2018 Honda Accord Hybrid consumer reviews

$25,100 starting MSRP
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87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.9
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.9
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"Excellent" car. Tall drivers should read this.

So I live in NYC and wanted a hybrid. Why? The car I used to have (2000 impala 3.8) was doing 9 to 13 mpg with an 18-gallon tank. No thank you. I looked into all the hybrids and looked at three hybrids. 1. 2018 BMW 530e plug-in hybrid. Much better car than the Accord in MOSTLY every way but three areas. First, somehow it's not as efficient as the accord hybrid in terms of overall range which is odd. I don't have a place to plug in the car to reap the benefits of a plugin. Secondly, reliability and maintenance. Let something go wrong on a BMW let alone a BMW hybrid at that. And after doing some research the maintenance on a BMW is ridiculously! Ill stick with the Honda for that purpose. 2. Any Toyota Hybrid. Proven hybrids but the Camry is boring and ugly Avalon Hybrid is pricey. xxxx no to a Pruis. 3. Accord Hybrid. At first, I did not want an Accord at all. Why? because EVERYONE and their mommas owned one! I noticed that there were a lot of sport trim accords but not hybrids. So I went searching for a hybrid accord. I tested drove one, and brought it immediately! but where is why and here is my noticings. 1. The price I paid for my CPO 2018 Accord Hybrid Touring with 32k miles (no accidents) excellent conditions was $20,500 before taxes and etc. That is a STEAL! because I got an offer where if I sold it I can get 24k for it. 2. It really is a pretty car inside and out. Rides nice. One thing I will say is the road noise can be a little loud but it's not deafening! I changed the tires it came with and it made a difference. 3. MPG. So it is weird. When I purchased it in the winter of 12.31.20, I didn't at first see 47 mpg that it is rated for by the EPA. I saw maybe 38/39 on the highway (and at one point 33 mpg when it was really cold outside going 70+) and 27/28 in the city which isn't bad considering NYC's stop-and-go traffic. Also, batteries don't perform at their best when it is BRICK CITY outside! However, as the weather warms up I can see my average range and mpg creeping up. 47 MPG is achievable though!!!!! I had seen it more often. But don't let this deter you because it is efficient. 4. 12 ish gallon tank. Let's say you average 34/35 mpg, you'll get 420 miles of driving. I'm getting that in mostly 85% city driving rest city. Not too bad. My average speed in NYC is 8/9 miles per hour. However, when I drove to ATL where my average speed was more like 30/40 it will do 45/46. If you going above 65/70+ I average about 40/41 mpg. Still not bad. Cost under $30 to fill. I refuel every 3 weeks or so. 5. Don't let the hybrid badge fool you! It will do 60 in 6.8 sec! Not fast like the 2.0T but faster than the 1.5T. More efficient than both! Not too bad for a hybrid. Oddly enough, it will spin the tires. 6. Tall drivers listen up! I am 6ft 3.4 210 lbs. Some tall folks say they are fine driving it comfortably and others no so much. It not bad if your a giant like me. I would love another inch or two of legroom as a driver. For me, it's all about foot placement but I'm working on trying to move the seat back another inch or so. 7. Rarity. Accord isn't "rare" per see but I don't see a lot of hybrid accords 8. It's a honda. What can possibly go wrong? Do your maintenance when the car recommends and it will run forever and a day. But it is a hybrid so as a safety measure I'm glad I purchased a CPO honda. Doubt I'll ever use it considering that people who had the 2018's from new are reporting little to no problems but it is great to have. You never know! So yes, I like/borderline love it. It's a very nice livable car that happens to be efficient, reliable, and easy to drive.


Best Car: Hands-Down!

After owning six Honda Accord over 30 years, plus a couple of Fords, I can say that this HAH, in the Touring trim, is easily my favorite. My 1st Accord, LX Trim, was an absolute Gem and had over 500k miles on it. But after 35k miles in the current HAH, this one drives and rides like a more expensive car. At first, the mpg was disappointing, but as I have learned to drive her, I could not be more pleased. 50+ mpg city & 47 hwy. I bought this car from a BMW dealer with 7k miles on it.


