2024 Honda Pilot consumer reviews

$37,090–$39,190 MSRP range
side view of 2024 Pilot Honda
80% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value 4.0
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 3.8
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Best vehicle for the price.

Overall, the Pilot is a great vehicle. However, it gets less MPG than my 2020 Ridgeline RTL-E. Also, going uphill, the Pilot sometimes downshifts a little hard. This is a common occurrence among Pilots. I only have about 3500 miles on it. The interior controls are varied, but they are harder to manipulate than my Ridgeline. However, the vehicle seems to operate and drive comfortably. I do have a Touring and not an Elite. The difference in price was not necessary as my wife and I do not use ventilated sears. Would have liked the HUD though. For what I paid for the Touring, it was worth it.


2024 Pilot Elite - From a family perspective

Overall, I researched the top SUVs in this segment, without going into full size territory. Compared to the Ascent Limited, Telluride SX Prestige Pro, and Grand Highlander Platinum, the 2024 Pilot has the best price per feature you can get, especially if you can get it below MSRP. The Pilot is rather roomy and comfy, with adequate space for 3 kids, ages 4-12. The removable center seat is great, ride quality is smooth/quiet, visibility great. Could the interior be more flashy? Sure, but with more electronics, there are often more bugs/repairs needed. A bigger center display is the main major drawback, but you get used to it. In inclement weather, the washers for the cameras come in handy soooo much that you wonder how you lived without them, like when backing out of a crowded school parking lot during bad weather. The others mentioned above are also great vehicles; however, availability and price comes into play, depending where you are located. The Telluride is a very beautiful vehicle, especially with the Napa leather; however, horror stories about parts availability and service coverage for warranty work made me a bit nervous. The Ascent is just a tad bit too snug, especially in the third row, compared to the Pilot. The Grand Highlander - definitely has space and is luxurious inside, but at Platinum tipping over 60k with markups and long waits common, it’s a personal decision about the features you want per dollar you spend. Again, the Pilot’s traditional V6 is becoming rare, as many vehicles switch to turbo 4s/hybrids which can have their own issues. The Pilot has great cargo space, even behind the third row, as that was a major consideration in looking at all of these vehicles. The Pilot Elite is also an 8 seater, which at higher trims, competitors give captain chairs in the second row, so something to consider depending on your family size/ transportation needs. Driving in the recent winter weather in the Midwest was immaculate (previously had a Durango and it was great as well, but the Pilot’s AWD seems to be evenly distributed across all 4 wheels, whereas the Durango seemed to favor the rear a tad more). Overall, a great, smooth, reliable family hauler without going minivan, spending a TON of money on full size, and getting a great amount of features out of the gate (panoramic roof, HUD, safety suite of lane departure, automatic braking, lane centering, etc.).


Not the Best, But the Best Value for your dollar

I understand some of the previous reveiwers comments. This car is less than a month old as I write this, and my mileage is the same 22mpg, the car is still new and not broken in. I am confident this will improve. The lane keep assist feature is something that any driver will have to aclimate themselves to, as it is obvious that you are changing lanes without signaling, in which the car will attempt to re-center you in the lane, this is true of all vehicles with this feature, and most can be defeated. I have done a lot of research before deciding on this purchase,and although it is not perfect, (what is), it balances reliability, safety, space, and value. It's a very comfortable car, it's safe and powerful enough without a whiny turbo and a screaming 4cyl. engine


Cost Savings Don't Account For Time In The Shop

I bought this car in the Elite trim while weighing the options between this and a Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland. I went with Honda for the reliability. After 1 month of ownership the AWD, ABS, cruise control, park assist, lane keeping assist, brake hold, trailer stability, hill descent assist all failed, and the back door stopped opening. I've read more reviews about this but thought "not gonna happen to me!". I was wrong. The premium seats are not as comfortable as the clothe seats in my 2019 Insight. It's a great value for the money, just don't forget that it is a bargain brand.



Honda says the 2023 Honda pilot 4x4 will get 26 mpg on the highway. they are deceiving . after my first highway drive I got 19.9 mpg. that sucked. my 2015 suburban gets that. if you get light snow it builds up on front censer for crash prevention . making the cruse control disabled. connecting a phone to the audio system is not easy if you are installing more than one phone. the lane departure is a pain in the xxx. if you get to close to anything that resembles a line the steering wheel shakes. talk about a distraction it takes my eyes off he road and to the gages. overall I'm very disappointed with this HONDA.