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2021 Ford EcoSport consumer reviews

$20,395–$21,990 MSRP range
side view of 2021 EcoSport Ford
66% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior 4.1
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value 3.8
  • Exterior 4.1
  • Reliability 4.0
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It’s a bad don’t buy car it

I buy a 2021 ford ecosports then when got to 68718 miles then the engine oil pressure came on the the dash of the car and the one warranty that come with car was over at 60k but when I was looking line find out there a recall on this car for engine oil pressure.the call the ford recall abt this find out that the part won’t be available intill April or June 2024 I had it tow to dealership find out it need another engine for it and will cost abt 10k to get it fix will I don’t have 10k or be qualify for any finances help . On paper I got from ford saying it might engine seize well my engine is bad so I don’t understand I need wait so long To get fixed don’t understand why ford don’t have less 100k warranty that came with car with paying more out the pocket for more warranty I need get this car fix I got kids and I work ever day now my car sit at the dealership I guess intill the notice come out for the recall then deal ship they don’t have any loaner for me to used and don’t have money for rental car intill the notice comes out get so this silly I get new that only last abt 69k that’s dumb ,. I don’t who else need write abt this problem ,.so anyone know any emails to write abt this post .. I can’t wait that long for the notice I need the car now for my family


Not impressed

I have had issues. The radio don’t always come on for a bit. Had to have the heater fan or something replaced it still lags sometimes. The speakers crack I believe do to the electric issues I heard them crackle on day. I started out like it but first had to have the fuel pump or something replaced I was using the e gas it says and it ended up messing up the fuel system.


A real blast to drive...

My mom had a kid pull out in front of her Taurus and they totaled it, so She asked me to find a car. Found the Ecosport as a used car at a good price. Dealer installed Factory style leather seat covers in place of the cloth. Ma got to drive it twice and it was passed to me. I'm glad I picked it. Tests show 0-60 in 10-11 seconds with the little 3 cylinder. I made it in 12 but going a little up hill. It has enough pep for running around but gets fantastic mileage. I teased my wife when I fill up for $23 and get 300+ miles and she fills her jeep for $60 and shows 285 miles. I traded from a lifted 2 door jeep to the Ecosport and I am happy driving it. I upgraded the radio from the 4" to the 8" with nav. Great choice...A great little fun driver. I got in the back seat to see if the reviews were right and I had plenty of leg room for a small car. I'm 5'11" and 200# but everything fits well. I like the fact that I don't have to crawl in like my sons Subaawoo. I get in and out with ease due to the tall stance. I'm planning to put on All Terrain tires when the time comes.


A good little car

Great little commuter. 5000 miles so far no problems. Just a cute little car and especially great for around town. Gas mileage on highway is about 35mpg for me with cruise control. I really like the little car.


Done with Ford!!!

This car is an over priced tin can on wheels!!! Ford should be ashamed to sell a so-called American car that was manufactured in India!!! I have bought and driven many Fords in the past and from the same dealership but I wouldn't by a skateboard from these shysters after this nightmare experience!!!


Safe in wrecks or accidents

I was in a wreck today man hit me as I almost sat still hit me going utleast 30 into passenger side the car was amazing to hold the power of impack of the other car I was only hurt by air bags and seatbelt the airbags open all around me I felt relieved to see that and once outside the impact could had been way worse. It was a large 4 door charger so it stands up very well in being safe in wrecks but if totaled my car out


Small Car

I love the driving on the Hiway but I DON'T like that it doesn't have a Spare tire to change. And when it's a 2021 Ford the Steering Knuckle shouldn't be going out so soon. I had better not get charged since it's still under warranty. Other than that the car runs great in 4 wheel drive.


$30,000.00 for a EcoSport is a crime.

I needed a car small enough to fit into my garage with room to walk around it. It is perfect for that. Ride is ruff, KIA get better gas mileage and the Dealer in Spring Hill Flammer Ford overcharged me for the car!


Bad car purchased.

Not the car for the price paid. One month and the electrical system is not operating.I don't like the back opening,when my garage is closed I can't get into the back to retrive groceries. The gas mileage is not what is expected of a small auto.I AM NOT KEEPING THIS CAR !!!! I am truly upset by my decision to purchase this car. I was pleased with my Explorer and relied on Ford product but this is the pitts. Good by Ford for me!


Built in India

I Had a 2021 that the transaxle had to be replaced at 13,000 miles the overall performance was a lack of acceleration when pulling away from stoplights and merging onto highways