It is the most reliable car I have ever owned!

This car is exceptionally wonderful! It gets great gas mileage while it still maintains plenty of legroom and trunk space! The wireless phone charger in the Touring trim level that I own is great too!


Wife and I love this car

We've had four other Hondas since getting married 35 years ago. We've never been disappointed. Favorite was a 1985 CRX, but this Accord will probably beat that one out as our new favorite



Good mileage, power, features. That’s the good. Boring,monochromatic interior, stiffer ride than I like. The big problem for me is that there is a noise, a recurring humming at speeds between 35 and 37 and again between 51 and 53 mph. According to dealer, Honda is aware of this yet has no solution, “working on it” the dealer says. Occurs only in Hybrid Touring models. Had the car 10 months, yet no solution from Honda.


Most reliable car I've owned

Gas saver for sure. I love the style interior and exterior .Like for example if you put a full tank of gas its definitely going to take you a long way. Using Shell gas is very helpful. My interior is beautiful and boy is it hard to not have food and drinks in your car. It is a reliable vehicle and havnt had no problems


Learning my new Accord Touring Hybrid

Have my Accord Touring Hybrid for two days and almost 200 miles now. I’m pleased so far with mpg, average is about 47 without trying very hard. Super comfortable ride quality, bumps absorbed nicely, car almost glides down the road. Accelerates quickly when needed. Very quiet most of the time, though coarse or pebbly road surfaces create some road noise but it’s not bad, other times it’s luxury car quiet in the cabin, even when accounting for some of the unique sounds the hybrid powertrain makes. Interior is beautiful though there are more hard plastics than I prefer, but they are nicely textured, not at all shiny, and the fit and finish is First-Rate. The head up display is awesome. As for the things that I’d improve if I could I do wish the steering column had greater adjustability for easier reach, as I like the seat further back a bit for more headroom. Also the resolution of the back-up camera isn’t great and it’s almost useless at night; perhaps there is some adjustment I can make that I haven’t figured out yet. The ventilated seats don’t seem to be very effective, and I wish the leather seats were just a bit softer. Owners manual seems seriously incomplete. No vehicle is perfect, though, and all-in-all the Accord Hybrid Touring is a terrific car. I will update here as I accumulate more miles. Did rate the car a five for reliability though obviously I really don’t know with just two hundred miles; however I do fully anticipate it will be very reliable. And a special shout-out and thank you to Dra at East Coast Honda for his patience, kindness, and professionalism.


Pleased so Far

This is new last year’s model. Only had car about a week but have driven several hundred miles. Has met or exceeded my expectations so far. A bit of a challenge to select among the many available choices to set up the vehicle but after finding the settings I want then will rarely need to change. I didn’t find the in car GPS to be intuitive for address entry and saving but it isn’t enough to be impossible. Just have to dig through the manual. Comfortable and great mileage. My first hybrid but am happy with the overall performance.


Very functional =-- Great price

Excellent interior space and very large trunk space. Safety features excellent. A little less mpg than expected but this car equipped with 19" wheels that may be impacting mpg. Overall very satisfied.


EX-L Great Car A few things to work on

Purchased June 2018 Excellent pick up , love the safety features. 47 MPG rarely met, big reason for purchase. High 30's in winter, low to mid 40's other times. Car sits very low to the ground and is a little difficult to get in to. Auto High beams rarely work in urban area. I also sometimes feel a slight hesitation between 50 and 55. Overall for the money a Great car. Compared features to a Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE, Honda won hands down ( moon roof, auto start, Android Auto etc.)and was over $2,000 cheaper. Honda's brochure doesn't make it easy to see the extra's in the EX-L, you really have to search for why the EX-L is $2,000 more than the Base model, but it is well worth the effort.