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1997 Bentley Continental

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Our Take on the 1997 Bentley Continental

Spare me the sermon about the meek inheriting the Earth. They can have it. I want to go to Heaven in a Bentley.

If that's too sinful a wish, I'd like to ask the Almighty for more time to raise Hell in the tested Bentley Continental T. The way I figure it, the car could lift the value of that burned-out neighborhood -- by more than $300,000. By $324,500 to be exact.

That would be a deed good enough to earn celestial consideration. That's the upside. The downside is that a car such as the Continental T could cause another War Between the Angels. Jealousy, you know. Messes up things all the time.

Look at what happened to me during my day in the Bentley, which is manufactured by Rolls-Royce Motor... Read More