2003 Ford ZX2 consumer reviews

$13,205 starting MSRP
side view of 2003 ZX2 Ford
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.7
  • Interior design 3.3
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.6
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Absolutely love it

This car is not at all what you might imagine looking at it on the lot, if you can find one that is. It’s surprisingly sporty, has a roomy backseat, and a very spacious trunk. It can be modded out to your heart’s content if you’re a tuner, and for fairly cheap. With the right care, this car can take you anywhere. Would DEFINITELY recommend


My first car

Very fun-sporty, zippy car! Good for driving around town or commuting to college and back. 2-Door with very large, spacious backseat accessible by sliding and folding either front seat. The truck is huge; able to fit a few golf bags, suitcases and any random thing you might need! Super reliable and will get you to your destination with flying colors.


A Practical Car

Bought this new in 2003 and now has 110K miles on it. It is uncomfortable and has the horsepower of a turtle but I have to say it is BULLETPROOF. Great mileage, low maintenance and pretty easy to drive, it tops off as one of the best economical cars you could get even at 100K+ miles. It even looks great! But again, be advised the looks are deceiving. It may look like a Mustang or an Aston Martin but it sure in no way has the performance of either.


I love this car! Ite very reliable!

I love this car. It's is very reliable, I've had it for almost a year and it has he an ananzing car! I wouldn't recommend it any anybody!


Get a mechanic. its 11 years used.

bought the 2003 ford ZX2 with 156000. I got what I paid for. after putting another 1/3 of the price I paid for the car back into it I like it. All normal wear-new valve cover gasket took care of the oil smell, new air filter, new plugs and wires(So much corrosion in the coil packs I'm not sure it really needs plugs and wires to run. ford tough), new ball joints kept the front end from self destructing- What would you expect on a high milage car. been using fuel system cleaner additive and a engine cleaner oil additive and the engine vibration is much better. its good on gas and fun to drive. Cheap to maintain. I hope to exceed 200,000 miles on it.



I have owned 2 zx's a2000 and an '03 both were purchased new. In 2004 i bought a 2003 leftover with only 11 miles because it was the last year and it had more torque than previous years, making it a bit quicker. I have only owned manual transmissions, and my zx'2 never dissappointed me. it is now 2010 and i still have my '03 and it is running great, only 80k miles, its still all factory (except the cold air intake) and will hold its own. Its reliable, only had to replace brakes and tires, its quick,and great on gas. I enjoy any roadnoise that others complain of, that combined with the road feedback lends to it being such a fun car to drive. I am 6'4" tall and fit in comfortably.I have come very close to trading it in for a New mustang, but I just couldnt do it. In all I love my zx2 and have driven them for a combined 10 years, what a great american made car. The best bang for the buck, and being a Ford its less costly to maintain ,,, hope they bring it back


It will get the Job done...

I have a 01? ZX2, I bought it from a used car dealer with 30K miles for $4500, it was three years old when I got it (It was a rebuilt flood car). Thought it was a nice little sporty car. First long trip I took I noticed the clutch was slipping really badly (I thought it was odd that a 3 year old car needed a clutch). Took it to my mechanic and they told me the clutch was soaked with transmission oil because the transmission case had cracked, and needed a new transmission. Took it back to the dealer and they put one they got from a junk yard, and haven?t had a problem since. Changing the oil is a really big pain. Every time I change it I get really mad at the engineer who designed this car. The oil filter is in the worst place ever. It is angled slightly down (so all the oil gets on everything), and you have to unscrew it from the top, but there isn?t enough room to get it out, so you have to let it drop on the floor and let oil splash all over the place. I usually burn my forearm on something too. I use this car for towing my 15 ft zodiac boat. Probably not the best vehicle, but it gets the job done with a five speed manual. Air conditioning went at about 95K miles. Currently has 113k miles. Engine runs strong. The transmission problem, and oil changing thing has left a bad taste, not sure if I would ever buy another Ford.


like a glove

With cruise control, an aftermarket muffler, bigger shoes, and an air filter, you can easily net 30 mpg city, 35 mpg highway. For a car I bought new with 31 miles, for $11,000, and still enter the passing lane, it boggles me why this car was discontinued after just 1 model year. And why only California received the S/R model, I will never know, but I enjoy this car MUCH better than my former PT cruiser, Focus, Sebring, and other small(er) cars I have piloted. Will often cause confusion of what the car is, as my car has been called anything from an Integra to a BMW. Not bad, not bad at all.


2003 Ford ZX2 @105K

We bought our ZX2 at about 92K and at this time it has about 105K miles. I typically get 30 MPG with 30/70 town/highway and other than changing the oil and $30 for a temperature sensor and thermostat I have not had any problems with it. I will say that changing the oil filter on this car is probably the hardest I have ever dealt with. it is behind the engine on the middle right, above the axle. I could not think of a worse place to put it. This car is however very fun to drive, but the engine can get a bit on the loud growly side. The steering has a little bit of play, but the feel of the road is still good. I liked it much better than the cavaliers we test drove. The torque and pwr to weight felt much better. This car was a great value for the money we paid for it and I think it will easily make 200K miles.


5years no repairs

I do all city driving and with careful use of the gas pedal, I get 27-28mpg per tankful. 1 40 mile highway ride and I get 31 mpg. most reliable car I've ever owned. Always starts and goes.