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2012 Honda Insight consumer reviews

$18,500 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 Insight Honda
81% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.5
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Most economical and sensible vehicle I've owned

The drive is smooth and quiet considering the size of the vehicle. It is roomy and stylish with modern interior design. I've had my 2012 for 5 months and it now has 16k miles. My average mpg is 51.00 mpg. Not bad at all. The one good thing about this car, is it's ability to teach a once speedster like me to be more conservative on the accelerator and obey all traffic signs. I am sure some that own the Insight can attest to what I am saying.


Superior car!

so many people feel the peer pressure to choose the Prius. The Insight costs less & the mpg is almost as good. The review I had read talked about a rougher ride; I did not feel it in the test drive or ever on my own. It is a wonderful vehicle!


worst warranty. honda doesnt care

we have problems with bluetooth. Its not our phone works great with other cars. Honda knows heard it and still the same, didnt do anything but lie to me. Dont buy a honda of any kind buy toyota or any but. Called honda they didnt care either. I cant wait to sell it. I own a car and keep it forever but this one will be gone before a year. warranty isnt worth a nickel.


Fantastic Prius alternative!

I purchased a base 2012 Honda Insight about 8 weeks ago. The Insight is stylish, sporty and in my opinion had a better ride than the Prius. The base model comes without anything - so I had the dealer add cruise control at his cost! (I mean why would Honda sell a car in this day and age without cruise control?) The car has averaged between 44 - 48 mpg combined. (I did get 51 mpg combined on one tank of gas - but 44 - 48 is proving to be the range based on my driving style.) The base Insight is $5000 to $7000 cheaper than the Prius (based upon my shopping experience) My only negative comment is that finding an Insight at your local dealers is not easy!


best gas mileage I've ever seen

this car has then perfect for me. I drive over 100 miles a day. I'm averaging close to 50 miles a gallon. it is easy to drive and a comfortable ride. a few very important things to me since I'm in the car so often. if you're looking for a hybrid definitely check this 1 out


My Insight will not get to 100 mph - I drive fast

I need to drive the freeways at 100 mph. I have a 2010 Insight EX and I can't get her to go 100 mph and that really blows


2012 Honda Insight - A best kept secret!

Wow! what a car! Forget the estimated EPA mileage ratings. I am getting a 48 - 53 mpg average overall in all types of driving conditions. (Econ mode) Besides the outstanding mileage, the other benefit of the Insight is the HUD. The HUD on the Insight is directly in front of the driver, on the Prius it is to the right of the driver, which of course diverts the driver's attention away from the road. Another outstanding feature I like about this automobile is the instant "color" feedback you get based on your driving habits. I have a lead foot, so using the Econ color feedback really re-enforces proper and energy-saving driving habits. Run and buy this car before they are all gone.


great for sales

Came with no defects Driving 800 - 1000 miles a week - getingt 48 -52mpg depending on conditions. Plenty of room - am 6' 3" and 230 - car is comfortable all day. Plenty of room for samples. Quieter than any Honda I have ever owned. Not much in terms of cup holders, and they are hard to reach. 20k miles in first four months - no problems or issues - note that tire pressure sensors may false read after hitting a deep puddle. Two adults can sit in the back seat and not be cramped. Car has exceeded my expectations. I will likely buy a second one.


Excellent Purchase!

I purchased this car two months ago after much consideration. I traded in my first car, a 1999 Civic, for the Insight and so far I am not disappointed. The interior design and layout is functional and well thought-out and, as my six-year-old son so aptly puts it, the exterior 'looks like a storm-trooper helmet!' The acceleration is a bit sluggish. This doesn't affect me greatly as I spend most of my time driving in the city (the fuel economy is nearly 50 MPG!) but drivers who commute via highway may find this a bit annoying. Other than that I have no complaints. It's reliable, the trunk is roomy, and it gets excellent fuel mileage. I couldn't be happier with my Insight EX!


cheap transportation

Recently purchased Insight Ex and took a road trip to Canada. Averaged 47.4 mpg with freeway driving and headwinds. When crusing at 60, am averaging more than 52mpgs. It needs babying when climbing steep hills but its worth it for the economy. I purchased the Insight based on other consumers reviews and I highly recommend it for others. Buy the Insight and use your money for other things instead of foreign gas.