2001 Chevrolet Cavalier consumer reviews

$13,260 starting MSRP
side view of 2001 Cavalier Chevrolet
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.4
  • Interior design 3.3
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 3.8
  • Reliability 4.5
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Great Starter Car

I got this car when I was 16 and it has been great! There are a few details I dislike, mostly cosmetic. The cup holders are very small so only short small drinks fit in them and cups block air controls which gets very annoying. Not extremely comfortable, but good for getting around! As a noob when it comes to mechanics, I really appreciate how easy and cheap it is to replace parts (ex. I replaced the headlights and the sun visors which just pop out). It held all my friends and gets good gas mileage. I also have a natural gas tank as well which was awesome. Unfortunately I got rear ended so it looks like that will be the last of my little Chevy :,( loved it while it lasted though!


21 years old, 240,000 miles. And still ticking.

Survive A hit and run and save my life. With stood a deer hitting the hood of the car. Traveled all over new England . Excellent in the snow. Excellent on gas . Still running and not ready for retirement yet. A car i never had to worry about when it came making it from point A to B.


Very dependable great gas mileage

Great car for the money gets you where you need to go. I've owned it for 4 1/2 years and it has never left me stranded..


Extremely reliable commuter car

My wife and I have owned this car for 5 years and it’s always been a great reliable commuter/backup car. Always had regular maintenance and cleaned regularly. We are moving out of state and unfortunately need to sell it. Please message me any questions you have!


I absolutely love my Cavalier

My Godfather bought me this car used and it is absolutely amazing..drove it from S. Carolina down to Florida with no problems at all and maybe 3 fillups. Gas mileage is awesome...not so much in town but long trips yes. Inside is a bit small but compared to walking and public transportation you can't complain too much. Only problem I have is the plastic dash...cracked to the point it will have to be replaced but again can't really complain considering how mechanically sound this car is. Again I absolutely LOVE my Cavalier ❤❤❤


Most reliable car!

Not enough room for 5 full size adult's. It has 135,00 km. Part's are cheap. So it a bread & butter model on the car rental fleet. Too small to take o a long road trip. Good traction in the winter time on snow & ice. However I washed this top of the line model frequently & it was rusting quite badly at the bottom of the front & the rear door's & the wheel well's especially. Even replacing all 4 coil's did not improve the handle 7 the road stability at all. This car should have 16 inch tire not the BF Good wrench cheap dealership tire's that they come with. But after paying over $23,00 for my 2001 Chrevolet Cavailer I'm quite more liking my 2003 Toyota Camry XLE that has 249,000 km on it after these past mazing 4 yrs of owing this car used as a replacement to my 2001 Chrevolet Cavalier. I bought the Ingigo Blue Dark sedan & it's way way to her to keep clean show the dirt. The black interior get's so very dirty quickly. The cloth seat's are not comfortable to drive at the. The 2005 Chrevolet Cobalt just look's so dreadful as a replacement to this bread & butter GM staple sedan. The rear spoiler look's simply awful. The headlight's stay very well lit up especially in the fog or at night time. If u weigh over 200 pound's buy a Cadillac Deville or a Cadillac DHS instead or a Buick Lesabre or a Buick Park Avenue Ultra luxury sedan of this entry level sedan.


Very Reliable

It did what I needed it to do. Great first car, got me to work and school no problems at all. It was comfy and good on gas.


Very reliable

I?ve had this car for a few years, it?s great for long drives and everyday use. Gas mileage is also really good. I highly recommend this car for anyone.


Alot of problems

I bought this 2 door car off a local dealer. It lasted 2 years- before being useless. I wasn't used to anti-lock brakes and almost died (figuratively) when I went to stop once as a tractor trailer whizzed by and it made this ferocious sound and jerked. I didn't know what it was. When I took it back to the mechanic we went for a drive and he told me "oh that's just the anti-lock brakes!" He said he got his undone so I did the same- no more jerking! He said that some lights would stay on because of it (the engine light was on for 2 years- I didn't know enough to ask him to fix that- I thought it was because of the brakes). After that- when getting an oil change the mechanic looked at me- eyes as big as saucers and told me (I basically could have been dead)! Apparently there was a crack in something to do with the tire connection to the car (forget name of piece- tie rod? perhaps)-and that the wheel could disconnect at any time! I had this fixed. Then the mechanic had to connect the long exhaust type piece- he welded it cause it was loose. Later as the car made noise- my mechanic friend had to wire the muffler piece up so it wouldn't keep banging. Even though I sprayed it for winter with oil- and got regular oil changes- the winter salt I guess corroded the door panels, around gas tank and apparently underneath so bad- ,my mechanic says I have approx a month to find a new car (and can only drive locally). He said it's a pile of rust underneath. Also the heater went so it only works on high and makes a very loud noise. So pretty much nothing but a headache. It always started up fine - and was good on gas - that's about it. Without winter tires it's dangerous- I hit a patch of black ice and the car went 100 yards on its own- that was scary- luckily I took my foot off gas and was able to stay on the road. Winter tires helped immensely, otherwise car would slide about alot on the roads. Don't think I'd ever get another. Oh ya - one more thing. After I bought it- all of a sudden white spots started showing through the dark blue paint. Naive me- went and bought the car paint at automotive store thinking I could just spray over it?! Uh, no! Made it worse. How they fixed it 'til I bought it is beyond me. But the dark blue paint- now looks like a leopard with white spots, all over the car. Trying to spray over them did no good and just made it look worse. There were a few other things but I can't recall off the top of my head- but this should be enough. lol.. Needless to say, I'm not going back to that dealer.


Needs a little work but will work

This car has the look I was after and it gets the gas mileage I was after and it has the 2.2 to get the miles I was after