2016 Ford Focus RS consumer reviews

$35,900 starting MSRP
side view of 2016 Focus RS Ford
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.8
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Funniest Car to Drive!

My Ford Focus RS has exceeded my expectations in every way. It handles great and has no turbo lag. It drives more like a N/A car and has great torque through the RPM range. This was a perfect transition from my Subaru WRX hatchback. The Focus has way more features and unlike my Subaru people can hear me on my blue-tooth. The vehicle rides great....it's a little rough but it feels like a true sports car.


Nicest cat I've owned.

I love it. I work for Ford. It's a quality built vehicle. I have a trained eye and would notice a blemish and I can't.


Funnest car I have ever owned

This vehicle was specifically designed for enthusiasts the ride comfort isn't perfect the seating position could be better etc, etc. Where this car comes into it's own is on the race track. Being able to keep up with newer model M series BMW's is a testament to the engineering put into this car.


Fun to drive!

Makes you smile every time you drive it. Performance is over the top. I have owned multiple WRX's and this car is a step above. In 16000 miles and never been back to the dealer.


I made the mistake of test driving one...

I made the mistake of test driving one out of curiosity and here we are now with one sitting in my garage. The more I drive it, the more I love it. It has great fit and finish, the interior is nice and simple, the exterior styling is great, and the performance is fantastic. It has so much grip, tons of usable power, extremely responsive steering and a great clutch and shifter. The suspension is a bit stiff for rough roads and the sport suspension setting is borderline unusable on anything but the smoothest of roads, but it's so much fun to drive I can't complain. A great warranty and Ford roadside assistance offers peace of mind as well, and my insurance rates are cheaper than my Tacoma was. I'm in love.


Best car I've ever owned! A joy to drive!

Bought my RS - Nitrous Blue & have loved every second of owning it! Great value, great performance & brings a smile to my face every time I get in it!


Great gas mileage

love this car great gas mileage. sporty and perfect size for my family. very comfortable on trips . would recommend


Best ride Ive owned

Spectacularly fun car to drive and own. Sad to be selling it!! I never got the chance to push this car to its limits but it was still just a blast to cruise around town and made my daily commute a pleasure.


Best upgrade ever!

I bought a 2014 Focus ST, then Ford announced this car was coming a month later. This has been the best upgrade, akin to my Porsche 997-991 upgrade. Fast, agile and economical (averaging 23MPG on the highway commute). I have seen no others in my area, although I routinely see 4-5 xxx. Unplugged the stupid sound generator, the car is actually very quiet with the perfect amount of intake and exhaust nose. The ride is choppy, the ST rides better. But the seats are far more comfortable and still very aggressive. Best purchase EVER!


Never a dull moment

If you value fun and precise responsiveness in a vehicle above all else and make a moderate income I can't think of any better car to own. This however is not like hot hatches of old. There are compromises in ride comfort, gas mileage etc. My previous car was a Mazdaspeed3 and although that was loads of fun it's not even a fair comparison to the RS. Pros: - laser responsive steering, quick throttle response and God like suspension adds up to facial pain from grinning on almost every back road drive and exit ramp. - Edgy looks, with bonkers detailing in all the places it should be without all the unnecessary ricer flares found on some other vehicles. - super high quality racing seats with great bolstering but also lumbar support and heaters. Cons: - This car has the turning radius of an H1 hummer. It's not a big deal in the burbs but once you get into a dicey city scenario you'll be cursing. - Yes, launch control is cool but when you bury it deep underneath 5 sub menus it makes it completely useless. - parts of the interior dash materials could be higher quality for a $40k vehicle. Tips: -if you are someone with a wider build take the car on an extended test drive before buying. The Recaro seats tend to hug like an angry snake. - I've heard complaints about driving position and it seems they were all driving a base model. Get the RS 2package! The powered seat adjustments seem to fix this plus you get a heated steering wheel and seats, sunroof and nav. - the "secret fifth driving mode" is the car's daily sweet spot. Set the mode to Track, turn traction control back on and dampers to normal. This gives you the most aggressive throttle and steering without the teeth grinding ride firmness and tail happy effects. Plus you get all of the addictive pops from the exhaust. - Avoid the forged wheel package. The lighter wheels make little difference. They are very expensive and the cup 2 tires are impractical and would last longer if they were made of balsa wood. In conclusion. For a somewhat practical, somewhat inexpensive car this thing ticks about all of the boxes a throttle happy, curve loving guy could hope for. It's nearest competitor currently is the Subbie STI and frankly Subaru will now need to step up their game.