2008 Ford Edge consumer reviews

$25,735–$27,485 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Edge Ford
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.4
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Descent used vehicle to own.

Interior is spacious and sits well above the ground. Does not feel as large as an SUV. I own an AWD version SEL and it performs well. At about 90,000 miles so will see how it performs after the 100K mark.


has major engine issues

This car has great potential but Ford has a big flaw in the design of the 3.5 L engine that goes inside of these vehicles they are non reliable due to mechanical issues designed by engineers too many mechanical problems and performance issues with transmission I do not recommend this vehicle to anyone not even my worst enemy


Great Car

I truly Love the panoramic moon roof, heated leather seats, back up camera, great audio system, vision all around and the style. I Couldn't be happier!


Toughest car i've ever own

This car is one my best decision i have made in my life. It is very convenient for driving, you will not feel like you are driving in a road.


Not reliable anymore. Water pump went and engine

Why in god's name would you do such a STUPID thing as put the water pump in the engine??? Now I have no vehicle and so loved my 2008 Edge. To put out $4000 to fix,is going to break my cash flow. I still have a loan on it and am now stuck with it in my driveway until I can save the money to fix!! A few weeks ago I had thought about trading it for a newer model but, now I'm screwed..😥😥 I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER FORD EDGE knowing what I know now.. I am so disgusted, pissed off and totally upset.. Loved my Ford Edge!! Thanks alot..


A really good car for a new family

We started out with a 2 seater l, but when we got our Ford Edge SEL it helped with our new family tremendously. I highly recommend it


Problem car from day one

Been a problem car very unhappy with the reliability. Engine was rebuilt Has a stalling problem ford dealer has not been able to solve even after several attempts.


The Edge was the best car I will have ever owned.

My mother bought the 2008 Ford Edge in 2010. Today we are in 2019. Best car I have driven. Firs car I have driven. I took this car to work, school, everything. Never broke down no matter how bad i treated it. I took it through the bumpiest rodes and nastiest weather. the edge was tooken up to North Dakota and back to Texas multiple times. the car has the strongest steel. This car showed me what "Ford Tough" meant. Somewhat economical for a SUV. The reason i am posting this is because about 2 weeks ago a huge buck ran infront of me the night i was driving it. I was going 70mph. the side mirror came off and the front right side of the bumper was dented. However, you would expect for me to feel a horrible impact, but the edge did not let that happen, I barely felt impact when hitting the male deer. The edge was still working and moving but the radiator was it so I stopped so I wont over heat the engine. However, the insurance totaled it. They offered my parents $8,000 for an 11 year old cross-over SUV with more than 200,000 miles put into it. I wasnt suprised for the experience this vehicle gave me i expected it would be valuable. However, I have to move on and find another vehicle. We have 3 other vehicles way newer than the edge, and they would always break down even though we do not take them on harsh condition enviroments, but the Edge was never a problem no matter the climate. All I can say as I break down in tears: the best moments I ever had in a car was inside the Edge. I am going to miss it and I promise you I will never find a car as reliable as the Edge. So would i recommend this car to a friend? I gurantee you I will! So if you want to get more out of you money; the Edge will make a hug positive impact in your life.


Exceeded my expectations in a small SUV

The Edge handles well, it has a much cabin space as my mother n law's 2010 Explorer, but my Edge has a more sporty look and has all the add ons. It has a panoramic sunroof and premium sound system. I am just so please with my purchase and the dealership. Thanj you Cars.com for providing a link between customers and the perfect vehicle without having to drive to several different delerships.


Exactly what we need and want

Very sporty and elegant at the same time. Has everything on it that we want an automobile . Rides very smooth and has good pickup and go.