2020 BMW X3 consumer reviews

$41,950 starting MSRP
side view of 2020 X3 BMW
98% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 5.0
  • Interior design 4.9
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.9
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Very Happy so far, check back

This car has too many features to mention. It does take some time to become familiar with all the available tech. Still haven't had the nerve to let it park itself. Have only about 400 miles so still learning.


Nice truck

Before I get in to the car let me state that I had a horrific buying experience from McKenna South Bay BMW that is likely tainting my view. I would advise anyone and everyone to steer clear (see what I did there?) of this dealership. The truck... coming out of a leased 2017 330 wagon I can say that I'm horribly disappointed; think of it as a truck from BMW rather than a BMW SUV. It handles nothing like a 3 series. It has a tall driving position, which has advantages, but is nowhere near as comfortable or "connected" as the wagon. I truly enjoyed the wagon and this thing is just a truck. If you enjoy driving, this is not your vehicle. City fuel mileage is about 25 which is kind of amazing as this is not a hybrid. Highway mileage so far, with about 500 miles on the clock, is about 28. The price for that mileage appears to be a very non-linear throttle and lots of turbo lag, neither of which I experienced in the 330. The engine is bi-polar yet smooth and quiet with plenty of power. If spirited driving is desired, and it won't be, the 4 cylinder engine is plenty potent. As a suffering audiophile I can heartily recommend saving the $875 on the HK audio upgrade. It might be slightly better than the base audio I had in the 2017 but it has zero dynamics, zero imaging, and is inoffensive at best. The rest of iDrive is great and it deserves being called the best system on the market. Lack of Android Auto aside, it's minimally distracting, gets the job done, and you'll find that you rarely use the touchscreen. That being said pass on the upgraded digital dash as it's a complete waste of money after the first couple of days with it. I purchased the car with genuine Corinthian plastic seats and they're fine. I haven't experienced summer temps yet but I don't regret not getting moo-skin. BMW seems to have cracked the code making good use of the crude oil saved by the efficient engine and putting it into the seats. Cargo space is great and, with the increased height of the vehicle, I have so much more space, in the unusable vertical direction, than the wagon, I just don't know what to do with it. The power tailgate is reasonably quick and the kick sensor, included with Comfort Access, works well. Speaking of which, spring for Comfort Access. Yes, I know it's a rip off as most $30,000 cars have it standard, but trust me on this, spend the money. The truck handles competently but there is no enjoyment in driving it. Is it a BMW? Technically, from all the Roundels, it appears so. From the driver's seat, however, it's a truck. It's a nice truck... but it's a truck.


Massive Upgrade!

This car has all the safety, convenience, and tech features I could ask for. It drives like a BMW should...great acceleration, handling, and breaking. Definitely a performance suv.


2020 X3 my new “happy place”

This car is amazing, I love the color the comfort of the ride the experience and all of the amenities that came with it. The ride is smooth and there is huge space, even my 6’3” son is comfortable driving and riding in it.


Very reliable car

I leased 2018 X3 2 years ago and I enjoyed its driving experience. I drove over 33,000 miles and decided to trade in for 2020 X3. The new X3 has even better options and technology. I highly recommend X3


German automotive engineering is impeccable.

This my third BMW and second X3. It's many features include timeless design, elegant interior, excellent power with best in class gas mileage, and great passenger comfort. Technology interface is friendly and intuitive.


Light Years Ahead in Technology from My 2012 X5M

Loved driving my 2012 X5M for 8 years but it was time. I'm older now and find that a smaller SUV would be better for us. We had a 2010 X3 but the new X3M40i is just so much better. Its a little wider and longer than the 2010 was but its not the behemoth that the X5M felt like. The technology in the 2020 is way beyond the tech from 2012. The new one is so cool....we're still getting to know her but so far, we made the right choice.


Great car and make

Great make and drive. Happy with interior non leather seats and exterior color. Also, same tight suspension with special driving features making it a safe and smooth drive.


Comfort and safe ride

Excellent comfortable ride. Pleasure driving in long commute. Many new convenient features. Easy navigation system and radio system. Love my BMW , it compares to no other.



Great ride and great looks with some get up and go. The primary driver of the X3 is my wife and this had all the features she was looking for. Great heated seats and sterring wheel, great ambient lighting and headlights that light up the road. This was the car we wanted and we are very happy with out purchase.