2009 Dodge Avenger consumer reviews

$20,515 starting MSRP
side view of 2009 Avenger Dodge
79% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.1
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Most reliable vehicle I've owned

Most reliable vehicle I've owned. Great first car for new drivers. Very safe equipped with front and side air bags. Annoying repeatitive beep until the drivers seat belt is on.


Dodge REVENGer!!

I am going to try to stay short and sweet and get straight to the point. -Bought the car used with about 30,000 miles on it and it was only a rental car beforehand -The first issue we ran into was that the transmission had to be replaced -The second issue we ran into was that the transmission had to be replaced again!! -The third issue we ran into was that engine was on it's last leg!! -Overall, I loved the car's exterior and interior style and in the beginning, I loved how it drove. It had great speed and handling skills on the road. But we NEED something more reliable and refuse to keep putting money into this car. My hubby and I believe that we just got a bad car out of this years release for 2009 Dodge Avengers. I don't know what else to say, other than I will probably go with a Toyota, Nissan, or Honda.


Not the best car

I have owned this car for three years and cant wait to get ride of it. its at 50,000 miles and has had 2 major broke downs. The first was at 20,000 miles when the coolant system thermostat melted and caused a leak in the coolant system. according to the manufacture they didnt know what happened and at 49,000 miles the electrical system shut off and stalled the car out while i was on the highway. apparently the the electric throttle control and a few other electrical system went haven't gotten the bill yet but it looks to be a lot. aside from those problem it down have good horse power and can get up and go. its not bad on gas and is comfortable to drive inand not a bad car fo rthe price


Great Car

I have had this car for about 3 years and I love this car. It is great on gas, fun to drive and very reliable. The style outside and in is great. I have only had to take it in for very simple fixes that were warranty covered anyways. Would definitely recommend this car.


Love Mmy Car

I love my car, it handles amazing, only down side is it takes awhile to speed up but once it gets to 60 or 70 it can keep up with anything. I use my car to drive between phoenix and tucson all the time. I've had it 2years with no issues at all except regular things like oil changes. Everyone who rides in my car loves it and comments on how smooth of a ride it is. I was in an accident in it about a month ago on the freeway, and thing handled like a champ up against that beast of truck, the safety award it got was well earned. No harm to me and the damage to car was minimal, just a small dent and a surface scratch that could be buffed. I love my car and i wouldnt trade it for the world.


Love My Avenger

I love the body style and the way the car handles. It is great on gas too. Glad I went with the Avenger.


After 40,000 miles

I reviewed this car soon after purchasing it and after 40k miles I have to say that I have been completely satisified with it's performance and value for the money. My experience with Chrysler products has been less than stellar over the years but with the Avenger, Chrysler's reputation has been, well, avenged. I have performed only routine maintenance on the vehicle because I have had zero problems. I now use this car for commuting 140 miles each day. Other than needing time to get up to speed, the 4 cyl performs quite well at 60 - 80 mph on the highway all the while giving a solid 30 mpg. The Avenger seats 5, 4 very very comfortably, and provides a good ride and handling. It's not a race car or a tank, it's just a good 4 door family sedan. My kids even prefer to drive this car over the Benz or the Honda, even to school! (Probably because of the radio)


great looking car

good car but could be better if the ride was just a little stiffer. the car tends to sway alot in corners. great on gas mileage with the 4 cyl. dodge could have put some money in the interior kinda of cheap but better than some others


Really very good car

I had European's car, Asian's car, this is my first American's car and it is the best. My Dodge has been made for European market - it has Germany VW Passat engine 2,0 Turbo Diesel, it tooks 6.5 l/100 km. All my family likes Dodge Avenger very much.


More than I expected

Having sworn off buying another Dodge 18 years ago we took a look at the Avenger following the strong recommendation from my father in law. The Chrysler lifetime engine/drive train warranty was what helped me overcome my concerns given my previous experience with Chrysler products. The Avenger surpased my expectations with regard to features and value. The SXT model and the options package that the dealer ordered on the car are exceptional in a vehicle of this price range. Safety, comfort and convienence, and performance with a 4 cyl variable valve timing engine are all much better than I would have thought. Although the hole-shot is not that great, the gas mileage is quite respectable with 25 city/combined and 34 Hwy. This gas mileage in a 4 door comfortable midsize sedan is fantastic. In addition, the vehicle is rated as a Partial Zero Emmisions Vehicle (PZEV). This means that the Avenger when running emits less total emmissions (pollution) than many 15 year old vehicles without the engine running - simply due to fuel evaporation from the tank in the older cars. Our other vehicle is a Honda, the second that we have owned. Honda's given their reputation for quality have been disappointing. With the Avenger have had no (zero) inital quality issues after 4000 miles. This in in itself demonstrates to me that Chrysler/Dodge have come a long way towards improving quality.