2002 Dodge Dakota consumer reviews

$15,160–$18,755 MSRP range
side view of 2002 Dakota Dodge
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.8
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1st truck bought new

We bought this truck with 40 miles on new. Still have it and just turned 130000 mile . Have had no real problems with it. Wish we would have bought the 4 doors for more room.


2002 SLT plus 4x4 Crew Cab 4.7 V8

I bought my truck new in 2002, Drove it till 2012 and it had 150000 mile on it. Traded it in on a full size truck. I loved it never had any problems. Great performance using it to tow my boat, other trucks, small tractor and hay. 4x4 worked great, perfect size truck. I already miss how easy it was to park and get around in. Would highly recommend buying. I needed a full size for how big my family got, plus we need a larger bed for all the canoe trips we take.


2002 Dodge Dakota SLT

Overall I like this Truck, and it rides very well, at times making me almost forget that I'm driving a Pickup Truck, not a car. The styling of this vehicle was very well though out, giving a big Truck appearance, and pleasing lines. Everything in the Interior well placed, Radio controls, HVAC controls, Lights, etc. The 4-Dr I have can comfortably seat 5-6 adults, and we joke about how people who ride in my Truck seem not to want to get out, since they are so comfortable. The 6ft Bed works out amazingly well, holding whatever I've needed to put back there. My only complaints, are the V-6 is a bit lacking in the off-the-line acceleration department, and it would appear that undercarriage rust inhibition hasn't gotten any better than when my 1960 Plymouth was built, maybe even a bit worse. Shortly after having gotten my Dakota, I had to spend about 20 hours under it, treating numerous areas where corrosion had begin to take hold, and doing so made me wonder what was the improvement in anti-corrosion technology Chrysler, and other manufacturers boast about. At the same age (ten years old), my 1960 Plymouth had far less corrosion of any kind on the undercarriage than my 2002 Dakota had when I first got it. My hope is that no major mechanical failures occur, and I can keep my Dakota for at least another ten years.


2002 Dakota R/T

Loved my truck since the first drive. Strong 5.9 motor. 154000 miles, no motor or transmission problems. The A/C is still cold and has no leaks of any kind. Handles well on the stock 17's. Only bad qualities are the poor fuel mileage,14-16 mpg, and the fading black paint. Of the 10+ cars I've owned, I've had the most fun in this one.



great truck. i have the 4.7 quad cab and its has good power along with a roomy interior. very very reliable as well, with 230,000 miles and not the first mechanical problem. only complaint is break wear. gas mileage is 17 mpg and handling is decent. great overall truck not too small not too big and packs alot of punch under the hood.


Another good dakota

I have now owned two dakota's and they have both been great trucks. Both trucks had the 3.9 liter, but still got me where i needed to go.


Good Truck!

This truck is the right size. Unless you absolutely have to have a bigger truck, give it a look. Good handling and good mileage. I get 22mpg on the highway with the V6 and 5 speed. 121,000 miles and it runs as well as a new one. Good job Dodge!


Dakota 4.7L V8 4dr- great!

a great truck! not too small but not too big, its a better size than most other 'compact' trucks. its got some great power, as i regularly pull a close to 4,000-lb boat with it and it does great. the interior is nice, offering comforts such as a built-in door opener and a decent sound system. handles wonderfully, especially for a truck. i found the box air cleaner dissatisfying so i replaced it with a k&n set, increasing HP and fuel efficiency. sounds great with flowmasters, too! overall, a great, neat mid-sized truck that stands up to rough duty and is reliable and comfortable to drive


Great simple truck

Dakota quad cab sport V6 2 wheel drive. Great street truck and part runner, I have tracked my gas mileage (I live in a suburb of DC) and I get 15-18 miles per gallon. Not alot of icing, just a solid, good looking simple truck. Best looking truck I've ever seen, big enough for my needs, small enough to be practical though sometimes it gets tight in the city. If I had to get a new truck, it would be a Dakota Quad Cab V8 only because the V6 lacks some power with the heavy quad cab. Never had any problems mechanically, I'm at 90,000 miles.


Excellent Truck

The 2WD Quad Cab Sport I have has been extremely reliable. The only gripe I have is the factory air filter box and plumbing to the intake. That is just a bad design, which I eliminated by installing a K&N kit. I am getting ready to replace the front brakes for the first time at 104,500 miles after 4 and 1/2 years. Rear brakes are still in great shape. The 4.7L V-8 has good power and decent fuel economy. The original Goodyear Eagle LS tires were horrible, being that two blew out the side walls. Thankfully both instances involved rear tires. But that isn't Dodge's issue.