2005 Ford Freestyle consumer reviews

$25,040–$26,840 MSRP range
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85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.1
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I Love this Car!!

Not really wanting to go down the 'mommy van' road; I decided to look into a Freestyle because I liked the 'wagon' styling of it. I LOVE THIS CAR! It has the third row seating of a van, the room of a van, AND it is All Wheel Drive- even better in the mountains of North Carolina where I live. I had a Volvo XC70 before and loved it; but needed more room. The gas mileage is less than my Volvo; but still average about 20 around town. On the highway at 70 it is stable and comfy. In the 'twisty turny' roads it is stable. I have no complaints about it; yet- :-)


my ford freestyle

This was one of the best vehicles i ever owned.The styling was very easy on the eyes, and the interior was very people friendly. I used it on vacations on the freeways and off road at lakes.Was a great performer as well as the seating in the back that flip so you could watch the fire works in the rain without getting wet. I regretted having to part with it because of my job cutting us back.I could not have hated it more.When i see one on the road i wish i still had mine. Ford should reconsider and plan on making it once again.


Great Vehicle

Bought our 2005 Freestyle used two years ago, and it is a great vehicle. Solid, dependable, no problems. Only dislike is the cloth seats. Any spill does NOT come out. I have two small kids and like most kids, the have accidents. Other than that, a great vehicle. AWD is fantastic in the snow!


Exactly what we needed!!!!

We bought our Freestyle used in '05 right before the birth of our son. It had about 12,000 miles on it. It was a Godsend; I love this car. We now have two children and two dogs. We haul them everywhere in our Freestyle. We have been on several vacations, road trips, camping etc... with this vehicle and it has yet to give us any problems. We are now over 65,000 miles and it still rides great and gets decent gas mileage. I would buy another when we are in the market again (if Ford still makes them).


Rides like a dream

I bought my 2005 Freestyle in 2006 with 11,000 miles on it. I now have 62,000 miles on it. I bought it for its size, since I have a large dog and go to many dog shows and pack tons of stuff. It rides great, quiet, smooth. I have never had a problem. Need now to get a new battery and break pads. I was having problems with the power steering. Brought it to the dealer and discovered it was a broken shaft. I have to pay $100 deductible to get it fixed. I love the many ways you can conform the interior seats. I thought I would tri a Honda element because of the rubber flooring and awd. UGH. I couldn't stand the noise, and the bumpy ride. I need comfort. Oh I get 19mpg in the city and 25-26 on Highway.



I purchased my 2005 Freestyle AWD used in Jan. 2007 with 25,000 miles on it. I traded in a 1998 toyota pickup with 389,000 miles for it because of the size of my family. I have to say that with snow tires (Because with all season tires the car doesn't want to stop) this is the best snow vehicle I have ever owned. I now have 99,300 newspaper delivery miles on her and she is still purring like a kitten. I don't know what the future holds, but if it's just gas, brakes and oil like the first two years, I'll be a happy boy.


The Best car we have ever owned

This Ford Freestyle is literally the best car we have ever owned. It drives well, is trouble free, holds alot of stuff and a lot of people, it looks good, and best of all it gets good gas mileage, for its size (24-26 mpg). There are more cup holders than you can shake a stick at! The kids love it - the access to the back row of seats is very convenient for both adults and kids. The car has stadium seating, so everyone gets a good view. If you are inclined towards in-car movies then this care is perfect. The bottom line is that its a well made car, it is super safe (side air bags and side impact bar), it has none of the roll-over problems associated with other SUV's, and it is reliable. I would definitely buy another for my next car.


Worst ford vehicle we have owned

I am getting ready to take my 2005 freestyle in for the third time for transmission problems. First time it would not start when I was trying to leave work for the day. That was only one month after I purchased it new with only 1048 miles on it.


"Buyer Beware!"

We purchased our 2005 Freestyle in Jan. 2006 - brand new. It was a dream come true. Such a nice vehicle in every way. One that we received numerous compliments on by family, friends and strangers who were also interested in purchasing a new vehicle. But then the unexpected problems began to arise. Having only received a 3yr/36,000 mile warranty, we fully expected no expenses until after 36,000 miles. But at 28,000, we were told that we had to replace the rear brake pads and rotors. After sharing our concern with the Ford company, a letter was sent saying that there was something faulty about the brake pads and rotors and Ford would pay to replace them. Now at 30,000, we have been told by three separate garages (one being the one where we purchased the car) that we will now need to pay for four new tires in order for the car to pass inspection. This is the most expensive vehicle that we have ever owned. We have owned new Ford cars that cost half as much and in all cases, the tires lasted 50,000 miles or more. We have rotated the current tires regularly and have kept them full of air etc, getting them checked regularly. It is horrifying to us that we now have to pay this unexpected expense. Not only does it make us wonder about Ford's quality in car parts, but it has us wondering what will go wrong next... We can no longer recommend this car to anyone and the chance of us purchasing a Ford in the future is slim. We both were raised in Ford car-owning families. This circumstance is a big disappointment to us.


Perfect Family Vehicle!

I purchased my Ford Freestyle Limited brand new at the end of the model year. I test drove the Escape, Explorer, and Freestyle and fell in love with the car-like driving experience of the Freestyle. In the past 15 months or so that I've owned this vehicle, I can honestly say that I do not have a single complaint about its performance. I am averaging slightly below the advertised mpg at about 18-21 mpg even though I do mostly highway driving. I purchased this vehicle with the entertainment system, which I would not hesitate to do again - my teenage kids LOVE it! and it has been the saving grace on long trips. If I were pressed to pick something to change about this vehicle, I would add the ability to plug and play an iPod and I would add another accessory plug (for cell phone, etc) to the front (there is one on the dash and one inside the center console which is not highly convenient). Overall, this vehicle has so many wonderful features; I would not only recommend it to my friends (and do), I would buy another one!!