2015 BMW i3 consumer reviews

$42,400 starting MSRP
side view of 2015 i3 BMW
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.7
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Terrific acceleration. Great handling.

I was stunned by the incredible acceleration and responsiveness of the electric vehicle. Gas vehicles can't measure up to that. Very comfortable ride. Good sound system. Adequate power plus.


Best used car value on the market

I would consider myself to be a car enthusiast. My last car was an E90 BMW 328i. Last year I test drove two EVs - the Tesla Model 3 and the BMW i3. I came away so disoriented by the immediate torque/acceleration and the sheer quietness as it was doing so. I was sold on EVs being fun. Then came the cost question. Tesla model 3 doesn’t have much of a used car market yet as it is so new, but the i3 does. As I dug in I realized a 3-4 year old i3 was being sold for about 30% of its sticker price with lowish mileage (20k-50k miles) - I started digging some more. On average, I was spending about $250/month on gas and after doing some calculations on my commute and monthly car use, I realized I would be spending about $20/month if I charged the car at home. Done - Started the search for an i3 and found one about 70 miles from my house. I traded my 3series for the i3. I’m so glad I did. You can find all the specs on the car so I won’t bore you with that, but this is such an amazing value of a car. The practical hatchback design makes it easy for loading things in and out. The range is enough for my commute and we just use my wife’s car if we need to road trip somewhere. The term range anxiety does exist but I would rather call it range awareness. Driving an EV is a lifestyle change and makes you approach your use of a car differently. Some see that as a bad thing - I just see it as an opportunity to use your brain :-). I know when most people think of a used BMW, they think it’s unreliable. Mechanically, these cars are SO simple and the things that typically go wrong in BMWs (gaskets, coil packs, spark plugs, turbos, water pumps, etc.), aren’t present in this car. Sure the EV infrastructure is lagging in the US, but with a little planning and the use of the PlugShare app, you can find somewhere around you to charge in a pinch. If you’re reading this, you are probably a bit like me - a car junky that likes to understand the good and the bad about a car before you take the leap. I would encourage you - DO IT!


Great first fully electric car

The i3 is a fantastic full electric car. It rides superb and has a sporty attitude as expected by a BMW product. Styling is unusual and kind of ahead of its time (German engineers on LCD...) but very pleasing IMO. The only drawback is its performance in lower temperature (under 0C). Cold temperature really affect these BMW batteries compared to other type.


Fun electric car for running about town

This car is perfect for a daily commuter. It is easy to drive and great plenty of range so you only need top charge in infrequently. If you want to push it, it's very quick and handles well. The range extender option gives great piece of mind in case you can't get to a charger. The styling makes the car look space age, both inside and out. The interior is very roomy, even fitted someone tall. Visibility is great due to the tall seating position and large windows. Overall, love the car.


i3 vs Tesla Model 3

My number came up to order a Tesla Model 3, so I tracked one down (not easy) to test drive. It was a good car with lots of bells and whistles, but it paled in comparison to the e-car I used to drive, a BMW i3 (lease ended). Because of that, I gave up my place in the Tesla line and went back to an i3. I could not be happier. True, the range does not compare, but the drive and the ride is so superior I figured I'd get a used i3 and trade it in on a new one when the range improves significantly. I got a great price and excellent service at BMW of San Francisco (I live in Monterey) and recommend them as highly as the i3.


Perfect Electric Beamer

BMW hit it out of the park with the i3. Ours was the Range Extender, which I?d highly recommend! Battery alone, we could go 80-100 miles and RE added 50-75 miles...all depending on your driving style. Th outside commands looks every where you go and this inside is even more cool! I was extremely impressed with the performance of the battery...when you push the pedal, de doesn?t hesitate!


Great acceleration, faster than it looks.

I needed about a month to get use to the car. Once I did I loved it. Service was a breeze, no oil, no tune up, no muffler, no radiator, no noise, no fumes, etc. I have solar at the house so my energy use was close to zero, I just plug it into the outdoor regular socket. Full charge over night. I save about $300 a month in gas. I did not like the design of the turn signals and it had no AM radio. Also the range was around 100 miles, so I had to plug it in every night, if I forget than sometimes I would need to find a charging station to get home. Finding a charging station was easy in Hawaii, there all over, many are free.



REALLY NICE and BEAUTIFUL, VERY QUITE- GREEN CAR,VERY HIGH TECH AND VERY SMART. I may say this car really a car of the future and it helps save our environment on pollution.


Don't quite get the stated milage

I did research for this car, passed up a couple of great deals, but settled on a cpo i3 from sfbmw. Service at the dealership wasn't great, I felt that I was getting the bait and switch. One sales man kept trying to run my credit and have me finance the car even after I stated that I would pay cash. If I were to purchase from that dealership again I would only deal with Scott, he was the most straight forward sales man and was very considerate of my time. The cars acceleration is fast, torque can pin you to your seat, I have the entry level model, but it has more bells and whistles than all my previous cars.


Unique, Economical,Fun to drive

This has been an exceptional vehicle, great handling never concerned about range anxiety with the backup range extender. a complete head turner, have never had so many compliments on a vehicle that I have owned.