BMW i3
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BMW i3
MSRP Range $44,450-$51,500 Trims4 Combined MPG 119 Seats 4

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2017 i3
Terrible car
by Spencer from California on December 2, 2017

The i3 absolutely sucks. It?s a terrible car. Luckily, the lease payment is so low I?m able to rent it out on Turo and actually make back what I pay each month plus another $250-$300 extra. I?ve liter... Read Full Review

2017 i3
Engineering Excellence
by Skippynick from Kenosha on November 29, 2017

The i3 is the best car I’ve owned for my type of use. My only wish would be for longer range on battery but frankly I rarely use the Rex so this is a small complaint for me.

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