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1996 GMC Sonoma

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Our Take on the 1996 GMC Sonoma

The GMC Sonoma has been around since 1982 and it seems to get better with each model year. For 1996, the compact truck gets options like a third door on extended cab models, a revised sport suspension and more powerful V-6 engines.

So why did Anita give it only one star? Read on . . .

He: That little Sonoma with the five-speed and the big V-6 was so much fun to drive, I almost miss our old Ranger Splash.

She: I miss our Splash, too. In fact, the picture is still up on our fridge. You'll notice I haven't even taken one snapshot of the plain black Geo Prizm we bought to replace it. But I'm a lot more comfortable with having my kids in the Prizm than the old Ranger for one overriding reason: It... Read More