1997 Contour

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1997 Ford Contour

$3,995 - $3,995  MSRP Range

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Our Take on the 1997 Ford Contour

All cars have an emotional component, but some are harder to define than others. Not so Ford's SVT Contour. It may be American, but it drives like a European sports sedan.

This mid-size four-door from Ford's motoring boutique beckons with a sweet-revving V6, delightful gearchange and the character of a European sports sedan. And it does so with a base price of $22,900, thousands less than its competitors from BMW and Audi.

Earlier this year I drove an SVT for part of a day and was captivated by its over-the-road skills during a banzai trip through the vast nothingness of Death Valley. But what's it like in the real world of work commutes and trips to the grocery? Since it is built... Read More