2010 Ford Transit Connect consumer reviews

$21,185–$21,440 MSRP range
side view of 2010 Transit Connect Ford
70% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.8
  • Interior 3.8
  • Performance 3.5
  • Value 3.8
  • Exterior 4.1
  • Reliability 3.8
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The 2010 Ford Transit Connect is a mechanics nightmare when it comes to replacing the master brake cylinder, accessing the a/c low port...all in all it is not an easy engine to work on. I had to replace the master brake cylinder, and was a job I could normally do myself, however do to where the Master Brake Cylinder is located I had to take it to a mechanic. Its a job that on most cars would only take approximately 2 hours and maybe cost $350 to $400w/part. On the 2010 Ford Transit Connect the job took 4.5 hours (@$95/hr) and being there's no aftermarket part, I had to buy Ford factory part$$$$...total labor and part...$850.00



long story short if your a business owner and looking to beef up your company with an ideal company vehicle especially a cargo van THIS IS THE VAN FOR YOU i am the owner of a security company for 12 years now i have had many cargo vans FORD CHEVY DODGE but nothing beats the style of a ford econoline but i have had quite a few of those over the years on 03 / 09 / 2020 i talked to a buddy of mine who owns a used car dealership and asked if he had had any ford transit connects on the lot and ofcourse he did but i didn't want new i wanted specifically USED and i found 3 that were 2010 fully restored fully detailed with a few nice customized touches but as i said long story short BUSINESS OWNER + FORD TRANSIT CONNECT = PERFECT COMBO happy hunting to all


Large cargo volume for a compact van

I find this van fun to drive. More nimble than a pickup or most vans. Acceleration is good enough, just OK, hence the performance penalty. Seats a very comfortable for long distance multi-hour drives. Reliablity must be pretty good from the maintenance history, which I have. I haven't had it long enough to fully evaluate that aspect. I love the large interior space for hauling cargo, for such a compact form factor. I also like the exterior styling, which at this date, may seem outdated, but to me, still seems fresh.


Hate to get rid of my lil buddy, but.

Perfect for small delivery or courier, cool little work truck,a day at home depot or just getting around. Built simple and simply gets the job done.


Don't buy one. New transmission at 75k miles.

Would have been a great vehicle except for brake issues and having to buy a new transmission at 75k miles. $4300.00. No more Fords for me.


A must see!

Great work vehicle. Perfect for deliveries and great for new business or established businesses. Vehicle is in really good condition and everything’s works great! Must see!


Ford dropped the ball on this one!

I am 6'5" tall, and I love the height of this wagon. I can enter and exit the vehicle without hitting my head. On the down side, the front wheel bearings keep on wearing out. They are only good for 25k miles or so. They are press fit into the spindle and you can not lubricate them. Therefore, you are doomed to buying new bearings on a regular basis. The steering wheel has developed a 3/4" rocking deviation at the edge. I have never experienced this problem in any other car. If feels as if the steering wheel wants to shake right off the steering column. Another problem is the door lock actuators. They also fail on a regular basis. When they break, they make this monstrous buzzing noise. Then, they will either not work at all, or in the case of the drivers door, totally lock you out with the engine running. At about 106k miles,the transmission started to slip badly while up shifting. It was pretty scary to be accelerating on to a road and finding yourself with zero power and a transmission that is making that buzzing noise of death. My Ford dealer had to replace the transmission for USD.3,000.00. That was not an expense that I was anticipating. In conclusion, I would think twice before ever buying a Ford product again.


economic, reliable small load hauler

I a woman in my sixties that uses a Ford Transit Connect to transport rescue animals. This vehicle is ideal. It is reliable, easy on gas and comfortable. Easy to load and maneuver in traffic. Great storage areas, low outside noise, good sound system inside - for this type of transportation.


Better than you would think for size

We were downsizing from a 3500 dually flatbed and wanted..maybe a van of some sort. First impression was this vehicle was tiny. Second impression was wow it really has hauling capacity inside/out of the weather.


excellent value for the money

Large cargo area, while not a very large vehicle. Reasonably quiet and comfortable for a utility vehicle. Fairly efficient on gas for this type of use. OK , but not great power at highway speeds.