2010 Cadillac CTS consumer reviews

$35,165–$48,765 MSRP range
side view of 2010 CTS Cadillac
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.6
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This specific auto selection was three years in the making. After driving a Volvo Station Wagon for 16 years, I desired a manifest upgrade and frankly deserved one. I made the drive from Orange County to Del la Fuente Cadillac - El Cajon (San Diego County) to finalize the particular deal. Original owner had serviced a well maintained car there. The Cadillac CTS Station Wagon is an elegant ride. Deemed one of the best looking cars of this century and ardently fulfills on the company's marketing motif "where function blurs emotion." The interior design is luxuriant (leather and cherrywood appointments) and stately (Bose Sound). The automotive engineering makes the ride effortless and smooth. Embellished with feature after another affords the Driver an august sensation when behind wheel allowing the driver to take charge of the road and enjoy the experience in do so. Personally, I would have not acquired this car without GM Protection Plan but the irony is that I've had to use it but once (water pump). The handling is immaculate, the responsiveness affords great security and immense overall peace of mind. What more could one ask for against the uncertainties of car ownership. The 2010 Cadillac CTS Station Wagon is more car than I deserve and is reaffirmed by the wide range of compliments I receive on a regular basis here in a car centric culture of SoCalif. I'm just sorry this model is no longer made (discontinued 2014). WIsh I could post a snap. Cadillac did the Automobile Industry right by leading and making good on a promise to deliver an extraordinary vehicle as impeccable internally as it was good looking externally. Very pleasant road trips to Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas will attest to that as will the 29 mpg. Happy Motoring All.


Pearl is her name

It is enjoyable to drive. love the color, and is very good on gas. thank you for have it on your website


I love my Cadillac CTS

It had everything I was looking for: economy, power, allwheel drive, comfort. The downside of it is my wife loves it and wants to always drive it. It is a bit too low for her, though.


wow impressed

Very nice car, very stylish, sporty and luxury all in one vechiel. If you are looking for a Cadillac the CTS performance is it.


Very well built car!

i just bought a 2010 cts v with a 100k, and the thing performs like a rocket, and its a very comfy ride everything works as well-heated/cooled seats etc. There are no squeaks when hitting bumps in the road are anything like that, it was a one owner car used for business trips all maintenance was done at Cadillac.


Too early to tell

The car so far is great, but this is diminished by the poor dealership it came from. (Massey South, Orlando Fla.) It only had 6054 miles when purchased. So far, I have had trouble with clearing the past songs in the hard drive and the addresses stored. No one seemed to know how to delete the songs in total. It took going to the internet. Cadillac response is horrible. They should have gone out of business and started over. The dealership wouldn't give me the 172 point checklist completed for the CPO warranty or the invoices of work done on the car since they've had it from new till sold. Carfax was in error when they said it was a one owner car. Can't trust anything anymore.


Best wagon in the world!

This car is as cool as it is rare. I bought one and love it. It always turns heads, and when filling up, people give positive comments. If you can get your hands on one, buy it! You will not be disappointed.


2010 CTS Performance AWD

Bought this car used with about 47700 miles on it about 3 weeks ago. First impressions: Love the styling, features, ride. Wind noise when driving 50 mph and above. Steering wheel noise when turning at slow speeds. Took to the dealer today to get this looked at. Very disappointed with the gas mileage. Traded a 2005 Acura TL in for this. The Acura was averaging over 20 mpg doing the same driving. With the CTS, I am averaging under 17. EPA ratings for both cars are the same. The Acura was also quicker when pulling onto the highway even though the CTS has 34 more horsepower. This CTS feels much heavier and solid than the Acura did.



Impression of my 3.0 performance package AWD CTS has been upgraded to flat out outstanding. The Midwest has been pounded with one of the snowiest and coldest winters on record. The CTS has performed flawlessly in every snow and icy road condition. It is perfectly weight balanced front to rear to maximize traction and control. Last night, a Saturday with no plowed or salted roads, drove it over 100 miles and it performed as if on dry pavement. My wife also has praised it's sure footed experience after driving it this winter also. Being married to her for 42 years, believe me, praises and complements are few and far between. Definitely a long term keeper.


Monster power, luxury & class - Amazing car!

Just ditched my Mercedes Benz E550 and all the problems I was having with it and the snotty expensive service centers. GM, moreso Cadillac...you've made me a customer. I am loving this car as my daily driver. I can't decide which grin is wider, when driving this car or my 05 Porsche 911S. Amazing adrenaline rush with the CTS-V. I highly recommend this car. It's a shame the 2014 is now a TT V6 with only 420 HP. I guess my Supercharged 6.2 V8 with 556 will become a collector.