2003 Ford Crown Victoria consumer reviews

$23,705–$31,310 MSRP range
side view of 2003 Crown Victoria Ford
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.2
  • Reliability 4.5
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Most Reliable Car I've Owned

Great comfort, modern utility and features. Huge trunk, spacious back seat. Great for towing, now torquey V8. Fuel economy isn't terrible, and the drivetrain will never die.


2003 P71 - Favorite, most reliable car I've owned

I picked up my Crown Vic from a police auction about 8 months ago for $4,000 and have already taken the millage from 102k to 140k between work and travel. This car is my daily driver and I absolutely love it. As a highway patrol car mine was seriously abused in a previous life but this thing is tough and is still in great condition, all things considered. I took an 8,000 mile trip around the country with only minor issues. An aging battery finally gave out and the idler pulley locked up and needed replaced, but otherwise the trip was extremely comfortable and enjoyable in this car. I've never had another car you can drive all day long and walk away with your back in the same condition as when you first started the engine. I average about 22 mpg combined driving and 26 mpg on long trips with the cruise set at 80'ish. The Crown Vic can really get up and go for such a big heavy car. It's not the fastest car on the road but it's more than adequate for just about any situation but the drag strip. The police version will top out at about 132 mph and will comfortably cruise well over 100 if you let it. It's very easy to work on yourself. There is plenty of space around everything under the hood to reach whatever you need to. I'm not a mechanic by any means and I have been able to replace spark plugs, a thermostat, the lighting control module, the belt, the brake pads and rotors, the headlights (I can't stand old hazy headlights, had to get new shiny ones), and upgraded to a K&N air intake all myself with no trouble at all and no need for special tools. This is not a car you need to take to the dealer for every little thing that goes wrong. Parts are cheap and plentiful given how many of these things are on the road. The suspension is very smooth and comfortable under ordinary driving and tough enough to really bite in to corners when handling aggressively. The police version is very slightly rougher than the civilian model and is extremely tough. On a lift the brakes and springs look like those on a truck. The car looks slightly outdated inside and out but personally I find it classy looking. There's a reason Ford produced a car with very few changes from 98-2011. And there's a reason this car has been a staple of police and taxi fleets across the country for years. They found a nice balance of performance and longevity with the Crown Victoria but alas the car has been replaced by smaller v6's that do the work of yesterday's v8 and more. To me there's just something about a big American V8 that just can't be replaced. I would recommend the Crown Victoria to anyone. They are very tough, reliable, comfortable cars with easy and cheap repairs and great mpg's for such a big V8 sedan. The police version is stripped down on the interior compared to the LX or even the base but is still a wonderful car. If you do find yourself looking at a police model many of them are still great cars with plenty of life left, but be picky and be aware they have probably been thoroughly abused but probably also well maintained.


about this car:

i would suggest a 2000 crown victoria to this one. even though its an older car its better comfort performance styling and reliability. I'm not saying that this particular car isnt the best that it can be im sure the car owner takes well care of there car. im just saying look more for 2000s they usualy cost $8,000-$9,000 but i found one on her for $7,260 or best offer! ok thanks for reading! Also i hope this helped!!


2003 P-51 Crown Victoria

Most used police cars are worn out, but not this one!! One owner Fire Chief scheme, 67k miles for $5k. This one was not stripped down, only removed decals and drove. So far racked up 16k miles in 3 months for work. Average MPG 20-22 and loves to run 70+ MPH all day long over Texas. It's the greatest car for long hauls.


Crown Vic '03 thru end - Proven Platform

Last of Ford's rear wheel driven V8's? Ok so she's getting a bit long in the tooth, but we've driven our '03 to 140+k miles with little problem. Besides tires and oil changes we have had only two real repairs. The vaccum switch controlling the vent selector failed at 120k and the electric radiator fan dropped out at 140k. We picked the car up as an off-lease in '03 with 21k miles for $14,250. Still goes round & round, gets 23.5mpg combined town & highway and is a 4.6L V-8. 4WD SUV she is not, but traction control helps. Any real snow, we stay home or take our Explorer. Great ride, we have the LX model with leather seating. I understand this to be built on the same platform as the Lincoln Town car. Our next car, maybe another off-lease Crown Vic or a Fusion Hybrid?


Nice and easy stressless commuter car

I recently bought a low mileage Ford Crown Victoria for daily commute. I had never really considered this as a primary car or a car to take my family around in. I always knew this was a huge car. I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice and easy it is to drive for every day commuting. The factory Stereo was very basic and I upgraded that to a much fancier bluetooth enabled one. The factory speakers have done well so far. I am not too impressed by the acceleration. I feel there are many faster and more nimble cars out on the market. Just the loud (high revving) when I floor the gas pedal, makes me feel like I am punishing the car by trying to accelerate quickly. I have been pleasantly surprised that I get 21 mpg or better in combined City / Highway driving. I do not know how many other large 8 cylinder cars can do this or better. All in all it is a nice, easy to drive commuter car and I like it.


Excellent Performance

I bought this car used in May of 2010. Response time in transmission is amazing. No hesitation at all, step on the gas and you're gone. Pretty looking car and very comfortable. The only things I don't like about it is the head rest makes it difficult to see backing up look out rear window. Not a lot of leg room in the back either. Other than that I love car.


very reliable

I have had few of them &iloved every one of them,they strong,tough,reliable&durable.They get five stars crash testing.one of the good features is the huge trunk space.


I love my vic

Reliable as they come, averaging 25 mpg around town (granted a small town) and upwards of 30 mpg on the interstate if I obey the speed limits. This car is a pleasure to drive, my only complaint is it was not available in a station wagon.


A great buy and reliable for the money.

My 2003 Crown Victoria is absolutely a great all around car. The seats are comfortable and the ride is very good. I can usually get 26-28mpg on the highway. Its great for long trips. I have had no problems with it so far and I've owned it since it was new. The price was very fair as most comparable cars were priced higher.