1998 Continental

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1998 Bentley Continental

$109,999 - $109,999  MSRP Range

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Our Take on the 1998 Bentley Continental

For every dream there is a machine, and every machine has its maker.

Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars Ltd. of Crewe, England, has been one such noble creator for three years short of a century. The company is also the single, signal source of twin automotive pedigrees that reach beyond obtainable dreams to barely attainable fantasies.

These great cars are the stuff of British queens and Saudi princes, old sultans and new dictators, lords of manors and bosses of drug cartels. Not exactly the folks who live next door in Irvine.

Rollers and Bentleys are so expensive, so impractical, so much the global symbol of ultimate wealth and power, that even billionaires have been unable to step from... Read More