2012 Audi A7 consumer reviews

$59,250 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 A7 Audi
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.5
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She's a beast

I love this car. There are only 2 things that are less than perfect: Excessive brake dust (apparently this is a consistent issue for Audi's) and too many electronics for me- others may not agree. But I LOVE this car.


you will love it

I have had very many cars. The A7 is at the top of the list. From Hummer's, to A8L (w12 and 4.2) S5, Platinum f150, MKZZ, Mercedes, Trust me...get the night vision! It is very cool, and a must have.



Not what I excepted, it is true what has reported about new model German cars (cheaper Parts). I wish could go online a brag about my new car but want to honest.


Most Unreliable car i've owned.

Poor Reliability & Poor service. The Car Died in the Parking Lot, while I was Driving out. The Dealership gave me a Loaner, that Needed Oil; that I had to fill myself. The homelink was programmed for Germany not US; & could nor be programmed. The dealership charged me for Installing a New one. I've owned the car for just Two Weeks.


worlds best car by far

this vehicle is very awesome because it has a 4-way lumbar suport for the driver and passenger. it has rear ac/heating. the driver/passanger have heating and cooling and their own ac. it has very easy to hear radio and i love to hear the comedy. it handles well,has a moonroof and the a6 has a 5 star crash test so this one will have one too. if you have kids or a wife they will be very impressed with the perfectly engineered audi a7. the car automatically shifts into modes for a smoother or more bumpy ride. it has a spoiler for maxium traction on the road.


Perfect Size

My partner purchased the new 2012 A7 as soon as the first one arrived at the local dealership. Color was not even a factor for him. He just had to have that exact car. I think he was drawn to it because of the spectacular Ooling Black exterior and rich saddle brown and black tu-tone interior. Sweet combination! I am the car buff in the household and the decision to trade in his five-year-old A8L (LWB model) was mutual. The only reason for the trade had to do with the many miles put on the bigger A8L. The new A8, A8L and S8 are actually too large for our tastes, but we would recommend the A8 (especially the LWB version) to anyone looking for massive interior space, especially for 2-3 lucky back seat passengers. We did check out the A8 and A8L but knew right away that the A7 was the car of our dreams. Photos do not do the A7 justice. You must see it in person. The A6 was not even an option for us. The A7 is quite unique and an attention getter. Everyone compliments us on its looks and roar of the engine. The A7 is the perfect size -- slotted between the all new Audi A6 and the recently introduced new version of the Audi A8, A8L and S8. The A7 may even have a bit less interior room than the A6, but the A7 looks longer and sleeker. We did not see the specs of the A6 so be certain to look into this if interior volume is a factor. The A7 handles like a "sports coupe" without any loss of comfort. The ride is smooth and not unlike our A8L. The interior of the A7 is a combination of sporty and ultra luxurious. The seats are perfectly sculpted. There is a generous amount of fine grade leather and real wood galore. There is some compromise in head room due to the shape of the car and "must have" sun/moonroof. The trunk is a bit snug, but just right for two people and their luggage. I love the hatchback design. Audi did an outstanding job designing it without making it look like a hatch. The ONLY two downsides are minor: (1) The price of options add up quickly (2) There is no panorama sun/moonroof option Aside for these factors, the 2012 Audi A7 is PERFECT. If I had chosen the color, it would have been the bright and beautiful silver that is classic Audi, IMO. It does not show the dirt like my partner's black Audi and with AWD, it gets muddy quickly.



Have owned an A7 for three months. It is the best car I have driven/owned over many years...to include BMW, Lexus, Merc etc. It is a pleasure for all the senses. It is fast, stylish, and an excellent all round machine. Never thought I would enjoy a car this much...but I do. A great automobile!


Pretty cool car

After owning it since the end of May, I can say it is what I was looking for when I first saw pictures of it in Autoweek a couple of years ago. Styling - out of this world in the front, hard to do much else in the rear. Performance - about 5 seconds 0-60. Mileage - the biggest surprise. Got 33 mpg on a long road trip. Cruises comfortably. Still turning heads afte 6 months. Not many around my hometown so people are still wondering what car it is. The only issues that I have had are small electronic issues with the MMI and the adaptive cruise control. Bubba


A quantum leap forward in all ways

Yes it will take a few days to get up to speed on the systems and capabilities but once done it is a wonderful package. The bluetooth and Hot Spot link up to the web and give you all that could be wanted in information. The V-6 with turbocharger combines power plus economy somehow. Zero to Sixty in about 5 seconds is as fast as I need (even in L.A. traffic). The intergration of the hatchback into the design is probably what drew me to the car; it is clear that theyse folks have really done some serious thinking abouit design. Even the wood paneling on the doors and dash is subtle and well-done beyond what I have seen. The steering wheel controls are nicely laid out and it even has F-1 style paddle shifters to row through the 8 forward speeds. My Red color took a while to get from Germany but it was worth the wait (IMHO). The Bose sound system made a favorite CD sound better than I ever heard it. Heated and cooling seats seemed a bit much but they are really a nice feature. Fine looking package to boot. The road feel is not quite up to Porsche's telepathic level but is not bad for a 4-door. The overall flexibility of this package is probably its finest achievement!


Expectations exceeded 2.

This is a followup review to the review I wrote back in June 2011, just after I completed two extensive test drives, and ordered a new A7. My car was delivered in late September, and took 3+ months to deliver; I bought a Premium Plus with the 19 inch all-weather tires for my mountain driving. Since that time I have driven the car just 1000 miles, and the car has continued to impress me with its blend of sheer beauty of design and exceptional performance. It is gorgeous from any angle, and do take some time to look at the flanks. They have a three dimensionality about them that is understated and elegant. The stance is low and aggressive from the front, and the tail has this nice uptick I especially like. Overall the styling is clean and uncluttered, and works together beautifully. In driving, the car has a near perfect balance of weight and power, that is, the car does not seem under or over powered, but just right. The power comes on smoothly and insistently with precise throttle response. It corners with no hesitation, and instills confidence in the driver. I like the way the suspension communicates how it's working with the tires to keep the car level and in control. It is refined performace in every way. We live in the mountains, and so I make extensive use of the manual option of the transmission; it performs flawlessly in auto or manual mode. The interior is also gorgeous and the seats perfect for my anatomy, and I love the view from behind the wheel. One of my favorite interior features is the fold away MMI screen, which gives the dash a nice smooth look and improves forward visibility. I find that I do make use of the parking feature, so that's a plus to me. This is a car which rewards ownership; I look forward for every opportunity to drive the car and just be in it. As for gas mileage, it is a 240 round-trip to Denver from my house. On two such trips I have averaged 33 mpg, on all highway driving, and I got 29 mpg on a full tank with mixed use driving, but I do not have to make a Denver type commute, where it wouldn't do as well. Overall I can say that this is the finest car I have ever owned, and is a significant step up from my pervious 2007 Audi A6 which I liked a lot.