2014 BMW 750 consumer reviews

$87,300 starting MSRP
side view of 2014 750 BMW
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.3
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Best Car I Ever Owned

The BWM 750 LI X drive is the clear king of the road and winner of the German Big-Three. All my friends enjoy the style, class, and luxurious feel to this powerful automobile. Finally, the rear legroom is just unparalleled.


2014 Very Smooth and Fast

I think the BMW 750 is a Ton of premium vehicle for the money. I've driven MB, Bentley, Audi, Lexus and so on but this is the one. It is such a fine car on the road it just doesn't have any down side at all.


Too much money, too little faulty car.

We bought this BMW 750Lxi loaded - Individual Composition car. New sticker was $121.000.00. When we got it home, the camera system -- backup, front and side did not work. It also does not work with our iPhones -- 6 and 6S. this is a known problem that the dealership failed to check. It has a clunky interior control system -iDrive. It's an embarrassment that they can't seem to replace. The leather interior is very nice. there zero storage room in the cabin for drinks, phones, electronic passess etc. It was an afterthought. Had I known that they almost certainly didn't do a "certification", and that our and many other's iPhones dot not work on this car, I wouldn't have bought it. It is a lemon, and I will never by a BMW again because of it and the dealership's slow role "I've never seen this before" and the regional people taking days to figure stuff out that is posted on their own website. This car doesn't compete with Mercedes S550 or Audi 8. It would not surprise me a bit to be driving down the road someday soon and have stuff falling off of it. It is my wife's car thankfully. It does seem to have one thing going for it: performance. Twin turbo V8. It scoots. Have not yet been in a position to floor it.


poor experience

Drove 100 miles to test drive a 750li. I really liked the car so I wanted to make a deal. I asked the dealer to give me a trade in value for my car. When I traded cars in the past, usually the dealer takes my keys and takes a closer look at the condition and options. Not this time. They didn't even look at the car. No wonder the value came in so low. When I disagreed with their evaluation I was told "You do this once every three years, I do it everyday I know what I'm talking about". The overall experience was very poor. I honestly felt like the manager was talking down to me. Its clear that customer service is not very important to him. Lastly, You would think that after driving 100 miles to take a look at a 50k car, the sales person would at least offer you some water or coffee. Unfortunately, even that did not happen


Surprising for a Bimmer

I have owned many MB's and Jaguars. I have a bit of brand loyalty, however I research many manufacturer's thoroughly before I buy. I have test driven BMW's in the past and was never quite satisfied with the driving "feel" compared to the others. I was told that they are a Driver's car and they feel a little raw compared to the other European sedans. Especially the 5-series. This time I tested an S-Class, Jag XJL Supercharged, Audi A8 and a 750Li. I skipped the Panamera because of the dinky back seat and the weird overall look. The BMW was a pleasant surprise. The power, comfort and cavernous back seat along with the deal that I was able to make made it stand out above the others. Jag was okay, Audi rode a little too rough and the Benz was too expensive. It was easily the best bang-for-the-buck out of these 4. Even though it looks pretty much like a bigger 5 series, it is a much more comfortable and substantial car. The good and bad news is that it doesn't flash "six figure" car like the Benz. It stands out in a more subtle way than the others. Downside: The trunk does not seem as big as the others.


Very pleased with my 2014 750i x-drive

The car has a secure yet comfortable "bank vault" feel which I've come to expect in my BMW's. Love the Napa leather. The B&O Sound System option is well worth the extra cash. It sounds great and looks especially cool at night, as the speakers are accented with ambient lighting. My only minor gripe is the outdated nav / vehicle control platform. Even my Ram truck has a more up-to-date nav system. Maybe the 2016 redesign will include an improved nav screen at least. The touch pad i-drive, which is new in 2014 is very cool. I will be buying another 750 when the need arises.


My last BMW-----

Overall, this is a great car. But one design flaw ruins the entire car.......driver and passenger doors are not situated or designed to allow for easy in and out, especially for someone who is 5ft 10in or taller. I find that I must back myself into the seat which can be quite discomforting......all this trouble after spending all this money.....I know, I know, you test drove first, right? Yes, but remember the excitement you feel when buying a new hot car? You tend to overlook the little stuff in the beginning and then you find out after you've had the car whats really not working! Just not my fav car. Looking forward to moving on up to the MBZ S Class.


Performance with Class

The comfort and convenience, the simplicity of the Bluetooth and USB connections and the safety and security just made the more obvious feature ...the drive that much nicer! Thank you Melbourne BMW for helping me find my NEW driver.