2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 consumer reviews

$28,300–$32,900 MSRP range
side view of 2019 Silverado 1500 Chevrolet
70% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value 4.0
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.1
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114k transmission just blew. Took immaculate care, didn't matter. Bought used at 37k miles. Water pump also went out last year. Now what to do? Thanks Chevy


Don't buy Chevy or work for GM, they don't stand

I have a 2019 truck my engine went up and the dealers not covering it, with all the recalls on this truck from seatbelt to electric problems don't buy Chevy I worked for general motors thirty years and never bought anything but Chevy and now they won't cover to repair my truck, any aadvice?


Oil line failure

I recently found a oil leak earlier on the engine oil cooling lines. It took a couple of days to find the parts to fix it. It seems the there were 3 dealers in the area that had the part but they were already designated for other pickups with the same problem. This being said I believe GM is aware of the problem and should take responsibility for the cost encured for repairs.


NOT RELIABLE - Do not buy

I bought my 2019 silverado trail boss new. I cannot emphasize enough NOT TO BUY THIS TRUCK OR GM. This truck immediately started to fall apart and have issues. GM does everything possible to not acknowledge issues. at 80k miles my oil cooler lines blew off and my engine blew entirely. This was a known issue and GM recalled the vehicle in canada and mexico but refuses to do so in the US. The transmission is going too and i've had to replace 2 belts. I will never as long as i live buy another GM or will anyone in my family. DO NOT BUY.


Will buy another Chevrolet but older.

I have owned Chevrolet for over 70 years but the newer they get the worse the Electricions get right now having trouble with the brakes only work when everything esle is working.


Stay away

Truck drove good for a little over 2 years, after that the oil cooler line blew twice, the 2nd time the engine needed to be replaced. After 6 months with a new engine the lifters needed to be replaced. After the lifters were replaced the service parking brake light came on and the truck wouldn’t engage into drive. This was supposedly due to a “software upgrade” and after it came on again a year later I said I’m done. I have never experienced anything like this with any new vehicle. I honestly felt safer in a 2008 cobalt. I tried to have it lemon law’d but GM said it didn’t qualify (which it did) I previously drove a 2016 ram and it never had any problems.


Transmission problems wore out in 60,000 MI

The transmission has never been correct since purchase brand new it shutters it shakes it shifts hard it slips and it gets hot it's only got 70,000 miles it's been taken care of but the transmission has always been far from par I would not recommend this truck to anyone I paid $53,000 for a truck that wouldn't even last 100,000 miles and Chevy will not cover the transmission I'm very unhappy with this truck should have bought a Ford



I took my Chevy Silverado in for a check engine light with no appointment and Melvin Thomas III greeted me and documented my concerns to have my vehicle inspected. Retrieved my vehicle the same day with all concerns addressed. I will definitely return to see my new advisor Mr. Melvin.


Led astray

Bought brand new for 50,000 dollars with defective 8 speed transmission wish I had bought 10 speed . Had it flushed with mobile tb19 na 121 ,not holding out much hope for fix or proper life of transmission . Probably am going to take a big hit . My 5th silverado probably my last


Don't Waste Your Time

Purchased a new 2019 Silverado Custom Crew Cab in Fall of 2019. Truck felt cheaper than my 2015 Colorado, but I wanted to get something a little bigger, and the Colorado was pushing 150K miles and started having issues with the transmission. This was the 4th Chevy I owned...my older trucks always were fine and would have wear and tear issues (150-200K miles, 15-20 years old), I traded in my 2019 at 33K miles, truck had way too many issues...really felt like Chevy 'phoned in' the design and just focused on making money rather than building a decent truck. Issues I had: 1. Tailgate is awful - the electric release wouldn't disengage the driver's side latch on the tailgate, making the bed of the truck useless. Several trips to the dealer to have them 'fix', but it always continued to happen (especially in the cold) 2. Infotainment froze up at least once a day. Some days it would restart on its own, other times it just went blank. Dealer couldn't fix, seems like a widespread issue. Cold weather meant no radio or backup camera. 3. Backup camera would blank out sometimes and not work. 4. Driver's seat and steering column had little to no adjustment, hard to see over the hood 5. Center console wasn't 'standard' for 2019 - it was just an arm rest with no storage (previous model years had storage). 6. AWD system - not a true 4wd with 2 speed transfer case - had to have the system 'reprogrammed' after I turned 4HI on and it caused an error. 7. Rear suspension squeaked whenever you went over a bump - dealer had a fix for this issue. 8. Front axle squealed - no idea what caused this, not related to a common 4wd issue, never had fixed, traded the truck in. 9. Leaking on the A-pillar - water leak went down A pillar, staining the headliner, soaking the airbags and then dripping over the fuse panel. (Dealer couldn't figure this repair out, traded in for a Tacoma after this)