2021 Ford F-350 consumer reviews

$35,745–$40,035 MSRP range
side view of 2021 F-350 Ford
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.3
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 4.2
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.5
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Heavy Duty Truck

The F350 Super Duty crew cab can handle just about anything you need it to do. The ride is a little stiff - but hey it's a truck! Turning radius is a little wide - but hey it's a truck! 4wd works great, multiple transmission drive modes will handle most any terrain you'll be on. It'll handle heavy loads in short bed without a problem. Don't expect high MPG - hey it's a heavy truck, so plan for the fuel expense.


mechanics point of view

i own a shop and not even the dealer can fix these things, they send them to me. computor problems up the wazoo. engines only go mabe 150,000 without major repairs. im getting the 2017 models in already, no warrenty. just had to give bad news to two owners this week that they need a new engine or the computors are no longer availible.


What a Beast, the 7.3L gas engine is Awesome!

Lets face it, no one buys a 1 ton truck for good gas mileage but it actually gets better than 14MPG on the highway "not towing" I was a little reluctant buying a gasser over the diesel for towing my 5th wheel, but so far it has performed very well. 6% grades are no issue pulling <12k lbs. The ride is amazing loaded and unloaded and doesn't rattle my teeth out driving around town like my old 2500HD.


Great truck for our business

Great vehicle lots of room, and lots of power for pulling our trailers, and I hope it will last me a very long time, this is my 4th ford truck all have been f250 gas, this is my 1st f350 diesel


First new diesel truck I have owned

Looking forward to towing with my new truck. Needed more towing power. Think I have it with the 6.7 power stroke. Great fuel mileage too.


So far, so good

Great running truck, love to drive it. Just took a long road trip so after several hours of sitting, the seats become uncomfortable. Seems to bounce alot with bumps in the road. My cell phone slides off the shallow area near the cup holders and the area on the dash board gets too hot to keep it there. No mirror on the visor. Nice step into the bed of the truck (extra add on)- but feels less sturdy than I would have liked.


Drives like a dream, purrs like a kitten!

Can not say enough of how nice this truck is to drive. Seat is so comfortable I feel as if I am in a high end SUV instead of an 8' bed F350 Truck. Styling is beautiful definitely has an understated beauty. Tows like the 17,000lb fifth wheel isn't even behind it. The diesel engine is so quite with just a low purr I don't get the attention for being loud, but looking good!!


A Great Truck

Want power? Want luxury? Here it is. 2021 Ford F-350 Platinum. A loaded beauty. This is a smooth everyday driver. Got the FX model that has the off-road suspension to soak up those bumps. Works great. The 350 is probably the most useful of the F series to buy if you will ever tow. It will have the payload you will need. And lastly, the mileage is great. I am breaking it in and have averaged approximately 20+ miles per gallon. Excellent vehicle.



Great truck, with every option we desired! We love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a big boy truck! Get one for yourself and u will not be disappointed.



Compared to my Raptor, it isnt faster but with Diesel engine, it has a lot of power to move itself. There are things Ford could've done better. Antenna needs to be changed to a better and short one, They could've easily placed a parking sensor in front since to already has a 360 degree and front camera, Wire was sticking out of the rear view mirror chi can be seen from outside, Blind Spot needs to have an audible alert instead of just a little amber signal; on the side mirror, Tremor package could've came with a weather Tech mat instead of just a carpet mats. Other than that, I like it. Its massive and feels like a tank so we feel safe.