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2009 Ford Taurus X consumer reviews

$28,270–$30,120 MSRP range
side view of 2009 Taurus X Ford
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior 3.9
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value 4.1
  • Exterior 4.0
  • Reliability 4.1
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practical, comfortable and extremely reliable

I special ordered this car new while in Guam on military assignment. Had it shipped to hawaii where i drove it daily to work at the shipyard for 6 or 7 years. then, since i had need for a car at my sisters house in florida, i shipped it to CA and drove it to Ft Lauderdale where it stayed for another 6 years. In that time, I drove it back and forth across the country several times before finally shipping it back to Hawaii where it resumed its role as transportation to and from work and errands. In the entire time I have had it in 15 years, its not had single breakdown or mechanical issue. I am astounded at its reliability. Even the original battery lasted 11 years. the only small issue was i had a ignition key that was defective when it was new. Warranty covered it. but if it didn't, you can get that old type key for $15 online. then just recently, the little windshield washer pump quit. that was $35. Other than that, I have just done oil changes and tires. I did stop in a Ford Dealership in Utah when it was 12 years old just to inquire if i was supposed to do anything to it. they just said your supposed to change brake fluid every 10 years and I might as well change transmission fluid. So I did that. Note- I did recent research on other owners of this car or more specifically the 3.5 V6 Duratec engine which revealed a concern to be aware of. while its not happened to me and i see lots of owners with 300,000 miles or more on these cars, its said that the water pump design in the engine is behind the timing chain and when it goes out, coolant likely will seep into oil pan. If the owner is not alert to any oddities like engine temperature rising or strange noises and ignore this, and keep driving it with coolant in the oil pan, it could ruin engine. the thing is the water pump could go for 250,000 miles or longer or could go out in 80,000 miles. the water pumps are also difficult to change on this car. so its not like your just going to do it for preventative measures. Since this problem is hard to detect before its too late, i just am vigilant to always watch temp gauge on dash and be alert for any odd engine noises, etc, in case this ever happens to me. I also take a few seconds once a month to check oil on dipstick to see if any evidence of coolant getting into oil. From all I have read on these motors, they will last a long time if not for this issue. but you have to catch it early before it can cause damage to the engine. hopefully i will get several more years out of it before it starts needing repairs. I love cars like this one that don't break down. Driving wise, its like most of the other reviewers have stated. I wished the rear glass on the tailgate opened separately from tailgate so long boards and other such things from home depot could be put in the back without leaving entire tailgate open. Ambient road noise is not great either. the car itself doesn't rattle or squeak, even after all these years. but if your driving on concrete road or rough textured pavement, you are subjected to more road noise than I'd like. I am sort of measuring that by a tough standard. by comparison, its about as quiet inside as a Bmw 3 series or Jaguar x type wagon I have. But if I compare it to a Lincoln, the Lincoln is much more quiet and luxurious than any of those cars. But for me personally, I really like the quiet luxury ride of a Lincoln for which few cars can compare. I doubt many people will object to this but me. so i give the car a triple A rating but be aware of the water pump issue. might last you over 300,000 miles or more. but it might go out before that and you better catch it quickly before it damages the engine.


Vary good car

This Ford Tuarus x has been amazing love the acceleration and the fwd I don't like the the transmission it has started to slip but I'm getting it fixed


One of my most loved family cars

Have been driving the car for 5 years, with a family of 5, sometimes 7 with my parents-in-law. The collapsible seats are easy to use, with 5 people there is plenty of space in the back for larger trips. With both rows collapse you can easily transport larger items. Car never failed and drives smoothly and powerful. 100% recommendation.


one of the most reliable I've ever owned.

This is my 1st Ford. I love it but do not like some of the features. All in all, it's reliable and good on gas but the alloy wheels are a pain loosing air a lot.


Good family car

I own a Fwd looking back I would prefer the awd. Looks a little aggressive from the outside door lock key pad is a convenient quirk. Good leg room in front and 2nd row, third row is a little cramped. Seating is high but uncomfortable and awkward. This car/wagon has more than enough power for a family of 4 or 5.. but 6 people and luggage will effect gas mileage which normally is 21-27 on the highway but an extra person will knock it down to 19 highway.. payload is only 1000lbs so take into consideration for what you are loading 3 growing kids will have you looking for a truck or larger SUV.. overall better than I expected.. watch out for the transmission leak at the axles...


Ford Taurus X - Wish they'd bring it back!

This vehicle meets all my weather-related needs (think snow here!) with style. I love its versatility - I can use it for utility purposes and, with a few quick transformations, fit a bunch of girlfriends in for supper out. I had its cousin, the Freestyle, before, and found it to be a safe, functional vehicle. After my Freestyle was totaled in an accident in which I suffered no injuries thanks to the safety features, replacing it with the Taurus X was a no-brainer.


Nice SUV!

This has all the bells and whistles you could ever ask for in a car. I feel safe in the winter driving as it has all wheel drive!


Ford Taurus great family car!

Had all the bells and whistles I was looking for plus the safety and space. Living in the north, having AWD is very nice!


Love our T-Rex

We got one of these new and loved it. It's a big comfortable, fun, safe car. We are middle class people and always drove cheap cars. This was our first car that we considered a "luxury" automobile.


read this before you buy!!!!!!

We purchased the ford taurus x 4 years ago when my first child was born. We needed the room because we new we would be expanding our family further over the years. The third row of this car is useless. You have to put down the entire seat in order to get into the back......not good when you have car seats strapped in to the middle row!!!! When the third row is up, there is very little trunk space. Then to top it off....our transmission blew after only 4 years and Ford will not replace it! They give you a warranty for only 60,000 miles or less for a replaced transmission. We were at 65,000 and they wouldn't help us. What car transmission ONLY lasts for 60,000 miles.....stay away from fords!!!!!!!