2012 Cadillac CTS consumer reviews

$35,915–$39,115 MSRP range
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95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.8
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2012 Cadillac CTS Luxury

I financed the 2012 cts4 luxury pkg in early 2021 with 50k miles on it with one previous owner and have just recently paid it off and now have fully owned this for about 6 months. This is my first vehicle, so while I have nothing to compare it to in terms of previous cars I’ve owned, I still must say this car has been absolutely amazing for me. Compared to other cars I’ve driven, including a few BMWs, Benz, etc. this one has truthfully been my favorite. The very first thing I noticed when test driving it was how insanely smooth this ride was. I was honestly blown away because I have never driven a car with this smooth of a ride. To add to this, I personally love the style. My personal vehicle is the black raven exterior with a beige interior. There is also the polished wood on doors and dash which I love. The only thing I have added to this car was the Apple CarPlay boss radio, which for me is a necessity as I can’t live without my own playlists and easy navigation. I feel like this also helped to modernize the car a bit since I do have am older model (2012). The biggest problem I had with it so far was a fuse under the hood controlling the fan which was literally a 5 min fix and costed me $60. Have not had a single problem since this fix. I have driven it about 20k miles now for about 18 months and am currently around the 70k mile range. Hopefully as there is more wear and tear it can give the same reliability and performance that I have enjoyed up to this point. Other than that, beautiful sunroof, decent amount of space in the cabin, large trunk, good acceleration, nice HP for a vehicle with no after market performance enhancers considering this car is around 300hp stock and a nice V6 engine. As I was rating this car, I was genuinely trying to think of something more constructive criticism towards it, but I truthfully have rated this vehicle to the best of my ability. Keep in mind this is from 50k-70k miles so far and this is the 2012 vehicle being rated in 2022. One last thing I would like to add considering the gas crisis that is going on as of now, this car has good mpg which is around 20 with an 18 gallon tank. Once the low fuel alert comes on, you still have about 50 miles before gas is really in dire need. Overall, really love this vehicle and I hope that this review helps.


Not bad.. overrated

Car is ok.. I has an impala that had more room and more accessories. Cadillac is somewhat a disappointment.. but I purchased it and will adjust.


Great Looks Outside; Typical GM Powertrain Woes

Bought preowned, one owner from”reputable GM dealer” who cleaned it up cosmetically to look like it still deserved to be in the showroom. However, less than 500 miles later, the ugly truth emerged: faulty torque converter causing hesitation at around 40-50 mph, and on lower gears at lower speeds as it ascended inclines. Cadillac says $6,500 to replace trans. Subtle hum from rear wheel at 50+ mph turns out to be bad bearing @ $500 per wheel. Awful DGI carbon build on intake valves (engine design flaw on all DGI regardless of manufacturer) causes rough idle at 600 rpm, and finally, a door lock actuator failure. Man what a disappointing purchase and the dealer is “shocked, shocked I say” to learn there were problems going on in this establishment. You just don’t get this array of frustration with Lexus, Infinity, or a few select Lincoln’s, which will be where I go to next after unloading this dog like a Chicago Bear quarterback.


One of the best looking cars I've owned

Bought this 2012 CTS4 w/ Performance package on eBay for a deal even with 182,000 miles it runs like a new and a bear the last guy put a aftermarket exhaust and a tune on it.(redlines @ 7500 in sport mode) And being 60 I feel like I'm 17 in my 72 Vette again. It handles like a dream weather I'm going 60 or 150 mph the car handle's like a race car I just wish I had the money to get a CTS V. I would recommend this car to anyone that wants to relive their youth. It's just so much fun when u c one up against some Young kid whit his hopped up car with the AWD it just takes off leaving them at the light. All I can say is if u want to have some fun or just take the wife out for the night u need to get yourself one. Live & love life it's shorter than u think. This coming from a cancer survivor Thank you


Awesome car

Comfort, great style inside and out , powerful smooth ride great speed for passing loaded with all the accessories needed and then some, awesome sound system glad I chose Cadillac.


Nice car but you will replace the rear wheel hubs

The CTS is a nice vehicle. I have had only one problem with this AWD vehicle. These vehicles are notorious for the magnetic rings cracking and falling off the rear wheel hubs. These magnetic rings are part of the ABS system, and when they crack and fall apart, the ABS lights and Stabiltrak system lights come on and the car goes into a limited performance mode. This happened on both of my rear hubs, and they are hard to remove without the proper tools. Each time it happened it cost me $500. I feel I have spent $1000 due purely a design flaw. Since it is part of the ABS system, it should have been covered by a recall in my opinion. So if you buy one of these with 40 to 50k miles on it, expect that this will happen to you too.


Fun drive

This car met our low miles and price requirements. It is a comfortable riding and driving car with lots of pep. I love the speckled paint it looks great


The CTS4 (AWD) is a perfect year-round driver

This vehicle has 270 HP, 6 speed auto, heated leather seats with settings for 2 drivers, power sunroof, CD/MP3 premium sound, and is very reliable.


Bought 2012 CTS4 w/ Performance Pkg

Bought one with 29K and Performance package a few weeks ago and so far so good. I am very satisfied and recommend to anyone. Love it.


Most unique and reliable car I’ve owned

This car has met all my needs in comfort, reliability, and style. Besides basic maintenance, this car has worked like a charm and gets plenty of compliments