2018 BMW X5 consumer reviews

$57,200 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 X5 BMW
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.9
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.8
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Best looking car I've owned

The is one of the best, if not the best mid-sized sports utility vehicle around. definitely the best value and quality for the money. I'll definitely recommend this vehicle.


Most well equipped car I’ve owned.

Plenty of legroom In the back; smooth ride. Love the split hatch. The interior is gorgeous and the ambient light features are really nice. Drives really well and it’s great that it tows close to 6,000lbs!


Awesome BMW

For starters the car is very smooth. Very well built and can barely hear the outside noise. The sound system and tech sucks you in but in a great way. We love it.


CPO is the way to go!

When we got ours in Dec of 2020, we were able to get a CPO with around 20K miles, with an original MSRP of around 97K for 57K that included BMW's extended warranty to cover 7 years and unlimited miles. A summary of why I gave it 5 stars. - the V8 engine is super smooth and fun to drive - the infotainment system is current and supports everything I need such as CarPlay. I think 2018 has the right mix of analog and digital controls to be very easy to use. Plus it is easy to code some of the controls to your liking. For instance, I changed the way the mirrors open and close and turned off some warning chimes, etc. - 2018 was the last year of their last model so it is rock solid and all the kinks have been worked out. - The seats are comfortable and the interior space is the same as the current-gen and surprisingly, 2018 has a bigger luggage space than the newer model. - For some reason, some of the options on my car are no longer available in the new version such as the full leather interior (now limited to seat area only), the Dynamic Handling Package (you have to get the M version now), the soft close doors, etc. Also, if you get the Harmon Kardon premium system, the 2018 version has 600W, while the new one has 480W. Also, the rear seats on mine can tilt and move back and forward, the new ones are fixed. - I also prefer the design of the 2018 a bit more. The smaller grill and the profile are closer to a Range Rover Sport, compared to the new one that looks more similar to an Acura and what some would call more 'masculine. The 2018 is a great mid-sized SUV to me, the new one is a little wider. Clearly the new model is more refined from a drive perspective, and many reviewers have noted the increased space. But the increase in total legroom is only 1.2 inches! and the reduction is luggage room is never mentioned. The new one has slightly more shoulder room. You can tell, I went back and forth between getting a new one (would have been the smaller V6) and getting one that was lightly used. In the end the overall value on the used seemed higher to me.


Love - at a price

X5 5.0 with M Sport package. OMG, powerful, fun, safe, makes you smile - A LOT! Just have the checkbook ready, 'cause its a hunk of $$ to get into and maintain but if you want the Ultimate Driving Machine, this is the REAL deal! We waited a long time to find just the right one but super happy and plan on keeping it a very long time


5 STARS *****

Great car buying experience. Super laid back and easy to deal with. Had no issue with me taking the car to my local mechanic to be checked out. Fair prices with no hidden fees. Can trust them 100%


Best car I ever owned

This is a great car. It has power and performs very well. The interior is spacious and well appointed. BMW is a well engineered car


Love the upgrades

I am a owner of a 2009-X5 and was shopping for another. I love the new features. The seats are comfortable, driving is a dream. The safety features are amazing. Friends own similar Brands, but the BMW-X5 outshines them all.


Really excellent family and fun oriented SUV

Coming from an Infiniti QX70 to a 2018 X5 after comparing and test driving 2018 Cayenne S and Range Rover Sport. I now own the X5 50i for a little over a month. First off, I decided to go the CPO route since I wanted to get the V8 but didn't want to pay the huge premium new or take the big depreciation of buying new. I prefer not to lease, so this was my best option. I picked the 2018 to the 2019 since I expect the reliability of the last year of a model to be better than the first year of a new. I might be in a minority, but I prefer the size, look and interior of the 2018 over the 2019, although I do like the tech in the new one. Overall, the X5 is very comfortable, the rear seats are a little tight, but I like that you can adjust them (which you can't on the new) and the luggage space is excellent. The front seats are excellent, as is the driving height and the V8 is silky smooth. I wish my car had the dynamic handling mode since it tends to roll in curves (the QX70 handled much better overall). I have the Sport package and suspension but without the dynamic handling package, it basically handles like an SUV. Wireless Apple CarPlay makes a big difference and the infotainment system is the best in class. I love iDrive and I actually like the combination of the tactile buttons and touchscreen. I love technology but not a huge fan of only touch screen trend. I find the interior of the 2018 X5 more elegant overall than the 2019 - but it's just personal taste. So overall comfort is better on the X5 over the QX70, except that the BMW leather quality is much worse than the QX 70. Unless you get the top end Marino leather on the BMW which is equivalent to the leather I had on the QX 70, the dakota or nappa leather on BMW is not up to par IMHO. Love the space, love the styling, love the technology (it is just right on this model), love the driving which is geared perfectly for sporty daily drives vs. aggressive sports as the QX 70 was. I also drove the Cayenne S and it had super interior quality. The driving dynamics was about similar to the QX 70 as was the space. I picked thhe X5 because I preferred the tech implementation, how the V8 drove and overall space. It was a close call. In the end, I do think the QX70 is under rated since it was a wonderful product and sad to see Infinti lose it's way with their new stuff. I feel lucky that the X5 I got has very low miles, looks and drives basically like new, and while for the price I could have bought a new MDX, it is nowhere close to as much fun to drive or as beautiful to look at. LOL. My last few cars were: BMW-->Honda-->Acura-->Jaguar-->Infiniti-->Infiniti-->BMW