1997 Buick Park Avenue consumer reviews

$29,995–$34,995 MSRP range
side view of 1997 Park Avenue Buick
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.2
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Nice car

Would buy but could not agree on price l do own a 2001 park avenue with almost 300k !! Most comfortable car and very good mileage for size!!


Excellent Car in Every Way

I bought a 1997 Park Avenue Ultra in January of 1998. It was a demo vehicle with 1800 miles on it. Black on taupe. Sunroof. Fully loaded with every option. It had the Gran Touring Suspension and was soft yet tight which made it feel a bit more like a German import. With that suspension I'd say it drove as well as a 7 Series I once had a chance to drive if not better. The car lasted very well for 10 solid years. The only things I remember replacing were brakes, a serpentine belt, a battery, tires, fluids, light bulbs and an A/C recharge. Both of the power seats broke and while they could move forward and backward, they couldn't be moved up or down. I remember that was a $3300 repair that I obviously declined and I think just the parts alone were $3000. Other than that I can't really remember anything noteworthy or worthwhile that went wrong with the car in the 10 years I owned it. I drove it cross-country at least 12 times back and forth from LA to NY, NY to WA and ME to FL. It never left me stranded The gas mileage was great, the power was impressive and the roominess was unparalleled. I'm bewildered that no one makes a car like this anymore and that we have to buy SUVs now even to close to something like this. The car had 256,000 miles when I traded it in for a 2008 Enclave.


Park Avenue Enthusiast

I've had my 1997 Ultra for 12 years and bought it used with 90K miles. Have maintained it with regular oil changes, keeping the supercharger oiled, and general up keep. Spent ~$4000 in repairs including 2 sets of tires over the years. Making that about ~$333 a year to drive. It now has 214k miles and is still getting 24 to 26 mpg to/from work on 2 lane roads, and 28 mpg on long trips. It has a smooth ride and seats 6 passengers comfortably if needed. Not to mention the pick up, and extras that were standard features. Buick needs to bring the Park Avenue and the 3.8 Engine back. I don't like the smaller uncomfortable replacements..LaCrosse & LuCerne, and won't ever own one either. So you think I like my PA...My husband and I have owned 6 Park Avenues, and including the 2 just bought to replace mine and his 2004 PA Ultra with 215k because we can't find anything else we like, rides as well, low maintenance, and gas mileage for the size car....thus fell safer on the road.


Intake Manifold and Engine Cradle

GM, Say's that coolant change 100,000 miles. Becareful .Ihad to replace the engine manifold , because the old coolant ate away at the gaskets. My mechanic says it is common. I own a 1997 Bucik Park avenue, Also, the Engine Cradle Rotted out. My Mechanic also said this is common. This car was manily driven in florida in the winter, In chicago in the summer. The repair cost for the Manifold was $1,900. The repair cost for the Engine Cradle was $1.400, that was with a used part. This car is a Great car on the road. Even with a 114,000 K on it, It is a marvelious car. I can see this vechicle making over 200,000k easy.


Awesome Buick!

I purchased a 1997 Buick Park Avenue and I am so glad I did. This will probably be the best car I will ever own in my life. I am getting excellent fuel economy and a very comfortable & smooth ride! This car is the epidome of luxury cars. I cannot get over the state of the art features that are available for this car. I was able to get my buick loaded. It has an awesome premium sound system(bose)and heads up display(seeing the speed you are going on the winshield). It also has rain sensing windshield wipers. The 3.8L V6 is extremely reliable!


fabulous cream puff

My Park Avenue Ultra Supercharged! is a great car. It was a company car, so at 90K it had had all its maintenance done on time. I have more than doubled the miles, ridden out a hailstorm, acquired the requisite dings and blips and locked my keys in it more than once. My Buick has repaid me by moving out when I had to outrun a speeding 18-wheeler, attracting the right kind of male for me, getting me to work and home daily and generally looking good in my driveway/garage! I love it, I love it, I love it. The air conditioning is gone, I can't tell (visually) what gear I am in any more, the heater blower has always been too loud and the gas gauge needle has fallen below empty. But I love it and it will turn to dust in my driveway.


great used car buy

We bought this '97 Park Ave for a very good price because it already had 142,000 miles on it. It was a very comfortable and surprisingly dependable, we have had used Cadillacs in the past and this car was just as comfortable but was more dependable and less expensive to repair than the Caddys.We put 30,000 more miles on the car in the next 18 months and had no major repair problems.We are now convinced that Buicks are much better buys and more dependable than Caddys, after owning this car. Even at 172000 miles this Buick was still going strong. We sold the car for a little less money than what we paid for it and bought a new Prius.


Sweet sleeper!!!

I have the 97 ultra. It's supercharged for those who don't know...I only have about 72,xxx miles on mine and it's in awesome shape. It doesn't handle the best because it's so big but I did manage to pull a 14.811 1/4 mile with it this weekend. It's not stock anymore it has an upgraded stereo(stock was fine for most people) and some modifications to the engine like ported manifolds, a 3 inch downpipe, colder t-stat, colder plugs, smaller s/c'er pulley. Less than 600$ put in to it and I got a extremely comfortable ride that can get moving also!!The only problems I had was the charcoal canister was broken somehow from something hitting it and the purge control solenoid was bad. only a 60$ fix. Just keep the maintenance up ad you got yourself a 200+K mile ride!!!


Oil leaks!

I bought this car about 8 months ago and i have had two seperate oil leaks costing over $2000!!! This 3.8L engine is known foroil leaks out of the intake manifold gasket! Avoid this


'97 Park Avenue (Base)

I've received far more than my money's worth out of this car. It came with exceptional leather seating; dashboard LED comp; and several other options. I probably wouldn't have gotten this car if the "extras" weren't added on. With it's long nose, the PK Ave was difficult to drive in tight places and especially park, but I soon got good at it, and now I actually enjoy driving around this "grandpa car" as some would call it. Well, I've gotten to love the 3.8L engine this baby's got. This is my first vehicle and it's been good to me ever since. Very little maintenance and almost 200,000 miles on it.