2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid consumer reviews

$24,170 starting MSRP
side view of 2015 C-Max Hybrid Ford
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.9
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.8
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Great experience for our first hybrid

Before purchasing the C-Max, we drove a Prius V. We found that the Prius V had decent acceleration at speeds below 55, but at highway speeds, the acceleration was very lacking. Then, I test drove the C-Max. I found that highway speed acceleration was as good or better than a regular gas car, and that we could gain better mpg's in the city. At that time, the Toyota was off the table at several thousand more dollars than the Ford. The Ford C-Max provides great features for the price, but just a little less more room than the Prius V. Also, we will probably sacrifice a little fewer mpg's than the Prius. That's totally fine for me, because we're still going from 17 mpg to at least 37 mpg. My friends that ride in the C-Max comment on how it is very comfortable and quiet! Some of them comment on how it is too quiet, because they're not used the engine not running at idle. And that brings me to my next point: the transition from electric motor to the 2.0 engine is usually seamless. The only time I notice is when the engine starts immediately when I lift my foot from the brake, or when it starts when at idle because the battery is low. The bottom line is that I love driving the C-Max because of the sportier feel, the great MPG's, and the fact that I don't have to sacrifice just because it's a hybrid vehicle! Disclaimer: I've been a Ford fan for 30+ years!


Love the C Max

I have only had it a couple of weeks, but really love the way it drives. It's very comfortable and accelerates quickly. So amazing with gas mileage combined as of now 45mpg. Only thing I would change is that the SE should have Sirius satellite as a standard option. Dealership told me it had it and has the book for it but no satellite radio.


Great Vehicle

I bought my My 2015 C-Max new just over four months ago, and since I relied on public forums to find real opinions and mileage results of real users, and in the process allay my fears about the dead 12V battery issue that plagued the vehicle in the early release phase (i.e. 2013), I want to contribute my two cents and say that after these four months, I think this is pretty darn close to the perfect vehicle for me. Gas mileage and family set my search constraints. My criteria in the search for my next vehicle was that it had to be a four door, and average at least 40MPG. The spec's for the C-Max compare very well on all parameters of importance to me. MPG: it's listed in the 40-42 range. Horsepower to weight ratio: right up there with my wife's Accord. Torque to weight ratio: again, right up there with the Accord. Headroom: check-plus. C-Max has 2" more headroom than any other vehicle I was considering. (I'm 6'3".) Cargo room behind the seats and with seats folded down (flat even): better than my hatchbacks! The C-Max comes out very well when compared to all the other vehicles I was considering. Things I like about this vehicle: MPG (goes without saying) - I expected that I would have to get a much smaller, less comfortable, less versatile vehicle to achieve the 46 MPG that this gets, but not so! This vehicle is consistently giving me 46 MPG. I do not understand how it gets rated at 42/37. This MPG rating number has been a big (and costly) issue for Ford. So I get it that they can't and don't want to over-rate it, but those low numbers were one of the main reasons I did not spot the C-Max in my initial searches for suitable vehicles. (It shows up in position 72 out of 78 at one website when searching for cars over 40 mpg.) Power when you need it - there is no compromise on power for the very good MPG performance. When you need to move quickly on the highway, this will move. (?and I have only pushed the pedal about 2/3 to 3/4 of way down!) Also the torque at startup from a dead stop is very very nice. That's the benefit from the electric motor, and is common to the hybrid and electric designs. Smooth and quiet ride - It has a nice smooth and very quiet ride. It's not a sloshy suspension that makes me seasick like some big American cars, and it's not a "water on a hot skillet" tight ride like my Civic hatchback. It's just very stable and smooth. I drove it on some winding mountain roads on one trip, and I could swear it handled better and rolled less than my little Civic hatchback. Spacious comfortable Interior - I never felt bad in my hatchback, but after being in the C-Max for a while, I feel like I'm in a submarine when I get into my hatchback again. C-Max has great headroom. For me that's a welcome relief after years bending my neck sideways. Cargo room, seats up and seats down - roomy enough because it has more volume than my hatchback, but I have a comment on this later as well. Fold down flat rear seats - 60/40 split provides even more cargo room even while daughter is in the back. I can fold one seat down next to her. Safety systems - taken a bit for granted these days, but I appreciate the potential of the safety improvements of this vehicle as I'm getting older, and this vehicle seems to be well rated. Simple Systems - I bought the SE level vehicle because I'm a "keep it simple" kind of person who appreciates the added reliability of manual this and that. As a driver, I don?t want a touch screen, so I liked the simple buttons and knobs of the radio system. Having said that, my wife loves the Blue-Tooth interface to her cell phone and the hands free sound quality in the car. It's quite good. I also appreciate the 1/8" audio input jack in the center arm rest for those old fashioned sound devices. Comfortable Seats - I don't want motorized seat adjustments, thanks. The SE comes with manual seat adjustments, quick and simple, but lacks a lumbar adjustment. The seat was a bit too curved in the lower and mid-back regions for a tall guy like me, but I fixed this easily by having a local seamstress make a 1" thick cushion which hangs from the headrests to fill in that space, and it's very comfy now. Overall: I'm _very_ impressed with this vehicle!


A Great Hybrid

We bought a 2013 C-Max Hybrid SE. First off get 43 city/40 hwy mpg. Pros: The power is worlds better than the Prius or Civic Hybrid and feels effortless. I love that the C-Max feels solid and substantial. I've really love with the huge open cabin and hatchback flexibility. Cons: MyFordTouch does everything, 2 phones, 2 ipods, navigation, but it did freeze up and needed to be rebooted 4 times in 2 years. The cloth seats don't have adjustable lumbar and become tiring on long trips. I would definitely buy another C-Max Hybrid but I would make sure I bought the SEL with the better leather seats.


Great Car and Great Experience!

From the moment we stepped on the lot Joe was very helpful and friendly. The process was very easy and it went a lot smoother than expected. Joe helped us find exactly what we were looking for and we walked away with a brand new 2015 Ford C-Max. The car is great and was everything I was looking for. Very comfortable and great features with great gas mileage. The staff was very professional and welcoming. We are very glad we chose Klaben and we will definitely be returning for our next car.