2009 Audi Q7 consumer reviews

$43,500 starting MSRP
side view of 2009 Q7 Audi
76% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 3.6
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.0
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Splendid, spacious, and safe family car

This car met all my needs for luxury, safe communing in all weather conditions, and hauling family and friends with sports equipment!


Best all around luxury family SUV

I've owned this car for 5 years and enjoyed it's safe handling in Michigan winters, torrential rainstorms, and with shuttling my children and their friends on weekend trips. Having a 3rd row in a luxury vehicle has allowed me to shift from a mini-van to driving what feels like a sedan, but with spaciousness and ruggedness of a SUV.


Fantastic luxury family car

I've owned this car for 5 years, and felt it carried us through long Michigan winters, braving the ice and snow without any problems and even enjoyed it for my daily commutes and errands. Having a 3rd row seat that could comfortable fit 7 was key in my decision to purchase. The trunk provided ample space for groceries, bikes and home improvement materials. The Audi service department was excellent with great customer service, providing luxury Audi loaner cars on request. Most of all, I loved the drive and felt safe in this sturdy car.


Awesome Awesome Car!

This is the 3rd car I have purchased in the last 2 years. After trading in a brand-new 2012 Lexus RX350 for a 2006 Toyota Solara convertible, I couldn't stand being in a "car". Being low to the ground in a two-door vehicle with very little extras was down-right depressing. I had traded in my RX350 because for the $10K down payment and $700 a month car payment, it just wasn't doing it for me. Nothing special about it for that much dough. So - I bought the convertible outright with visions of no car payment and the wind blowing through my hair. All I got was ratted hair and stock in a ponytail holder company. So - there I went - in the middle of a St. Louis winter (one of the worst in years) to get myself back into a luxury SUV that really knocked my socks off. And I found it in the 2009 Audi Q7 4.2 Prestige. It was amazing to me how elusive these cars are on the used market, but luck was with me. This car is freaking awesome. It has stuff on it I didn't even know they put into cars. My teenagers and I are loving the panoramic sunroof, heated seats (front AND back) and more. The Audi Side Assist is a God-send for freaks like me who have to look over their should at least three times before feeling safe enough to change lanes. The heated steering wheel in the bone-chilling cold is wonderful. Except for the fact that the 4.2L engine is a V8 and guzzles gas - I love everything about it! It rides and handles like a dream and everyone wants to ride in mom's car now!


great car

20 mpg/City is a lot better than our Land Cruiser. It moves when it has to and the fold-down 3rd row is a great feature.


King of the Road

First SUV I've owned. Love the view. The car itself is beautifully finished. We have a couple of kids that need child seats. They are a snap to get in and out as opposed to some other cars with which we have had experience. Very firm ride, almost truck like, but not quite. Stearing is precise and stable. The back-up technology is great. I hear that people complain about the navigation/radio/ car set-up system. I disagree. Just don't try and learn it while you are driving in rush-hour traffic. Take a few minutes and focus on the desplay and what it is telling you; its very logical. My only complaint, lousy gas milage. We get a bit over 16 miles to the gal. around town and in the low to mid 20s on the highway. This is a car that would really benefit from a diesel. Audi needs to import a whole lot more and forget about the gas engine versions.


If you looking for a solid SUV this is it.

This is the review after two months of owning this machine. The biggest asset of this SUV is it's turning radius, its ridiculous it's better than in my 1999 Maxima. The car is a solid drive it loves being on the highway, where there is no traffic of course. Seats are comfortable and controls in my opinion are places perfectly. I have a prestige package which adds 20" wheels that add a look to this car but will make you feel road imperfections more. Panoramic roof is amazing especially for the 2nd row passengers, driving in the city and looking up at the bright building is awesome. Ever had a situation where the plane was landing really close to you and you wanted to see it with this roof you can. Heated seats do their job well, it's a must in a luxury car. Heated steering wheel is something that I didn't even care about until I experienced a warm steering wheel in the winter :) no need for gloves. If you want to race your friend who has an M3 this is not a car for you, this machine needs to be driven with care, it weights a lot and you need to put physics into consideration. One time while driving after dark I got surprised with the side lane filed with water , normally I would slip and slide this time the Q7 just went over it splashing the 2 lanes to the left. Xeon lights are extremely bright and the visibility is great. This SUV feels smaller when driven once you get used to it, it handles like a higher A6. Overall I'm very satisfied with it, it has been only two months so I can't say much about reliability. This SUV is not fuel efficient but I did not expect it to be. If you can afford it get a TDI. I do mostly city driving I get 300 miles per tank which fits 21 gallons.


Sharpest SUV on the market

The Q7 is a beautifully designed vehicle, with ample comfort and plenty of space for most needs. For anyone who wants something a little different than the usual box-on-wheels, this is a compelling choice.



love this suv better than a chevrolet. this car is so reliable i recomended it to a friend and he traded in his chevrolet and he likes this better


A very poor value not up to Audi standards

I've had the 8 cylinder for 3 years. Both front seats had cracked leather after 12 months, but it was already out of warranty. The car slides in snow, even after changing the tires. So much for Quattro. The car needed new brake pads, $750 at 22K, and then again but this time with rotors at 43K. That's $1400. Per year. On brakes. That squeal constantly. The brakes are VERY annoying. To be fair, it is very nice on long rides, it's a nice snoozing car. But it's poor in winter. The a/c in inadequate for American summers. The third row seat is almost impossible to access. We changed the fog lamps after 24 months for a few hundred dollars. It's so much more expensive to maintain than it should be. I've loathed it, buy something else.