2020 BMW 330 consumer reviews

$40,750 starting MSRP
side view of 2020 330 BMW
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.7
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It meets my expectations. Love all the BMW features and drives great. Very stylish design and mileage is great also. If you are looking for a sexy car with good mileage this is it.



Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls BMW wont fix my car even though its covered under warranty. I have a 2020 330i xDrive that I have been leasing since 6/13/2020 and brought into service 6/25/2020 after spending several hours of my precious time on the phone with BMW Connected trying to get the remote services to work in the car-they told me then it needed a new Head Unit which is a $4k repair. So the car has been parked in my garage and I drove my BMW wagon throughout the winter-now its Spring, so I thought I will see if they have fixed this issue yet as promised by now "Should be fixed" and again after spending hours on the phone on hold and troubleshooting with BMW Connected it still doesn't work and hasn't been fixed (outside of replacing the Head Unit). This dealership keeps passively blaming the app because it is a $4000 repair they don't want to take responsibility for but is covered under my bumper to bumper warranty so I had to go in to BMW and prove it has nothing to do with the app and by once again (for the 101th time) getting BMW Connected on the phone to send the remote commands (Roadside Assistance) to unlock the car-failed, honk the horn-failed, pre-conditioning-none of the remote services work on the car-then had to wait to get a case #. Today is 4/6/2021 and they still have not reached out to me to get this fixed even though they already know the issue they don't want to take responsibility for. I spoke with BMW Connected last week and they advised all dealerships were aware of this issue because there were several of these model BMW's released with bad Head Units and the only remedy was replacing the Head Units and was confirmed this is covered under warranty. So I went to my dealership and of course they know nothing about it and still try to blame the app. I left my car and told them I wont pick it up until it works this time with or without the app...The same thing the app should do you can get on the phone with BMW Connected and have a human do by sending the same commands directly from their control tower to the car...they returned a failed message every time just like the failed messages I receive in the app-meaning that ROADISDE ASSISTANCE doesn't work....I will update my posting upon conclusion.


Great Sports Sedan.

Very good driving environment. I traded a loaded 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Lusso for my 2020 BMW 330i with premium package/Harmon Kardon/ Ambient lighting. The warranty was ending. You do not want to own ANY of these cars without a warranty. To be honest, the Alfa was a little more spirited and engaging drive. The BMW has a better interface, better interior, better sound acoustics, better seats, less wind noise, and a more luxurious feel. The BMW definitely feels a little more premium than the Alfa and makes you feel more coddled while still offering great performance.


Great car

I love my new BMW 330i Xdrive. This is our 5th BMW in the family, and we love them. As long as you select one that was well taken care of, it will treat you well too. Very stylish, and I LOVE the new dash assembly that they updated. This car had great tech, and is also fun to drive. Hard to believe there is a 4-cylinder under the hood. Good power for a small 4-cylinder, as the twin turbos do a pretty good job making it fun to drive. Highly recommend the new body style, the awesome looking front end, and the amenities inside are a fantastic upgrade.


Thank God chose a good car with his BMW three seri

Is the best three series 338 BMW made so far but all kinds of toys to play with it’s bronze with beige interior great looking car rides wonderful


I live this car

This car is very sharp and comfortable in driving. The down side is the price of the car. But everything is running smoothly and you can customize it using the app called bummer code which I love the most :)


Performs great on the road

This care meets all of my needs. First and foremost is the safety features that give me confidence in having my daughter drive it on the road. Although a smaller vehicle there is leg room in the back. And, of course its sleek appearance.


Nothing like a BMW 3 Series

No one can tune and engine like BMW the Alfa Romero has 25 more H.P. but the 0-60 times are close to the same. Everyone is try to get where the BMW 3 SERIES IS AT!!


Sporty/Stylish small luxury sedan

Overall I am loving my 330i XDrive. The only thing it is missing is higher end interior styling. Just a little too much plastic. The sun visors and mirrors are especially lacking.



I'm an avid BMW fan. This new 2020 330i is my 8th BMW to date. BMW was once a luxury car combined with a performance machine. Precision fit out of Germany and near perfection in performance. This 2020 330i comes out of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Coming in at around a MSRP of $40,000; you'll need to add another $10,000 to equip it as it should be. Or better yet, simply upgrade to the fantastic M340i if you can afford to. The standard engine is a 4-cylinder, 2 liter sometimes noisy or struggling powertrain. Sadly, BMW has decided to place 18" rims/wheels with smaller road grip and just fair-to-good handling. It really needs more rubber and width at 55-70mph speeds. Also, BMW is using run-flat tires that provide a often harsh ride coupled with road noise (upgrading to Michelin run-flats will greatly improve the ride). The interior fit is amazing in quality. BMW has gone with 'Sport Seats' as standard now and while these are not leather (they use a vinyl called Sensa-Tec), they are still a very comfortable seat for long or short trips. So easy to adjust 12 ways. As is typical for BMW, switches and controls are laid-out exactly where they should be. You'll feel as if you have total control over the vehicles operation with ease. i-Drive version 7 is still there and it's just a mush of settings and sub-folders of rubbish. Use i-Drive only when not driving and in PARK as its a distraction aspect. No longer standard are fog lights and XM Sirius Radio. There is no CD player included as well. Any onboard entertainment will have to be accomplished via your included basic AM-FM radio or Smartphone connecting to what is called BMW Connect via iDrive. Navigation is now standard but not needed if you have a iPhone. The 330i feels as though it runs on a rail (typical of 3-series). It knows a straight line better than most vehicles and yet turns with assurance. Steering return is excellent. Safety is compromised with headlights as you'll have to pay for that safety if you want LED Cornering headlights or Laser headlights. Standard LED lighting is weak until you engage the BRIGHT LIGHTS. I expect sub-par lighting on a rental car and not on a BMW. It's the entry-line of the three series so I expect and accept the minimal equipment onboard in its base unit. Again, look into a highly upgraded M340i version instead of the 330i; even pre-owned. I still love BMW but I really miss the days when a BMW was about luxury and performance and so was everything from the service department to the sales staff at a dealership. BMW has eliminated those aspects in 2020. Any BMW is better than no BMW at all and this car still exceeds entry-level Audi's or Mercedes.