1992 LeBaron

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1992 Chrysler LeBaron

$2,201 - $6,661  MSRP Range

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Our Take on the 1992 Chrysler LeBaron

Life on the open road can be a blast, especially if open refers to the top half of the automobile.

It's the season for convertibles, and Chrysler Motors continues to serve the fresh-air segment of the market with its Chrysler LeBaron convertible.

Chrysler says its soft-top has been the world's best-selling convertible for the past 10 years, and the only domestic one designed and built from the ground up as a convertible.

The ride leaned toward the firm side, and this resulted in the body shake that is characteristic of convertibles. Also, when going fast with the top up, there is wind noise over the fabric.

The car is a four-seater, although five could be accommodated in an emergency. Chrysler... Read More