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2007 BMW 650 consumer reviews

$74,700 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 650 BMW
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.4
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This car looks great and drives like a dream on the road. It's a heavy car so going from a Porsche to a 650ic was a bit of an adjustment since the BMW is not a sports car. There are only 2 MAJOR problems with this car that are a deal breaker for me. The convertible top has been in for service at least 4 times in the 1st year and the issues keep coming back; and the brakes sound like I'm driving a Mack truck. This is a certified preowned car and I have been to the dealer so many time I need to get rid of it. I would not suggest anyone buy a 2007. Luckily this was just a weekend car for me given it spent as much time in the service bays as it did on the road.


One issue, but a great car

Best ride ever, highway or back roads....before purchasing a convert, have the "top locked down" sensors checked....there are problems with this model that can be very frustrating. Buy the car once the sensor status is known! I have owned mine for 4 months and the problem showed up recently....still trying to get it corrected.



Awesome car. Fast and Beautiful. Not much backseat. Convertible is the way to go. great gas mileage for a 4.8 V8


Puts a smile on my face everyday

Bought used about 1 mo ago. My first BMW. Pure pleasure to drive which is great as I plan it to be a daily driver. The idrive system is a little slow to respond sometimes but that is my only complaint so far. Mpg is decent for a car with this kind of power, 21 overall avg in mixed driving, 25 highway. The interior is extremely comfortable w 2 passengers, cramped but tolerable w 4. The gurgle of the engine sounds better than the stereo system and the stereo rocks. The top is quick and easy and turns the quiet cabin into an even more enjoyable drive. I can't imagine a car that would be more fun to drive. This car adds FUN to an average day. Worth every penny!


best car ever

just the best car ever!! Very fast, A real head turner, and not many have this. I had a SC430, and it was great but this is so much better!!


Too much for the money

I was so excited to get this car years ago but think it's way overpriced. The best features are the look of the car as well as the incredible breaking power. However, the sport package is extremely jerky and don't even try to drive to drive manually in first, even off the line. You will feel like a bobble head. The worst problem is the squealing of the breaks. There is a defective pad detector the squeals like a pig every time the brakes are applied. The dealership is aware of the problem but won't fix as the sensor works and is not considered defective. I find that unbelievable in a 90k car. It sounds like an old car with break pads that are totally worn out. I already changed the pads once hoping it would fix the problem and the new ones are worse. The convertible 3 series is a better choice for the money.


Outstanding: between the look & power it's HOT

Having been a car enthusiast since I was little, luxury sports cars have always been my passion! Enjoying a number of sports cars over the last several decades, I absolutely LOVE the BMW 650i. The luxury interior as well as the powerful engine and performance have made this one of my favorites - even over the Mercedes. I had the Mercedes cabriolet, then the BMW 645i cabriolet, then back to the Mercedes (350 again) then had to go back to the BMW 650i. You just do not see many of these on the road and it is a real head-turner!


Severe inherent problems in manual mode

Though I love this car I would not recommend it to anyone. The 650 has what BMW calls an "inherent characteristic." If you drive in "manual" shift mode the vehicle is prone to stuttering when coming to a stop. Imagine your head bobbing back and forth like a doll on the dashboard. The vehicle is also prone to severe lunges when driving in m1 (such as you might in a parking garage looking for a spot or while moving forward in a metered freeway on ramp) and to a lesser extent in automatic. The lunges are dangerous and you must drive defensively at 4 miles per hour. BMW states the problem is with the software-it thinks the engine is stalling and the computer gives the engine throttle. It is a known and acknowledged (in writing that I have) but BMW will do nothing further than a software fix that does lessen the frequency & severity of the problem but does not remedy it. For $85,000 you should not feel like a bobble-head on a dashboard when you drive your car.


I Love This Car

This car is so fun to drive. I love the BMW Service, that you do not need often. It is a great car, I drive is awesome.


Really 3 cars in 1

After owning a 03 360 Modena for 3 years I have to say it's great being able to drive a car such as the 650 convertible where ever and when ever. It's a luxury coupe, convertible and a sports car all in one. Especially given that I purchased an 07 with 900 miles on it which allowed the car to be certified with a 100,000 miles bumper to bumper warranty and a 6 year no maintenance program. It's an amazing handling car with the latest technology ie. braking, active steering and lighting. I can't say enough. Plus rarely do I see another 650 as compared to a Porsche on every corner.