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2011 Chrysler 300 consumer reviews

$27,170 starting MSRP
side view of 2011 300 Chrysler
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior 4.9
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value 4.8
  • Exterior 5.0
  • Reliability 4.7
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most comfortable car i own to this day

the car rides smooth, lots of front and rear leg room, lot of trunk space, great stereo system, this car was the most comfortable ride of anything I have ever drove.


Awesome car

It got me from point A to B. That all I need a car to do. The interior looks nice and slick. The exterior design is a mix of modern and classic which makes it look nice.





Best sleeper car you can own

Nothing sexier than a Chrysler 300 SRT no matter what year you get with great styling and amazing performance.


Best car I owed

Great car some problems but you can fix drives great best car I have owned good gas mileage besides on city streets good inside


We have owned many cars but none like this one

We have owned so many cars over the years our neighbors think we have a dealership but not so. We owned a 2008 300 from new which we loved but when I realized with its v6 it had an interference engine it kinda ruined it for us. We went to the dealership and saw this 300 limited with the new v6 which is not interference and fell in love with it and took it home. The gas mileage is actually better than est. near 20 around town and well over 30 at times for long dist. driving on the road and the car now in 2016 has got close to 40,000 still without any issues and it still looks as good as any new car out there and better than most. I don't think there is a comparable out there from the standpoint of style, comfort, and performance and fuel economy.


Nice Car

Chrysler 300 is sleek it drives smoothly and has many advantages features such as sunroof, leather seats, powered windows, excellent gas miliage


Top of the Class

Have been a Dodge-Chrysler fan for years, but was disappointed with the decline in quality of the vehicles in the last decade. But with the new version of the 300 and other models from the Chrysler design team, it is clear that the company is not only serious about quality, but is fighting to make its way to the top. The new 300 is an absolutely gorgeous car inside and out. The new styling speaks Chrysler with a thoroughly handsome look. The interior has as luxurious a feel as any expensive import, and is light years improved over the junk interiors of the 300C model years. This car is the ultimate cruiser. It glides over the road and is so quiet you care barely hear the horn. Like the old 300M, you can drive this car for hundreds of miles and feel like you have been sitting in your living room. It is that comfortable. I have always been partial to Dodge-Chrysler vehicles because of the way they command the road. They don't oversteer or understeer. You feel like you are truly in charge of the drive. The engine does its job and more. As you move the car to higher speeds, it feels like it is doing so with no effort at all. The infotainment system is great. The screen is big enough to manage without being a distraction from driving, and the menus are easy to find and to follow. The sound system is superb. While gas mileage could be better, that was solved with the 8-speed in 2012 and later models. But it is worth every drop. This car is as classy as it gets. The Chrysler 300 is the middle-class guy's dream sedan.


Still Simply Amazing!

This is an update to the review posted in February. We now have over 6K on the odometer and our Chrysler 300 is running like it just left the showroom. We love just about everything about this E-Class sedan. Smooth and extremely quiet ride, great on long road trips. Plenty of interior room and options well beyond most every other sedan in this price range. Great value for the dollar! I highly recommend the Chrysler 300 to anyone looking for a 4-door sedan that can compete with most every European luxury brand, but for significantly less!


No Need for Lexus or MBenz...........

Thanks Chrysler for the splendid 300............... Whit cars like these, who needs imported ones? Of course would buy a 300 again and again, it is awesome.