2005 Ford Escape Hybrid consumer reviews

$26,830–$28,455 MSRP range
side view of 2005 Escape Hybrid Ford
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 3.8
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.3
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I love the hybrid best car I ever drove

Best xxxx car I ever drove bought it with 120000miles on it put 60000 plus miles on it in one year other than normal high mileage issues like a wheel bearing and brakes I have done no maintenance to it. I love it so much I bought another one! Here lies the rub this one has 99000 on it and had a rod knock I dropped the oil pan and it was good thing I did! 2 rodbearings where totally gone and it ain't the first time! The bearing caps are numbered so the lower end been done before! And ford says no recalls or no warranty maintenance had been done !and there is 5 outstanding never addressed recalls on this particular vehicle since there was only 13000 made in find that hard to believe and the success vs complaints would smell to high heaven if they took into account the number built in 8 years is only 125,000 or so! Compared to the non hybrid wich was 125000 a year! Do the math ford should


Good car for be a ford

I am happy with it, 257,000 miles on it drives very good I put 300 weekly and not problems very small tank 23 bucks a week but if I drive over 70 miles for hour my tank empty quick, very good on snow.


More than met my expectations

Terrific. Bought it used 2013 w/ 182,000 miles. Figured I'd keep it a year or two. I liked it so much I still have it at 220,000 miles. I do some part-time landscaping and love the cargo volume. It swallows my lawnmower, shovels, rakes, and my smaller wheelbarrow and job supplies, with room to spare. I picked up a cigarette lighter blue tooth device now I get to listen to Pandora and talk hands free. As other reviewers noted I have rust in the left wheel well. Also some tailgate rust - water had been getting in through one of the back up lamps. One of the nice things I've noticed on mine and other 2003-2005 Escapes is the quality of the silver paint finish. This spring I'll do the repairs or buy a used tailgate. Outside of. routine maintenance, I've spent $5,700 in repairs over 5.5 years that included $800 on a nice set of tires. That's below what I expected for a high mileage car. The engine is quieter than my wife's 2008 Prius and amazingly has near factory compression. Average mpg is 23 to 26 depending on the season and driving. If you're looking for a reliable inexpensive SUV to buy, my 2005 hybrid escape is not for sale.


I enjoyed this car.

Ford created an interesting fuel efficient system. Great mileage and good pick up in speed. I enjoyed this car and would recommend it to anyone considering a purchase..


Very economical AWD ... great run-about!

I bought our low KM 2005 Hybrid AWD Escape in 2016, 2 years ago , for $4500. It's summer 2018 now and it runs like a champ. With all-season radials it averages 8.2litres per 100 km, and increases to 9.2 with snows in winter driving. We were lucky it had no rust, just a few scratches' n such, and keep it undercoated now. Total kms at present about 165,000. We do mostly country driving, on secondary highways and in town, but it runs just fine on 4 lane highways into Toronto etc., at 120km/hr, and has decent acceleration for passing when the hybrid kicks in, almost like a 'turbo'. Very pleased.


pretty decent

well im a first time car buyer and used. ive always loved the escape, mainly from '05 to '07. so i figured id buy the hybrid model, it is pretty decent. being fords first hybrid and the first hybrid suv. very reliable, had it for about two months now, close to 108,500 miles, no problems yet. its rated at 28 city, 26 hwy, 27 combined. it is the awd model. i average about 25, so the mpg is some what poor in my book. ive replaced the fuel filter, maintain the right tire psi and cant seem to improve. but ive read alot of reviews of people have about the same mpg. other than that soild vehicle.


Escaped to an SUV

Was leasing a Toyota Prius (which I thought was also a great car) and wanted an SUV. Did research on Escape Hybrids and found all of the reviews to be true-this is a great little SUV! I am getting 28-31 mpg. Nice ride, fairly quiet. Really enjoying it.


Overpriced SUV

My car was really nice when I baught it. Within a month my sunroof shorted out, the seals on my sunroof went bad, and I have had to put it in the shop three times in the first two months. When I purchased my car it came with a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty and the dealer voided my warranty when I came to them about my sunroof four days after I purchased my car.


nice ride

Does all I could exspect Nice ride Low maintenance for a SUV It is simple to maintain, brake last long time due to regenerative braking Engine has the punch on the highway Goes good with four wheel disk brakes Heard good thing about the four wheel drive Can not wait for a little snow Best car I own


Great vehicle

I bought this vehicle used. It is a wonderful vehicle. I live in Anchorage and with the proper tires, it is perfect in winter. Mileage is lower (22-24 mpg) in the arctic cold (the fan/heater needs to run). The spring/summer/fall it gets about 35 mpg. Great acceleration, maneuvers well for a SUV. Long road trips across Alaska are great and safe. You can sleep in the back if needed. It has fairly low miles (58,000) with no maintenance issues in the past nor evident on the horizon. I think it may be one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned.