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1999 Chrysler Concorde consumer reviews

$21,740–$28,950 MSRP range
side view of 1999 Concorde Chrysler
75% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value 4.1
  • Exterior 4.0
  • Reliability 3.7
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The Concorde LXI

Actually have rebuilt this car from fuel injectors to transmission and belts threw wheels on and lots of love... Car now has 198000 mile , engine Is built in a way when the belts break it will safely stop running to prevent valves to bend...


Worst reliability in my experience.

I currently drive a Nissan. I have driven Fords, a jeep, and a 99 Chrysler Concorde. It was the only one that has given me any real trouble for repairs. There?s no dust cover for spark plugs. The battery sat next to the wheel well so you have to remove the wheel itself. There is no radiator cap. The trans had no drain bolt and had a brace attached to it, WHY??! The hydraulics holding up the trunk are too small for how big the trunk sheet plate is. The whole assembly isn?t aligned to the proper angle so the hydraulic lift acts as auxiliary, nope its the primary force trying to lift it up. Remember what I said about its size? I would say it?s mostly the angle of the trunk opening, but the disproportionate size adds insult to injury. The hood followed the same concept and it did not have a thin metal rod to hold it up like *any normal car*. All of the hydraulic lifts failed. I snapped the lift at the plastic base when it broke so it acted as the non-existent metal rod...hmmmmm! I replaced the two in the trunk which failed after 6 months, shortly after the warranty expired. The two easiest replacements apart from the oil, thank god, were spark plugs and a passenger mirror. My trans fluid replacement (Nissan) was a cakewalk compared to the Chrysler. I had to hire professional help at the time to get it replaced. I could do it myself now since I have more tools but it would still take me a lot longer. I recently found out the Germans owned the company at one point. Well no wonder it was an engineering disaster! The Germans are masters of over engineering if ever there was an award. My Ford engines were arranged differently than my current ride but almost no nonsense were built into them as well. I have to give it a four star for its seating, incredibly comfortable and made of genuine leather. It loses a star for electric powered seating, I prefer mechanical adjustment. If anything goes wrong it's much easier to fix and it adjusts quicker than a small electric motor. Pretty comical how slow it moved!


This is a very reliable car!

I have had extensive work done on this car to keep it in top running order!!! I have all the work orders for the work I've had done as ling as I've owened the car!!


Love it!

This is the 3rd (99-01) Concorde I have owned. The 1st I picked up with 60,000 on it. It now has 175,000 and still runs strong. The 2nd I bought with less than 80,000, now has 105,000 and is running great. The latest I just purchased was a one owner w/ clean car fax and less than 52,000 miles on it... I love the comfort, ride, STLYE and reliability of the Concorde. The trunk size is Epic and the gas milage is good considering it is a sizable car. Lots of legroom. I've been told the 2.7 engine can be troublesome so I have stuck w/ the "LXI" model with the 3.2... These are GREAT cars!


I love this car

I would buy this car again ,nice performance,lot of space. The 3.2 L have very strong engine and i do oil only once or twice year.


Amazing Product..!

Rarely have I used this word to describe ANY car but this machine is not only the best car I've ever owned (including Honda's) and frankly, I'm amazed at the overall performance of this platform. For a car this size its fuel consumption is better than some small cars, its performance is better than more expensive cars but above and beyond all, its low frontal area, low center of gravity and wide track make this one of the safest cars on the road. Mine has over 135k and the engine is quiet! No valve rattle or "clicks". But I have maintained this unit with the best oil and care. Auto trans is still original but I have replaced timing belt. A few weeks ago, this car saved my life!! Some wacko on a cellphone did a u turn on a freeway and impacted me midship at 75 mph.. I'm still alive, the car's doors safety features and massive center pillar, along with its stability at high speed saved me.. Wish they'd make this design again..!!!


buyer be ware

It was a design problem. But had it been better maintianed it might still be on the road today. There is a real in the oil delivery system, small ports and bad sending units.


Great, great car

I got a 1999 Lxi in 2001. Purchased for some $17,000 with 23,000 miles on board. Still have the car and still in love with it. Now I have 185,000 miles and runs as good as the day I got it. The only issues I had with it was AC compressor which gave in last year ($1,000 to replace) and the water pump (I think it cost me some $600). Other than that just regular oil change, transmission fluid, belt. Love the shape. One of the best, if not the best, design of a US car. Interior space is great. Best I have seen for a sedan. Seats very confortable and all leather.Trunk space is huge. Can't really reach all the way in the back. Getting +30 mpg on highway and a combined 25 mpg. Regular gas. Very responsive when you hit the gas and the very low profile makes it great for stability. Have also a Mercedes E320, but I have to say it, I favor driving this car. The only issue for me now is that front doors started to rust. I love this car so much that I am thinking to replace them and keep driving it. To bad they don't make this model anymore.


Reliable if took care of well 124,000 miles

Please use dealership A/C freon and fluids synthetic dealership fluids except window washer and motor oil fluids . Since these vehicles do not cost that much use dealership oil filter any major brand seni-synthetic or full synthetic oil 5W-30 which is on the dipstick . Do not use oil additive;use only Mopar dealer ATF 4 transmission oil only which is on the transmission dipstick and differential dealership fluid then enjoy the ride . Rating is for driveability only . Original A/C compressor, oil , water and power steering pump,alternator, starter,brake caliper all engine and transmission original parts . Watch out for A/C Cold/ Heat Defrost electronic control issues expensive to resolve . James


money pit!

The car is nice to look at, inside is spacious and clean, but the mechanics of the automobile will be your worst nightmare. This car is prone to major problems that lead to more major problems that lead to you becoming your mechanics best friend because your car is paying his mortgage! Just changing the battery is a hassle because it is located under the air filter (which, when replacing the battery,needs to be removed)and almost resting on the passenger side front wheel well. I would suggest you over look this car at the dealership to save yourself major headaches down the line and an empty wallet...