a little more form fitting and 5th seat in the rear would be a nice to have. Great styling and great drive. Very luxurious.


May be the best model Audi has built

I've owned an A6 with the 4.2L, an A6 with the 3.0T, an A5 with the 3.2.... I've driven as loaner cars, the A5 with the 2.0T, the Q5 2.0T, Q7 TDI.... And in my opinion, the A7 is the perfect blend of coupe and sedan. It has the sporty feel of a coupe with the size and power of a sedan - love it! Haven't driven the R8...but not many have. :) My A7 is loaded, has everything, including the must have 20" wheel package. The car is incredible.


Best in Class

The A7 is the most complete car I have owned. Performance is breathtaking, style first class and trend setting, design fully integrated in form and function. I came out of Lexus and Acura, most recently the fully capable RL, and those cars seem fluffy compared to this German thoroughbred. While the Japanese are striving, this German has arrived. I feel safer at 90 mph in the A7 then I do at 60 in any other car. The basic premium model can be short on all the tech bells and whistles, but it has the features that count. Handling is poised and on rails, acceleration brisk and purposeful, thanks to the supercharger engaging from 0 rpm. Surprisingly spacious cabin for such coupe styling. Controls intuitive and ergonomic. This car turns heads, including my own every time I approach it. I know the s7 is available too, but 0-60 in 5-flat is good enough for my routes. We'll see how reliability goes, but I can put up with a glitch or two for the rewards of driving this elegant beast.