2010 Cadillac CTS consumer reviews

$35,165–$48,765 MSRP range
side view of 2010 CTS Cadillac
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.6
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Family Sports Car

Do you like a crisp handling car? Do you respect attention to detail? Do you know what a strut tower brace is? Do you have a family--and a dog? Do you wish you still had your sports car? Then, this is the car for you.



Purchased an AWD Certified 2010 CTS Performance package 3.0 about a month ago. Have owned or leased over 150 vehicles, domestic and foreign, some were kept for 12 years, some couldn't wait to get rid of. I'm not loyal to any brand or style and test drove numerous vehicles before deciding on buying the CTS. Some listed at 92K, (Why not? I was curious how some folks could justify the price, setting aside image, brand snobbery and reputation).Up to this point, the flat out best car I owned or leased was a '97 Caddy xxx. Drove it for 147,000 miles and last I heard is still running well. This CTS is better in fit, finish, handling, ergonomics and fuel economy. So far, overall average is almost 25 mpg with moderate driving habits, It isn't babied, nor is there an attempt to set the world land speed record on the interstates. The interior controls are very intuitive . It is vault quiet, no rattles or squeaks, regardless of road conditions, feels extremely solid and is fun to drive. Ride quality is slightly firm due to the performance package suspension. It's not a land yacht, nor do I have to worry about my dental work shaking loose. So far, so good. I am thoroughly enjoying this car. It seems to have the right stuff to be a long term keeper.


most comfortable car I've evr had.

The CTS is probably the bets car I've evr owned.The dealership made the deal painless.All the staff were very friendly and helpful.


Mostly Happy

The car is beautiful and drives and rides great. Seats could be a little lower and more comfortable for my 6' 2" frame. My 2001 Cadillac included rear heated seats and rain sensing wipers, which this 2010 3.6 L Premium package AWD CTS surprisingly doesn't.


No more Cadillac

The transmission on my 2010 CTS crapped-out at less than 14,000 miles of easy, careful driving. Other than thankfully I only leased, rather than purchased it, need more be said? No more Cadillac or GM.


Mark of Excellence

Been driving Cadillacs since the 70s. Glad to be back in a CTS with AWD and the Sports Wagon makes it even better. Great ride.


Very nice car

I was looking for an efficient sporty upper class vehicle. I never really thought about a Cadillac, I always look at them as mostly a dads type of car with a boat like ride and bad gas mileage. But I ran across an article comparing them to BMW's which lead me to take more interest. Than through consumers reports and other articles I decide to include them with other cars I was looking at. When viewing the car for the first time, I thought the exterior styling of the CTS 4 door was awesome. It's definitely a design that demands a second look as it drives by. First reactions from people who knew me when pulling up had the same reactions I did. They really enjoyed the styling. I styling is definitely different, well defined and mixes its looks with sporty, classy, luxury and solid. The interior door lines match up to the forward dash in a wrap round effect and has a high end appearance as it's done very nicely. Then you have the center console that drops down with all the buttons and interior controls that sweep down from dash and goes between the seats. This gave the front seats a sporty cockpit feel. I really enjoyed the driver's instrument gauges which nicely surprised me as we actually had gauges for temperature, charging, Oil and most of all a sizable full sweep tachometer. The conditioner works really great over my last vehicle which labored to keep the interior of the cool cool when outside temps reached into the 100's. Not so for this car. The noise level inside the car on the freeway is definitely an improvement over my last car and I really seem the enjoy the sounded of the Boss stereo system as well. As far as gas mileage goes, "surprise" it actually does get what the articles told me it would get. It's a bigger car than my last and has a bigger engine size ( 3.0 6 cylinder) yet it does better overall than my old car. That's a win win for me. CONS: About the only cons I have for the car is the seats don't have much cushion in them as I'd like. So they tend to feel hard at times on some drives. Then, the door opening size seems to be a little tight. So what I like about the car having a low roof line also ends up being a low bridge problem for my head getting in and out of the car. Last notes: I bought this car used and was a little mislead on two of the conveniences I was originally looking for. Okay, big note. Just because the steering wheel has the symbol for blue tooth connections for hands free cell phone operations does not mean it really has those capabilities. I found out the hard way through the dealer that although my car has those symbols on buttons on the steering wheel, in fact, it did not have blue tooth capability. Also, note that if GPS was not installed on the car from the factory, it can not "later" be installed. Had I purchased the car new, I probably would have make sure those were installed. Would I buy the car again?? Yes, overall it's a very impressive car to drive.


2010 CTS-V Sedan

First of all this isn't a car, it's a "Time Machine", when you step on the gas it is suddenly 1970 again and you are driving a very plush Muscle Car..and yes I do remember the bad mannered beasts that I drove then and lived to trade in, this car is a Corvillac, my wife and I have owned 7 Corvettes and 2 Cadillacs, and this car tops them all in style comfort and performance...no wonder it is "The worlds Fastest Production Sedan"


2010 CTS AWD

This car is great. I have owned both an Audi A6 and a Mercedes C230 sport sedan. I did hours and hours of research on the internet before I bought the 2010 CTS luxury package AWD. It is a great car for the money. A lot of the car experts ripped the CTS as still an old man's car - I'd encourage you to just go drive one and make up your own mind. Yes, this CTS isnt an Audi or Mercedes, but I do believe it is the best American made car I have ever owned. It is AWD and great in rain or snow. It is very comfortable and has plenty of power for regular non-track driving. I also got 3 years of maintenance included and it runs on regular gas. Navigation and sunroof are great. Bose stereo is great too. Overall, this is a great car.



Bought this car for my wife for Christmas, and she just love's it! Heck I even take it out to the track, now and then, and it blow's everthing away! We have took it on two very long trips, from Texas to Main, and it got 22 m.p.g. I even get 14 m.p.g. while raceing it! Top's out at 193.44 m.p.h., and run's the 1/4 mile at 11.85 at 121, bone stock! My ZR1 only run's a 10.73 at 131 m.p.h., and top's out at 212.68 m.p.h., All in all the wife's car is a 4,500 l.b.s. track gorilla, that will clean the clcok of just about everthing out there, in striking comfort and look's. buy one, your be hooked to!