2006 GMC Envoy consumer reviews

$26,080–$28,280 MSRP range
side view of 2006 Envoy GMC
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.3
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Horrible money pit

Brought it used trans went out 3 weeks later within 1 year spent as much as we played for it in repairs transmission alternator and the whole wiring system and computer


Better than I thought it would be...

It is roomy enough for my grown children. Easy to drive. The seats are comfortable for long drives. There isn’t enough storage room for all the extra stuff I use.


Second Envoy I had. First on over 200K until someo

Very dependable. You have little things like lights that go out like you have to replace on any car with $150,000 miles but it beats a $450.00 monthly car payment year after year. Bought GMC Certified Used from Dealer


Just what I was looking for

This car readily meets my needs. Plenty of room inside for four adults to be comfortable, and still adequate cargo space. The V6 has lots of power.


Great car

Love my envoy has almost everything I need only thing missing is Bluetooth cabability. Comfortable and stylish great for family transportation and in town driving.


Great price good reliable vehicle

Purchased the gmc Denali Envoy just over a month ago, so far so good. Love the body style considering I had come from a much newer luxury vehicle. A quirks such as some vibration when breaking and not near the pick up of my infinity. Over all very happy with my purchase.


Nothing but problems after 20k mi.

OK, BEFORE YOU ARE QUICK TO JUDGE MY STERN REVIEW, I AM A CERTIFIED MECHANIC AND HAVE OVER 13 YEARS OF TECHNICIAN EXPERIENCE. I TAKE EXCELLENT CARE OF EVERY VEHICLE I OWN SO BEFORE YOU SAY ALL OF MY ISSUES WITH THE ENVOY STEM FROM USER NEGLECT, PLEASE RECONSIDER. I purchased my 2006 GMC Envoy Denali new from a local GMC dealership back in 2007. Problems started to stem as soon as I hit 20k mi. I only have used this car for commuting to work and back and the occasional road trip to visit family which isn't more than 100 mi there and back. The first issue was that the shifter disengaged from the transmission because of a "broken washer" which was made of plastic. Plastic parts are fairly common for most vehicles nowadays but after 20kmi and already experiencing issues, I should of seen what was to come. This was only the start of the many repairs in the future. I still own my Envoy today in 2018 and it has just over 171k mi now, but not after thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs. Issues that were manageable on my end were taken care of, but most issues the vehicle HAD the be taken in to the dealer or a shop. Engine troubles after engine troubles. Or an ECU issues giving bad signals and then the dealer having to reset the system and then charge me $500 for them just to press a button. just recently I replaced the internal oil pump because of another failed washer/o-ring. Made of plastic, again. The repair had to be taken to the dealer to pull the engine and FULLY REBUILD the engine they told me. This repair alone cost me $3300. And the repair before that was a rear main seal repair which they charged me $2600 and that was just 3 months prior to the oil pump failing. These issues are normal for them to wear and break around this kind of mileage but the repair cost is just outrageous. I have spent anywhere from $15k-$25k in repairs which could have easily just purchased a brand new more reliable vehicle. My vehicles make it to 200k-250k mi with ease when they are well taken care of. I babied this car to the fullest and still would worry if it was going to stall out on me on the side of the freeway and leave me stranded. This car is not even at 180k mi and to be honest I'm not so sure it will even make it to 200k. There are NO warning signs, the car will just stall and shut down without notice. Typical a vehicle will give you signs if major maintenance is coming up in the future and you need to fix ASAP. Not, stall and then get towed to the dealer EVERY SINGLE TIME. The cosmetics of the vehicle are fine and spacious with plenty of room for the family, but I'm here to talk about it's reliability, not how many CD's it can hold, which is what most of the reviews on KBB talk about is people ranting and raving "it's so luxurious in the driver seat with leather seats and a 5 disk CD changer" which goes out by the way after 150k mi... This car has been nothing but headaches and troubles for my wife and I ever since we bought the thing. Not to mention tons and TONS of $$$. I kick myself every day when I think about the amount spent on this thing when now its only worth $1000-$1500. It's paid off so that is the only thing tying us to the vehicle, and after the thousands spent on repairs, I'm not going to let it go for $1000. I would not recommend this vehicle to ANYONE, not even my worst enemy. Unless you are a millionaire soccer mom and need room for the kids and like your vehicle leaving you stranded on the freeway, then this is the GMC for you! I don't much about the other GMC Sierra and Acadia lines, but one thing this car did, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GMC AS LONG AS I LIVE. They made a poor product with cheap internals and for that they lost a customer. This is an expensive car with even more expensive repairs. You will pay for another new Envoy in just the repair money alone. DO NOT GET SWINDLED BY THE "FANCY" INTERIOR AND DVD PLAYER, THE WOOD GRAIN IS STICKER LINING, that's all I see people ranting and raving about this car... makes me sick that that is peoples first priority when buying a car. I am writing this only because just recently I went a looked up recent consumer reviews on the GMC Envoy Denali and to my surprise, I could't believe what I was seeing and reading for my own eyes. Kelly Blue Book was rating 8.9/10 on consumer reviews, 10/10 for RELIABILTY, 10/10 "would recommend this vehicle to a friend". This is just utter nonsense. Now unless I happened to purchase the one fluke out of the entire production line, these reviews just cannot be true. If you go and look at Chevy trailblazer forums and envoy forums, you start to get an idea that over the years most owners are having similar if not the exact same issues as one another. Coming from "my dash is lit up like a Christmas tree", and "the dealer can't tell me why this is acting the way it is", to "I have already taken to the dealer several times within the past few months and it's cost thousands of dollars, only to get another check engine light with an unknown fault code that the dealer can't seem to fix." BUYER BEWARE OF GMC, ESPECIALLY THE ENVOY.


Dependable, comfrotable, safe

Great car multipurpose SUV for family car, college student or safe teen's first car in these mountain and highway roads.


Great car for the money

I have loved and enjoyed this vehicle since i bought it and would love it if they still made them as I would buy another. Beautiful inside and out. Never any trouble with the car.


Love the interior and comfort

Great SUV value for the money. Comfortable and beautiful interior and exterior. I have enjoyed owning this vehicle and would purchase one again.