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2012 Honda Insight consumer reviews

$18,500 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 Insight Honda
81% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.5
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Love my Honda!

Most tanks I average 48mpg. I love the back up camera. I love that my smart phone is totally connected by blue tooth and it plays my music via blue tooth too. I love the traffic is shown on navigation map now... has saved me time and gas from not sitting in traffic. It's a great car and has the reliability of a Honda!!! Can't go wrong!


51 MPG

I was very skeptical, but I am honestly averaging 51 MPGs on both city and highway. I commute over 38 miles one way and I gladly gave up the comfort of my Volvo S40 for the Honda Insight. Getting twice the mileage is worth losing my "Man Card" at the dealership. It is less Hybridish than the Toyota Prius and not at all what I had expected. I have been in the Army over 16 years and never thought I would lose power over mpg's....but I am a true believer after saving over $125 this month !! Do yourself a favor and just test drive one, before gas gets to $5 a gallon.


super gas mileage

it is rated 41-44 mpg i am getting 47mpg city a nice surprise its approx. 5 -7 grand less than prius and very insigniff. differen. in mpg


Stunning value, and a great drive

I've read reviews of the Insight elsewhere, and some seem to miss the point that this is a completely different kind of car. It actually teaches you how to drive more economically. My Insight EX cruises quietly, has comfortable full-leather seats, voice control of many features (including the air conditioning, sat nav and audio), cruse control, bluetooth phone connection, a socket for your iPod, and much more. I'm only on my second tank of fuel from new, but already we're close to 50mpg (US)/60mpg(UK)! The IMA motor uses regenerative braking to slow the car whilst charging the battery pack - so that energy is there to help you off the line from the lights, instead of being lost as heat in the brakes. The continuously variable transmission works smoothly and seamlessly but if you prefer to change gear yourself, you can put the lever into 'sport' mode and drive it as a seven-speed manual, using the paddle-shifters on the steering wheel. But that kind of misses the point of this car: let it do all of that for you, quietly optimising everything, helping you achieve great mileage in a thoroughly enjoyable way. I thought a hybrid would be expensive, boring and deeply compromised, but the amazing Honda Insight has proved me completely wrong. Add to all that a great warranty, Honda's legendary reliability record, cheap insurance, one of the highest safety ratings, ultra-low road tax - and this becomes a hugely compelling choice that gets close to the perfect compromise of practicality, good looks and minimal running costs.


Very good car

My wife and I bought one a few months ago and it is working out wonderfully. It's not expense to fill up, and goes for a week and a half. It cost less than its popular competition but soon people will catch on. A lot of the other reviews are spot on for the cars abilities and inabilities but overall this is a step up from last year's model. I'm so glad I waited for the 2012. I'm averaging 46 mpg and hope to get it up to the 48 mark soon. The lack of power is a little weird and takes time to get used to but I'll gladly trade that in for the extra cash I'm saving per month at the pump.


Best hybrid for the price out there

You will not be disappointed with this car! It is quite, comfortable, reliable, and very fuel efficient. I Have owned several Hondas and have never had any problems with any of them. The mid display provides loads of useful feedback and can help you improve your mpg over time. I am averaging around 50 mpg so far! You really should test drive this car before paying 5-10K more for any other hybrid. The 2012 model has received a number of upgrades which have made the insight an even better value. The best part is that it drives like a normal car and is actually fun to drive especially with all the feedback you get from the mid display.


The Hybrid for the Rest of Us!

As my 9 year-old Chevy Cavalier approached its 10th State inspection, I decided to look at a new car rather than spend a hefty amount in repairs. I had 4 criteria for a new car: 1. Top Safety Pick / Low cost to insure; 2. 40+ mpg; 3. At / around $20k; and 4. High reliability / Low overall cost of ownership. My search kept coming back to the Honda Insight which I've since purchased and have been thrilled with ever since. Honda truly over-delivered on this product...and here's why I'm a satisfied customer... 1. MPG: It's rated at 44 mpg for highway...I've been averaging ~54 mpg!! 2. Price: I went into the dealer armed with a buying service number from USAA...they beat it by over $1,000 (sold below invoice)! 3. Interior features: I love the green/blue speedometer backlit display and the loads of information that dash board display includes. The controls on the steering wheel to include the paddle shifters (EX) are also great. I've become accustomed to down-shifting on uphills and in passing situations and it has made this car a lot of fun to drive (most fun I've had driving since my wife's moritorium on 'stick shift' was enacted 15 years ago ;-). The climate control also works great and is more in line with a luxury sedan's system than a $20k hybrid - pleasantly surprised! I also really like the USB port for iPod; Nav system; voice recognition; and rear camera (EX w/NAV). 4. Exterior: The car looks better than a Prius...I know...I know...I'm the same guy that tells my kids to get sneakers that fit and not to worry about looks, but this car has a unique sporty look that I like a lot. EX model comes with nice alloy rims and turn signal lights on side view mirrors. It has the feel of a sporty sedan and sips gas at the same rate or better than its competitors. Again, I'm not sure why it's rated at experience has been much better. 5. It's a Honda: I've been a GM guy for awhile, but having experienced Honda service on our minivan these past few years,the increased reliability, and the low cost of ownership...I'm becoming a Honda fan. As an example, they had a software update on the Insight a few weeks ago and sent me a nice letter with a thumb drive and also offered me the option of taking it in to the dealer or doing it myself. I installed it myself with the USB port in 3 minutes. Neat system! In summary, I couldn't be happier with my 2012 Insight. Great car for the money. It's also a great feeling to go 380 miles and "fill up" the tank with 7-8 gallons of gas. The comparable Prius was $7k more for the same options. I toyed with the idea of a Chevy Volt, but even with the was well out of reach. If you're used to driving a V6 or V8, you may have some adjustment as it won't have the same 'passing power' that you're used to...but for a hybrid, it has pep. The 2012 Insight received IIHS safety awards and KBB lowest total ownership cost awards...check it's definitely worth a look. Good luck. - Mike


Honda does it again... love this car !!

Its not a luxury limousine or a Nascar but it is the most awesome, fuel efficient, comfortable (Iam 6'2" 215 lbs)and quiet hybrid on the road as far as I'm concerned. It handles like a dream and shuts out road and engine noise and has a very solid feel. I bought the EX w/Nav and it gives our little hybrid the feel of a much bigger and more expensive car. It gives tremendous fuel economy both in city driving and espectially on the interstates. I average over 52 mpg on the interstates without even trying. Love our little "Door Wedge".


Great Car but watch for pricey extras

As with all dealerships, extras are costly. I love the hatchback features and the fold down seats in back. It's a smaller car than my last Hybrid but more available room. So far I've averaged about 41 MPG. If I were on the freeway more, it would do better with mileage.


Great money saver

Overall a good value. Bought a new 2012 Honda Insight in December 2011 put 1860 miles on it so far and none problems with it. It's rated at 41mpg city and 44mpg hwy but I get 48.6mpg combined in econ mode. Try to get higher numbers than rated in an american made vehicle. A little unstable at high speeds but a true dependable ride and fuel (money) saver. Stop and start feature works without a problem while stopped at lights or intersections. Want speed and luxury then this is obviously not the vehicle for you. I reccomend this vehicle to those who want an environmentally conscious reliable transportation to depend on while saving you a ton of money at the pump.