2007 Dodge Nitro consumer reviews

$19,350–$21,010 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Nitro Dodge
72% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 3.9
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 3.7
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Many Issues

As I read these reviews, I realize that many of the hesitation issues I have, are the ones you are describing. After several returns to the dealer I have been informed it is possibly the catalytic converter. I have had problems with the wheels which they are replacing. After the first time it was returned to the dealership, the molding is coming off around the windows. My suggestion would be, if consumers are going to buy your products, you need to build it correctly the first time. I did not purchase a test vehicle, atleast that was not my intention.


In your face style and safety

We have 1500 miles on our loaded SLT 4x4, and have no complaints. It has heated leather seats (and side mirrors), u-connect hands free phone, satellite radio (368 watts), rear dvd center with 115v plug outlet, dimming rear view mirror, and load and go sliding rear. It has side curtain airbags, anti-rollover and ABS.Inside Computer can even check tire pressure. Ample power and smooth handling make for a fun ride. Definitely recommend it!!!


Got Nitro? If not, what are you waiting for?!!!

I LOVE my Nitro! The BOLD, In Your Face styling makes it really stand out in the boring SUV crowd. Engine has enough get up and go as long as you aren't unrealistic and expecting a sports car acceleration. Some negative reviews I've read seem to be expecting that....go figure?!! I find the interior appealing and think it will be easy to keep "new" looking. My only complaint so far are: There are no passenger and driver side handles that can be used when getting in or out of the vehicle. The optional running boards that I have on my Nitro seem to be a hindrance when getting in and out. I usually just end up stepping over them but hey they look COOL! Overall this is a GREAT suv with many options that won't break you at the bank. I HIGHLY recomend a NITRO if you are looking for this size vehicle.


Great Car After PT Cruiser

I purchased my Nitro R/T about 1 month ago and have no complaints (Sort of)! Shortly after purchase (1 week) I took "Napolean Nitro" on a road trip through MO to Branson. Had no problem except for a warning light (Electronic Throttle Control) Went to dealership, this was on a Saturday and they said bring back on Monday, said it wouldn't hurt to drive it and that it was probably bad fuel. Well drove it the weekend and all cleared up. Got 23 mpg on the trip, hills and all! Then noticed rattle in back on slow speeds and idle. Found it to be items I stored in well under load and go shelf. Really great car and so pleased to have traded my PT Cruiser for it!!!


I Don't like the shifting or lack of shifting

I've had my Nitro for a month and I've been back to the dealer twice with a shaking form the trans. It dosn't like to downshift on hills and tends to bog during low speed acceleration. I live in an area with alot of hills and this trans bogging and shaking is driving me crazy. The suspension is weaker than I expected and on a twisty hilly road it tends to lean alot more than my last truck. I also notice alot of nose dive during braking. I have the SXT maybe the RT will have a better setup.


Next time I'll wait a year

This is the first and last time I buy a first year run of any american made truck. My Nitro has been back to the dealer 3 times since I bougt it in Dec. First it was flooding the passenger side floor. That was an easy fix some plug needed to be removed. Then the power inverter for the plug in the armrest quit. That was a loose wire. Now the thing is lke a bucking bronco at speeds between 35-50 Mph when I try to speed up. The engine was reprogramed but it still doing it. The dealer can't seem to get this one narrowed down to the cause. Next time I'll wait for the bugs to get worked out.


Wouldn't buy it again.

I drive in alot of traffic and my Nitro has a problem with something in the drive system at speed between 35-45 MPH. It bogs and studders when accelerating at those speeds. The interior quality is teribble. The E-brake boot is comming off and the plastic mold for the dash has discolorations in the pattern. Granted its the first american made car I've owned in 10 year and now I remember why.





Mine is a Lemon

I've had my Nitro for a little ove a month and it's been bak to the shop twice already and it's about to go back again. It seems to have a problem with the programing in the engine or something else in the drive system. Mine is a 4x2 with the 3.6 and it has a problem between 35 and 45 MPH where it vibrates the whole truck if you try to accelerate. It feels as if you were driving a standard trans car and you needed to down shift. The transmission won't down shift and the engine is turnning anout 1500 RPMs. I hope the dealership gets it fixed this time or it's the third strike and Dodge will be getting a letter from me.



I bought my Notro as we now call it on Nov 11th. On Nov 13th it was back at the dealership for an A/C drain line flooding the passenger side floor. I got it back on Nov 17th and it was back at the dealership by the 30th for the same problem. I was told by the service person that it was residule water that had worked its way out of the padding. No I watched it drip out of the joint for the duct that runs behind the center console and run down the tunnel. While it was there the computer was re-programed for a hesitation problem it was having in traffic. On Dec 7th I got it back dry and re-programed. Then i noticed some dealership induced problems. There is now a dent in the drivers side door sill and the power outlet at the rear of the center console is now inop. This has been the worst car puchase I've ever made.