2008 Ford F-450 consumer reviews

$39,710–$42,625 MSRP range
side view of 2008 F-450 Ford
73% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 3.8
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 3.8
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Tow or haul - great truck

Has the 4:88 gears but had a 28ft auto hauler and 4200lb camper in the bed and wanted a truck that could cross the Rockies without any issues. Only had it in the shop once and that was for a radiator leak (made of plastic these days) and it was replaced under warranty. Buying a 2012 F350 (Ford essentially combined the F350/450 except for front axle width and brake rotors and gear ratio's are different 4:33 for 450 and 3:73 for 350. But you go to 400hp with 800 lb/ft of torque which is quite a bump (torque) from the 6.4L of the 2008. Seats could use an upgrade as they get a little old on long hauls, over 8hrs. But other than that, it's a great truck and I'm looking forward to the new one.


a true monster

the shift in/out of 4*4 is strange and other than that ,it is a+ and stoped keeping track of the times i hear "NICE TRUCK" and may be that not a comercial use it is still under the class and not all ford shops are set up to service this rig (lift restictions) i can and do only use it for daily driver and was purchesed to tote a 28lb mt bike and 66 lb germanshepard on week-ends +++++ not recomended as personal unless one can give the funding to not have it working for them IT'S NOT A TRUCK IT'S A RIG AND GETS THE RESPECT AS ONE


I don't recoment a Ford

I have a F450, 2008, in three years has been at the dealer for 500 times. No power, injectors, fumes, leaking coolant and oil, replace gasket . new engine it broke again had metal debris at 300 miles from the dealer. low mileage 5MPG, often regent mode, leak fuel to dangerous to drive, This is my second Ford I had a F350 and it was the same. Ford USED to be good but since 2004 model just burn them ALL. If you need a working truck get a Dodge or Chevy, I wont recommended it to my worst enemy. Do research before you buy something I regret. My family were Ford people not any more and Ford does not stand behind you, They try to fix the same problems over and over but replace the truck you have a better chance to win the lottery. I forgot the cost of repairs have been over $50,000. with extended guaranty


A tractor in a truck body!

So I've had this truck for 2 months now using it on my farm to haul heavy equipment and hay on a 36' spread axle gooseneck. The truck is impressive pulling and mileage loaded is about 9mpg, 12mpg empty highway. This is of course with the 4.33 gears in the rear end. Interior creature comfort on the lariat model is more than sufficient for extended periods hauling and the integrated trailer braking system is a big plus. For a truck of this caliber I would definitely recommend 4x4 and the only quality issue I have found on the F450 line is the radiators are prone to leaking so check yours thoroughly before buying. Cost for a new one is $700 not including labor and this is why I gave the truck 4 out of 5 stars.


Nice heavy truck

I traded my gas guzzling big block 98 Chevy extended cab dually for an 08 F-450 King Ranch crew cab RWD with the very quiet 6.7 L diesel. I have noticed that the fuel mileage appears to be almost twice as good as the 454 dually. At 55 mph (of course no one except me drives that speed and only me occasionally) I get 22 mph or better and at 65 I get between 17 and 19 running without a load. When hooked up to our 33' Mobile Suites 5th wheel camper we go accross the scales at over 24,000 lb (the truck weighs 9440 alone) our fuel mileage drops to around 10 to 13 mpg (still double the 454 which got around 6). There may be one possible issue I have noticed so far. The engine goes through an exhaust cleaning cycle periodically causing a noticable loss of power when pulling our 5th wheel but I'm hoping it does not happen too often. The local Ford dealer for no charge updated something in the system which may help. Of course the truck has a stiff ride but that's what you expect from a work truck not under load but it is very nice to drive. Additionally, the F-450 has a short turning radius and a very nicely appointed interior with the King Ranch trim package. This truck came with a B&W turnover ball hitch to which I added the 5th wheel companion and I really like the setup. Also, both trucks have had the Line-Ex spray on bed liner which I like very much and have found to be very durable. The Ford has a nice safety feature which I call the "old man's" tailgate step which I suspect will only become valuable as I get older. I installed a Weatherguard tool box which I like very much. Overall it's a nice truck for pulling a camper or other trailer. So far I am very happy with the truck!


great truck

i drive one atg work and spend more time in it than my house sometimes. Great truck, super reliable. Only thing that could improvement is the mileage. I have driven pretty hard in some ugly country and have had no problems.


Best truck $ can buy

Owned a 2000 F350, now own a 2008 F450. I loved both cars...but Ford does keep making them better!! All the options on my truck make me feel like Im driving a Lincoln. Strong, quiet diesel - cant go wrong with this vehicle!


Buyer Beware

Truck has 24,000 miles and has broke down 4 times, all for the same problem, fuel injector. I strongly reccomend not buying this vehicle. If you do, buy the best extended warranty you can or you will be sorry.


most powerfull truck on the market

This truck can do it all!! 24,500 lbs of 5th wheel and 15,000 conventional towing! Beat that dodge!


It's a good truck

I bought my 2008 F450 used with 30k miles on it 3 months ago. Now it has 41k miles on it. The radiator had to be replaced (job 1 trucks had bad radiators from the supplier) but other than that no problems. The only thing I don't like about the truck is the fuel mileage, but that is partly the goverments fault due to emissions regulations and the manufacturer's deciding to take care of it via a DPF. this really restricts the exhaust and kills mileage. I have heard of 5mpg improvements after removal and reprogramming, but can't say from firsthand experience. It tows like nothing is there and has plenty of power. Ride is not the best, but good for a truck that weighs almost 9000lbs and can tow 24000lbs. When shopping for trucks you can look underneath and see that the Ford is built with much stornger pieces than the Dodge or GM, hence the higher weight and slower acceleration. No, i am not a Ford guy, but I am glad I bought this truck over the others. I only wish I had been able to find it in manual.