1996 Chevrolet S-10 consumer reviews

$11,270–$16,685 MSRP range
side view of 1996 S-10 Chevrolet
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.4
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had 16 yrs heart broke when sold it

s10 s and blazers was famious going though ball joints .i bought 3rd door first year came out .mistake never buy first year weather seal came out all time under warrenty still pain . sold it only wish still made small trucks sold it 65 thousand miles no major issues still had origional back brakes


I love my lil truck. Her name is Sally.

I am the second owner of this truck. I love it, she gets me pretty much every place I want to go, I only wish she had the back seat for my dogs to ride with me. She scoots along quite nicely, and I fill her up once every six weeks. I’ve put about 80,000 miles on her, and plan to leave her to my oldest daughter one day, when I can fly with my own wings. 😁


Most dependable car I've owned

Great engine and transmission Daily driver Starts and runs strong Nothing wrong mechanically Great truck for outdoors or just to get around Zr2 upgraded suspension Brand new oversized tires


I Miss This Vehicle!

The S-10 was an awesome truck for Chevrolet and I wish they would bring it back w/ modern touches! The vehicle was purchased only slightly used, and was one of the easiest vehicles to personalize, as there were plenty of custom parts available for this ride! This ended up being a "show" truck and received many wonderful commentaries. The ride was comfortable, engine powerful, and was desired by many. The fact that it was a show truck that could still haul heavy bulky items was just a bonus! I highly recommend!


Excellent value for money

2.2 L durable needs 5 speed. 30 mpg good American truck fixes easy, body solid, Find 1 buy it & keep


Great Value, small headaches!

I am the second owner of my 2000 S10 LS and it has just over 100,000 miles.Runs great, easy to work on and maintain. It's the cheap interior items that cause the headaches. The seat recline levers are made of cheap material and are prone to breaking. The 3rd door latch is plastic, as is the assembly inside, which is prone to breaking. Chevrolet really didn't have to skimp THAT much. Outside of these things, its a sound truck.


Chevy S10

Great truck for the money. Won't find any better!! Great truck for the money. Won't find any better!!


Best vehicles I've owned

I've had two S-10 pickups in recent years (1991 & 1996) Got the 91 with 39K on it and sold it with 177K and regretted it within a week. Got the 96, can't remember the mileage, about 5 years ago and am now at 197K+. Oyer than the normal upkeep it has been a reliable vehicle until this week. It is the process of getting a 5-speed tranny in it. my first big expense in over 150K miles. I will drive thi thing until it is nothing but the perverbial pile of rusted junk. My 91 costs were a wheel bearing, water pump, taken out by a busted fan, and a new throwout bearing.All in all both of these trucks have only set me back about $8-9 hundred bucks. I don't feel that's too much for about 287K of driving. The absolutely worst thing about the S-10 pickup is that Chevrolet QUIT MAKING IT!! BTW both of mine were/are the 4 banger and 22-28 MPG. They always got me home. Love them. Looking for another one now to sock away util the current one dies. I would recommend them to anyone.


Hate to get rid of her

2wd, v6, extened cab. I was rushed into buying my s-10 but I'm glad I did. For a small truck it has plenty of room, I couldn't imagine having a truck without an extended cab. The engine gave me plenty of power and even being 2wd I have never been stuck regardless of the Central NY snow. Decent on gas: best ever 29mpg, average summer 21mpg, average winter 16mpg There are some predictable problems: rust will form on the wheel wells and under the doors (assuming you live in snowy areas), the tailgait cables will snap, coolant seals will eventually leak and there will be abs computer problems.


Great truck

Had a 1996 S-10 short bed/cab 2wd. Truck was lowered and sway bars added made this little pickem up into a great runner. I eclpised 250,000 miles when I sold this truck in summer 2007. 4.3L V6 was absolutley amazing-ran very strong, did not burn oil, and no problems. Only thing I had to do to the truck was change fluids and put a fuel pump in at 200,000 miles, replacing the factory one.