2018 FIAT 124 Spider consumer reviews

$24,995 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 124 Spider FIAT
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 5.0
  • Reliability 4.5
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I recommend with reservations.

Actually I wouldn't recommend this car as a daily driver. But as a fun Toy I would. It's impractical, if it needs repair expect awhile to get fixed. However you don't see many on the road, in the past four years I've only seen one other. Nobody really knows what it is, other than it says Fiat. Most people think it costs way more than it does. It's at least as fun to drive as a Miata. I have the Lusso model which means heated leather seats, here in Wisconsin that extends the driving season with the top down.


Best Sports Car for the Money Hands Down!

I've had my Classica for over 3 years and 23,000 miles. It's very fast, compared to similar sports cars(do NOT compare it to a V-8 Mustang or Challenger, or Camero like some magazines do-get real!). I had a Miata years ago and drove a new one before I drove the Spider. No comparrison in handling or performance. When the turbo kicks in, you're off and running. I'd NOT buy one with automatic, however, turbos and automatics are a PIA. Yes, it's tight if you're over weight or too tall. The 6 speed manual is a dream and it corners like a B-outa-H! The styling is awesome and the top goes up and down like a dream. Yes, you can spend more money for a more expensive sports car, but why?? Fiat finally got things right!


Super fun!!!

Very speedy. Really fun to drive in the auto-manual mode. You truly can not be in a bad mood when driving this car, makes me smile everytime!


This is my first convertible.

This car handles nicely . Very responsive. Reasonable quiet with top up. Really nice sound system. It’s a sharp looking roadster and keeps up nicely on a 70 mph highway. Smile in every mile.


Dream car for 20 years delivers

I first fell in love with the Fiat Spider when I was 16 but thankfully didn't purchase one before I matured as a driver. 20 years later, I was thrilled to learn the 124-spider was back in production and I have enjoyed experience of driving the Abarth. It gets consistent compliments and appreciative looks from strangers.


Brexit ! from 124Spider.org......Brexit Mods

I wrote an earlier review after a short ownership period having since modded the vehicle to suit me because though initially it was all good I felt that the car floated a little, understeered a little and found brakes weak so I rated it too highly, however........Now, it is "The Dogs....." I have added performance air filter, Diverter Valve + to Turbo, Maxfire Coil Packs, EBC Yellowstuff brake pads, ibach coil springs and Good-Win dual tip exhaust that burbles as it should.


Most unreliable car I have ever owned

Since owning this car March 2018 it has suffered a Lambda Sensor failure, a head gasket failure and is currently having the engine replaced, although Fiat can't actually tell me when the parts will be available. The car has been with the dealer for 3 months and counting and Fiat refuse to provide any vehicle in the interim. Shocking customer service from all concerned from Fiat, Main Dealer and Leasys the finance company who I hasten to add still want paying evry month for the car we don't have!


Well worth the money so far.

This car takes me back to the days of my Triumph Spitfire and Rootes Sunbeam Alpine. There’s nothing like an open roadster on a sunny day!


Fiat should get rid of this dealer

The reason for my purchase was that we had four Mazda Miatas. The Fiat is part mazda and it feels very comfortable, good handling and the ride is great.


The BEST KEPT SECRET on the market

Absolutely LOVE my Fiat 124 Spider Abarth! I test drove both the Fiat Spider and the Mazda Miata: the Fiat won me over with superior styling, better engine sound, more comfortable and competent handling. The turbo kick of the little 1.4 and great fuel economy only add to the fun. Japanese quality with Italian passion and emotion provide the perfect combination.